The Peckham Peculiar

The village I grew up in had (still has, I think) a local magazine. It would cover ‘news’ and dates of important events, such as the times of the next bell ringing session in the local church (BAN IT, I SAY – those bells woke me up every week as a teenager and I still harbour resentment) and, my personal favourite, dates for the next meetings of the budgerigar society. For some reason, I would always feel a little spike of anticipation when it flopped through the letterbox. I always thought, despite a vast amount of evidence to the contrary, that it would contain something actually worth reading. Twelve years of living in that house and I never learned my lesson. I longed for an article, a story about some local person, a subset of the community, a business, an event, an eyewitness account of someone taking their cat for walks on a lead. But no. The writing was never there, just lots and lots of ads for double glazing.

So now Peckham has a local newspaper, and – no pressure – it will be everything I never had. The food bit *cough* will be particularly special *cough*. Yeah I’m writing that bit. It’s called The Peckham Peculiar, it launched on Saturday, and you know what, it has stuff to actually read inside it. The first issue has a glimpse inside Peckham’s famous hair salons, a piece about the legendary Peckham Liberal Club and loads of other local stories.

The first issue is available from stockists listed here – more to come. If you’re lucky you might get one of the limited edition covers designed by brilliant local artist Jake Tilson. If you pick up a copy, do comment to let us know what you think!

We’ll also be on BBC Breakfast at 6.50, 7.50 and 8.50 am tomorrow having a bleary eyed editorial meeting so tune in to hear us bitching about redevelopment and planning stuff to go into the next issue. I think. It was kind of early. 

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6 Responses to “The Peckham Peculiar”

  1. Sharmila

    Can’t wait to get a copy. I, like you, always had a weird sense of anticipation about the local Stafford newspaper. I never knew why, considering the bulk of it was always comprised of articles about speed bumps.

  2. Helen

    I promise there is no mention of speed bumps.

  3. Deptford Dame

    Very exciting – I’ve nagged my local contact (*taps side of nose and winks*) into picking a copy up for me. Looking forward to checking it out!

  4. Gene

    ‘Peculiar’ is a great name for a paper! That’s fantastic that you’ll be contributing.

  5. Helen

    It’s online too! Check out the website link in the post :)

  6. Helen

    It’s brilliant isn’t it, they’ve done such a good job with it too. The Jake Tilson cover is awesome.

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