The Art of Avocado on Toast

I’m being serious, there’s an art to this. Done properly, avo on toast is one of the most sublime breakfasts/brunches/snacks/whatevers going. Done badly, which it is so often, it’s nowt but slimy green bread. I consider myself something of a master when it comes to avo toast and I don’t mind saying so. Here are my 5 steps to a really good Saturday morning.

1. Choose the right bread. You need one slice of excellent white sourdough bread per person. It really does need to be the best bread you can get. My favourite is from Brickhouse.

2. Choose the right avocado. A properly ripe avocado is essential, either the Hass (small, bobbly) or Fuerte (smooth skinned) variety, although it’s harder to get a good example of the latter. If you live near a grocer that sells those mahoosive African jobbies then give them a go – they can be gorgeous if caught at the right stage of ripeness.

3. Get the toast temperature spot on. One of the joys of avo on toast is the contrast between the warm bread and cool topping but don’t be tempted to whack it on there straight away, it will be too hot and the fruit will go unpleasantly gooey underneath. The key is to let the toast cool for 30 seconds or so, out of the toaster, but propped up against something (like the side of a chopping board); if you let it lay flat on a surface it will sweat and go soggy.

4. Apply the avocado correctly. Use a spoon to scoop out portions of avocado, then smoosh each onto the toast with a fork, leaving attractive tine marks. Don’t go overboard, it just needs to be pressed on unceremoniously. Chunks are desirable.

5. Get the toppings right. The ultimate combo for me is as follows:

– 1 very finely shredded spring onion per slice
– A sprinkle of red chilli flakes (the flavour works better than fresh chilli, I think)
– Plenty of good salt, like Maldon
– Black pepper (not too much)
– A conservative tinkle of lemon juice (really do be careful as too much will ruin it but a tiny bit is wonderful)
– A little zig zag of your absolute best extra virgin olive oil (a grassy flavour is perfect).

That, for me, is the ultimate avocado on toast. The most satisfying meatless breakfast/brunch going, surely?

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40 thoughts on “The Art of Avocado on Toast

  1. I totally agree-this is my favourite lunch ever!
    Avocado has to be just right though, toast not hot.
    I like homemade mayo with lemon, Maldon salt and pepper.
    Great blog by the way

  2. Love this! No additions, other than perhaps some Sriracha, as just mentioned. Wanted to say that I love the word ‘tine’ – great usage!

  3. Totally agree on the sourdough – preferably with some arty grill lines across it. Avo lightly pilled on top, a few finely chopped slides of fresh chill, a squeeze of lime, some salt, then slightly smashed on with a fork. Then some proper crispy streaky bacon on top. mmmmm!

  4. My month of veganism ruined avocado on toast for me – I find it too rich now, the hot bread and the cold avo being a bit… squidgy. Even worse when someone puts a poached egg on top and the hot yolk mingles with the green… oh god.


    Yours looks freaking excellent though, so maybe it’s time for a re-try.

  5. I like it on Tomato Bread: rub a garlic clove on the toast, then rub it with a half of tomato, squeezing lightly to get the juice. Then add the avocado, bit of salt and olive oil. Breakfast Heaven!

  6. Oops..oh yes Sienna.. missed that.. Sorry..blinded by tahini!

    …on the plus side..had avocado on toast for lunch..with Tahini….mmmmmmm

  7. What about Marmite?… yes..there’s room for all your fancy schmancy chillis, sea sat and fol de rols but if you wake up in a strange house with nothing but a perfect avocado in your pocket…and the meagre contents of a stranger’s food cupboard, it is the smearette of the brown stuff, atop the mother’s proudest of breads, for the avo to nestle into..that gives a woman the necessary saltiness to leave with her head held high…

  8. Funny isn’t it, that there is an art to simplicity. There is no point of using a perfectly ripe avocado, I like using pecan bread too, fresh chillies on the avocado, tomato and some vegetarian hard cheese. Gorgeous x

  9. Hi Sienna,
    Why are you are not calling me in South Africa? Anyway good to see you are alive. Yes that is a fabulous avo on toast recipe and as you may remember, perfect exam revising sustenance!
    Like your point Helen about waiting 30 seconds to put on the avocado. I think I do this instinctively but good to read the scientific reasoning behind this.

  10. I have never, ever, had avocado on toast. Clearly something has been missing in my life.

    I will rectify this asap, and the idea of the egg is tantallising!


  11. Avocado on toast is actual food heaven and I like that everyone does it slightly differently. I personally have found my ideal to be this: a thin base of salty butter, tahini and marmite. This gives it a tang that is simply perfect against the creamy avocado, which goes on next. On top goes some alfalfa sprouts for texture. Then I dress with olive oil, Maldon, lemon juice, pepper and chilli flakes. Yummy.

  12. I love avo on toast… It it best brekka ever. I do mine with a thin layer of chipotle chilli mayo ( luchito) and a poached egg on top.

  13. I prefer a bit of fresh red chilli to chilli flakes, and sometimes the addition of some chopped parsley, but other than that yes to everything.

  14. I like toast, but rarely eat it, unless I’m eating breakfast at a restaurant and it’s included. It’s not that Americans don’t like toast, it’s that, and this is purely my own observations, the British seem to take it more seriously than we do. Which I admire. Good bread is essential, you’re right!

  15. It is The Best. I like to butter my toast, and then top the avocado with a squeeze of lime juice, Maldon and habanero chilli sauce.


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