Some food and drink sites.

A Lot on Her Plate
Around Britain with a Paunch
Cheese and BiscuitsĀ 
Cooking Issues
Delicious Days
Eat Like a Girl
Fay Maschler
Food Urchin
Gin and Crumpets
Hollow Legs
Istanbul Eats
Jay Rayner
Marina O Loughlin
Meemalee’s Kitchen
Pencil & Spoon
Pinch of Salt
Rocket and Squash
St. Claire and The Notes From the Dregs
Smitten Kitchen
Tamarind & Thyme
The English Can Cook
The Ginger Gourmand
The Lambshank Redemption
The London Review of Sandwiches
The Shed Likes Food
The Skint Foodie
Recipe Rifle
Rice and Pickle
The London Review of Breakfasts
The London Review of Sandwiches
The Spice Spoon
Yugnich Eats
Word of Mouth