Sunday Leftovers No. 6

A brief, bullet-pointed leftovers for you today, because I’m feeling, in general, snappy.

Actually sod bullet points. They ugly.

1. The Peckham Peculiar launched this month. That’s a new local newspaper for Peckham and Nunhead. I’m writing for it. It’s ace.

2. Ganapati are opening a takeaway kitchen on Wednesday. THEY WILL DELIVER. This is major. I’ll have the number on speed dial so I can start calling the moment they open. It’ll be harder to get a delivery from there than it will to get a GP appointment say, tomorrow, in East Dulwich.

3. I went to Ireland, gained weight and lost dignity.

4. Guffaw guffaw at the accuracy of this pie chart depicting just why you actually use the Dominos online pizza tracker.

5. My new book is available to buy on Amazon and in various shops including, I was shamelessly happy to find out, SELFRIDGES. No bloody less.

6. Muffaletta sandwich in London. Eat it.

That’s it. I’m going to eat the dinner which I made my boyfriend cook for me while I flounced around with more swoosh than Robin Williams in The Birdcage.


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4 thoughts on “Sunday Leftovers No. 6

  1. Hi Helen,

    Ganapati takeaway restaurant is already open! It opened at the weekend. I am lucky enough to live round the corner.


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