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Peckham Jerk Marinade, Now Available to Buy Online!

August 4th, 2013 — 10:41pm

I have finally done it. After 2 weeks of arsing about with plugins and payment methods and sweating with anxiety after I mucked up the blog for the tenth ruddy time, I have made a page where you can buy Peckham Jerk Marinade. It can also be accessed via the tab at the top of the homepage which is called, handily, ‘BUY PECKHAM JERK MARINADE’. Oh and let me know what you think if you try it, I’d love to add your feedback to the page.


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KERB does Peckham: Friday 19th July

July 16th, 2013 — 11:35am

It’s all kicking off in Peckham, huh? Now food market giantz KERB are bringing their best to Peckham’s incredible Bussey Building. Man, have I had some nights in there. This is going to be a little less messy than your trad Bussey night out but no less fun; there will be two bars, run by Peckham Crave and a list of stall holders to die for. Check out the full  list of traders HERE. I’m a gonna be heading straight to my favourite, The Everybody Love Love Jhal Muri Express. Miss P’s BBQ is also intriguing. Oh and there’s Bao. In fact, it’s worth going halfsies with your mates so that you can try more stuff. My top greedy girl tip for you there…




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Jerk Party at Peckham Bazaar This Saturday/Sunday!

July 11th, 2013 — 2:49pm

For one week only Peckham Bazaar will be having a JERK PARTY! Chicken and fish will be marinated and grilled in my Peckham Jerk Marinade and served with some truly awesome sides. There’s also a pudding that makes me want to weep tiny spicy tears of joy. Here’s the full menu:

Peckham Jerk Party Saturday 13th/Sunday 14th July 12pm – late

Jerk corn fed chicken with ragamuffins and green mango salsa. £6.50

(Peckham Jerk marinated chicken, cornmeal muffins with sweetcorn and chilli and a spicy salsa made with green mangoes).

Jerk baby back ribs with coleslaw and scotch bonnet ketchup. £6.50

(Peckham Jerk marinated pork ribs with a traditional-style coleslaw and a tongue whipping scotch bonnet condiment).

Jerk glazed fish with island rice salad and grilled lime. £6.50

(Peckham Jerk glazed sea bream with grilled red pepper and black eye bean rice salad and limes caramelised on the BBQ).

Rum glazed grilled pineapple, apricot chutney and coconut ice cream. £4.50

(Pineapple, slicked with RUM, caramelised on the grill and served with a tropical tasting ice cream and apricot chutney).

Drinks: Ting, Ginger Beer, cold Red Stripe and Franklin’s Citra IPA on tap. Oh and wine TBC.

*** CASH ONLY ***

Location: Frog on the Green, 119 Consort road, Peckham, SE15 3RU

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Peckham Jerk Marinade, Munch and a Jerk Party at Peckham Bazaar

July 9th, 2013 — 9:29am

This weekend is going to be pretty special for food related events going down in Peckham. First of all, it’s my Peckham Jerk Marinade stall. The marinade has been a work in progress for years now and after a lot of umming, ahhing, grilling, eating and nagging from my favourite local shopkeeper, I’ve decided to start selling it. It will be available to buy on this site in the next week or so, and you’ll also find some in Persepolis. I’ll let you know when they’re available. In the meantime however, you can buy them at Peckham’s summer food market next weekend – Munch!

There’s going to be all sorts happening, the most exciting of which is OBVIOUSLY the opportunity to get your mits on my jerk marinade. And no it isn’t the recipe published on this site, before any smart arses come to the fore. It’s shiny and new and I really hope you like it. After you’ve bought your jar of jerk marinade, there’s food to be had from The Begging Bowl, Peckham Refreshment Rooms, Ganapati,  Frank’s, Blanch and Shock and and and…I’ve just realised there’s too many to mention. There will be stalls, talks and a pop up with Ben Spalding. Find the full line up here.

Peckham Bazaar is most definitely still ON this weekend too but we’re mixing things up a bit…we will be having a JERK PARTY! There will be grilled chicken and fish cooked in my marinade, plus sides and a dessert of caramelised rummy pineapple heaven served with coconut ice cream. Full menu to come in the next couple of days. You’ll be able to smell the wafts of that jerk from Rye Lane as the allspice rides the air and the sounds of the completely awesome Spotify playlist that I haven’t yet made tickles the eardrums. It’s going to be FUN. Starts at lunchtime, runs until late…hopefully see you there!



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Menu for Peckham Bazaar: 6th/7th July

July 5th, 2013 — 1:06pm

Za’atar grilled lamb chops with imam bayaldi spread, broad beans and labneh, on flatbread 

Well Peckham Bazaar got off to an incredible start last weekend; the grill smoking and sizzling in the sunshine, the beer flowing (down my throat) and the food completely sold out by the end of the weekend. This week’s menu looks even better I have to say, and the weather looks set to be SCORCHIO! Check out the menu below. I can’t wait. Hopefully see some of you there!

Peckham Bazaar: Menu Sat 6th/Sun 7th July

Pork souvlaki wrap with tsatsiki and pickled carrots £5

Grilled lamb chop on Greek flat bread with imam bayaldi and labneh £6.50

Grilled lamb sweetbreads with farkah and aytar £6.50

Grilled sea bream with tarama and fennel salad £6.50

Herb marinated feta with courgette, broad bean and preserved lemon salad £6.50

Grilled apricot and fig skewers with cardamon and honey sponge and caramelised hazelnut yoghurt £4.50

Franklin’s brewery beer. Citra IPA and English Garden £4 a pint

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Peckham Bazaar Pop Up: Opening this Saturday!

June 27th, 2013 — 10:09am

Listen up, Peckham people! And the rest of you! Don’t think you’re getting away with not paying attention. There’s some exciting cooking going down over the next few weeks, a series of pop ups, in preparation for a change of direction for John Gionleka of Frog on The Green. I’ve had to keep my eager trap shut about this for weeks which was hard, because I always want to shout about John’s cooking at every opportunity. These pop ups are happening to give people a taster of the food that will be hopefully be served more long term at John’s new mangal restaurant; not just another mangal restaurant mind you – this is going to be very much branded with his culinary style, which draws inspiration from all over the Balkans.

We had a little menu tasting session with a few mates on Sunday and it was very promising. One of the most pleasing parts of this whole venture, to me at least, is that John plans to tackle a problem which I find myself facing in every mangal in town. That problem being that the meze is always a bit shit. I eat it, but it seems that for some unknown reason, no-one ever puts any more than the bare minimum of effort into making the various dishes. Too-cold blobs of yoghurty things, grainy hummus and fierce pink tarama (major soft spot for the latter, but still), all a bit one note, all a bit clumsy. Why? Those ingredients, those flavours…I’ve always known that meze could be fantastic. And now it is. At Peckham Bazaar, the following will be incorporated with the main dishes, rather than served as starters. Here are some of the flavours to expect…

Just look at that cacik. Okay so I know I’m a sucker for a yog dish but really, that’s some fine cacik right there. For the uninitiated, cacik is a Turkish doozy of a dip made with yoghurt (duh), grated cucumber, dill and garlic, garnished with paprika and little golden pools of oil. She purdy. Reeeal purdy.

A stunning imam bayaldi, an aubergine dish the name of which translates as ‘the priest fainted’. The story generally bandied about is that the priest fainted because the dish was so unbelievably delicious. I prefer the story that he passed out cold when he found out how much it cost to cook it. It’s just more fun to think of this priest dude as a bit of a tight arse. See how all those ingredients have sort of fainted onto that aubergine, just like the priest? That’s what makes the texture so incredible. Imagine the spreadable silk that is that aubergine underneath. Go on. It is authentically oily, which enhances the texture and encourages dunking, wiping and possible drinking from the plate. Now do a Google image search for imam bayaldi and see how shonky this dish usually looks. Again, I always knew it could be this way.

Skordalia (above) as John put it, is like ‘Greek aioli’ – a whipped mixture of potato and garlic. I confess to snaffling the leftovers and eating it on toast for breakfast the next day. ‘HIIIIII COLLEAGUES!’

Salads will provide fresh contrast to grilled meats. From the top there is tomato, cucumber, onion and chervil; celeriac, orange, radish and mint and finally watermelon with the lemon bite of sorrel – a watermelon salad without feta! John jested about that last comment, but he has a bloody good point. These will be changed according to available ingredients.

A hugely popular dish was the bottarga mayonnaise. Bottarga is dried and salted roe, the most prized being from the grey mullet, although it also comes from tuna. This mixture was like taramasalata (or taramOsalata to be correct, I believe) but more sophisticated; savoury, salty (obviously fishy) and a damn sight more wobbly. Keen eyes kept close watch on its movements around the table. I can’t say I wouldn’t have decked someone for the last spoonful.

As with the meze, the devil is in the detail. These are table seasonings, including smoked chilli with salt, home made za’atar which is thyme, sumac and sesame seeds and frankly kicks the ass of any ready made blends and finally, dukka. These are going to make excellent sprinkles for sizzling grilled bits but I found myself throwing them on everything, particularly the yoghurt and cucumbers.

I can tell you I also ate a perfectly tender, dinky lamb chop that is going to get busy with that imam bayaldi like Sean Paul gettin it on til a early morn . Other dishes will include a pressed pork belly number. See link below for full menu.

There will be lokma (loukoumades) served with chilli, salt and honey for dessert. Beer will be from the Franklyn’s brewery. Wine from Southern Puglia.

The pop up will be open for bizniz, blud (Peckham, innit) this coming weekend (12-8pm Saturday and Sunday). Watch this space and follow John or Donald or Peckham Bazaar on Twitter for more details over the coming weeks.

Peckham Bazaar at Frog on The Green
119 Consort road
SE15 3RU
12pm till 8pm Saturday and Sunday

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Balkan Dinners at Frog on The Green, Nunhead

April 17th, 2013 — 9:07am

Me ‘learning’ (drunkenly grappling) how to ‘play’ (make a noise like a cat with bronchitis) the accordion. 

I’ve moved house. I’m going to go on about this. You’ll see. I used to live within spitting distance of Frog on The Green which is one of my favourite places to eat in Peckham, if not in SE London. I’ve raved about the sandwiches already. Goats’ cheese fondue. I mean, get inNow I have to sit on the bus for like, a whole 5 stops or something.

While I’ve been lurking/hanging about/eating everything/semi stalking around this place over the past couple of years the owner John has become my friend. This is because, aside from being a talented chef, he is quite possibly the nicest man in the world. He’ll really cringe when he reads that, which is kind of why I wrote it. Ha. The time I saw him before the supper club I popped in for a ‘coffee and a chat’ and left three hours later, several courses of food and a few bottles of wine down. He also has a cat.

I had been a guinea pig for some of the dishes he was to serve at his new ‘Balkan dinners’. I remember being served the most exquisite round courgette, soft and striped and stuffed and surrounded by my one of my favourite things in the whole wide world – yoghurt. I am obsessed with the white stuff. It was such a perfect little plate of food, so simple and cooked with such obvious care; I remember looking up at my companion, eyes wide. The bowl was wiped clean, feverishly, with too much fluffy bread.

So when I heard the first dinner was to be themed around yoghurt, I did a gleeful cackle which could be heard all the way to The Old Kent Road. Yoghurt, aside from tasting dreamy, is a bit like cultural glue. As Florian of co-organiser ‘Food Trips’ put it, ‘yoghurt is a food that binds a fragmented region together, split in multiple ethnicities, religions and a plethora of states: The Balkans.’

We started with a ‘tarator’, a traditional balkan dish and the kind of light, silken bowlful that makes me clap my hands together and squeal like a Californian college girl on spring break.

‘Chicken, yoghurt, hazelnut butter and mint’ was, simply, one of the most enjoyable dishes I’ve eaten in a very long time. So perfectly balanced, expertly seasoned and a powerful reminder of John’s calibre as a chef; he’s worked at The Square don’t forget.

There’s stuffed baby gem and veal schnitzel next; it’s like someone phoned me up a week earlier and asked me exactly what I wanted to eat and I replied, ‘SHITLOADS of yoghurt! Cooked lettuce! Fried things!’ They just keep on coming. Then it’s that globe courgette, filled with minced pork and pine nuts and as perfect as I remembered it, surrounded by soured yoghurt and olive oil.

By this point I was getting full, and I had trouble finishing the spring lamb and yoghurt gratin, but the idea of a yoghurt gratin is genius, quite frankly, and I shall be stealing it as soon as possible. Lighter than a dauphinoise, with characteristic tang.

The fried ball on top of the gratin contains brains, which I think must have been put there to spare John’s blushes over my raving on and on about how much I loved the food because brains, I just can’t get along with. I’ve tried and tried, it ain’t happening. I’ve moved on.

Dessert was ‘yoghurt, corab, sesame and pistachio’ which I can’t remember in the finest detail as I was inebriated on Greek and Macedonian wines. The cosy atmosphere and soothing notes of the accordion floating around the room between courses meant the evening passed by in a blink. The next thing I knew I’d made two new best friends and invited them to my birthday party. Then it was 3am and I was ordering a taxi.

John is as much a lover of Peckham as I and we often talk about how the area is changing, and what is happening in terms of food. I’m excited to see how these Balkan dinners pan out. I mean, who else is cooking this kind of food? Certainly no-one else in the area. I’m excited. I recommend you go very soon.

I may have moved down the road, but my heart remains in Peckham.

The Balkan dinner was frankly a stupendous bargain at £27.80 for 6 courses and more food than I could eat, which is saying something. Wine isn’t included but was available to buy on the night at very small mark ups. The dinners are in association with Food Trips (the organisation I did the South London food tour with), so watch the website for details. 


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