Win a Signed Copy of 101 Sandwiches

The ultimate stocking filler, surely…or, just keep it for yourself, doofus! I’m giving away a copy of my book, 101 Sandwiches, which is a collection of sandwich recipes from around the world. I’ll write a personalised message of your choice in the front, or draw a giant cock rocket or whatever. UP TO YOU. To win, just leave a comment telling me about the last sandwich you ate. What was in it? NO FIBBING. I’ll use one of those random number generator thingamies to pick a winner on Monday. I’m looking forward to hearing about your sandwiches actually – totally holding out for the guilty pleasures.


Edit: 17th December. The winner is…Razzbingo! I shall be contacting you for address and message details. 

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119 Responses to “Win a Signed Copy of 101 Sandwiches”

  1. Mike Fleming

    My last sandwich was a tesco ham and cheese mayo sandwich. Total cost £1:10.

  2. Pantry & Parlour

    Cheese and onion crisps and a sliver of ham on white. With ketchup and Sriracha. Heaven.

  3. @emsypickle

    A very uninspiring egg mayo sandwich on wholemeal bread. I’m looking forward to my traditionl boxing day pigs in blankets sandwich!! 2 week to go! X

  4. Katy

    my last sandwich was a big wodge of black pudding in a giant floury bap, with fried cherry tomatoes and spring onions and mustard… and HP sauce on the side… for dinner yesterday!

  5. Niamh

    Pan fried toastie with kale, red onion, bacon (natch) and ossau iraty in sourdough. Toastie o’clock! :)

  6. Anne

    It was the M&S Christmas sandwich. It was shit

  7. Jess

    I an attempt to taste-test all the Christmas themed sandwiches while they’re around, the last sandwich I ate was the Sainsbury’s Turkey Feast. It was actually pretty darn tasty – lots of smoky bacon and herby stuffing which is never a bad thing, in my opinion.

  8. Brian Nguyen

    Reuben with corned beef and sauerkraut, swiss, special sauce, on swirl rye/white bread.

  9. Sophie

    Salt and vinegar crisps, lurpack butter, white bread. Healthy breakfast….

  10. Clare Considine

    Pie Day leftovers in a roll – pigs in blankets, chicken pie, mash and gravy. Messy!

  11. Shed

    Shit. I’m eating a sandwich now! Dripping drippy cheese all over the keyboard!!

    It’s a toasted sando filled with the leftovers from Fake Christmas cheeseboard with red onions and quince jam.

    Excuse me, I need some privacy.

  12. craig rae

    mine was a philly cheesesteak. thin strips of sirlion fried in a little bit of oyster sauce to keep them juicy, fried onions, english mustard and tobasco. topped with a smooth cheddar sauce. nom nom nom.

  13. Bunty

    Humous and Carrot Wrap with a sprinkling of cider vinegar

  14. Caroline

    Last sandwich I ate, plain roast chicken in wholemeal pitta. Plain, boring and immense. It’s the first “proper” food I’ve eaten in 10 weeks as I’m suffering from hyperemesis (severe morning sickness). Nothing more delicious than chicken when you’ve been rehydrated and fed by a drip for weeks!

  15. Vanessa

    God I miss proper sandwiches, in a bid to be healthy I’ve only had whole meal wraps in the house and they taste like cardboard, yesterday’s was BBQ salmon which was tasty at least!!

  16. Paul

    The last sandwich I ate was prawn cocktail crisps on cheap white bread with no butter. I was in work and had forgotten my lunch.

  17. Helen

    For breakfast this morning, a “chef’s special” from Pret which was in fact a hangover special. ‘Corned Beef Bloomer’ with a square of corned beef, pickle, tomato, and mayo. I like it when Pret doesn’t even pretend to be classy.

  18. Luke Kidson

    Bacon and Brie. Standard work sandwich I’m afraid, but classic in its simplicity. That, and I have to have bacon at least once a day and it’s usually in my lunch time sarnie.

  19. Leo

    German salami, pastrami, mustard, gherkin on mini slider rolls, tweaking each one with a little more of that and a little less of that till the 6th one which was perfect!

  20. Lizzie

    Houmous, cucumber, baby salad leaves and a LOT of extra hot Encona pepper sauce . I like lunch at my desk to wake me up a bit

  21. Leo

    I wish ‘pret’ still did the all day breakfast sandwich, that was my go to sandwich every time!

  22. Cheryl

    Haslet from my uncle’s butchers and brown sauce on granary. Home comfort food.

  23. zuko

    Last nights dinner, which consisted of chipolatas in a half-baguette with red onion marmalade and mustard + Ghostbusters 2

  24. TomP

    Salt beef and mustard from the Salt Beef Bar on Temple Fortune Road.

  25. Jill

    A hot chutney and mature cheddar bagel, mmmmm!

  26. Ming

    A homemade BLT w grilled chicken… standard toast but toasted after dipping in bacon dripping, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, grilled chicken & chive mayo

  27. Neha

    Leftover roast veg (peppers, onions, aubergine) with mozzarella and basil on granary.

  28. Ali

    ham, emmental and pickled onion on white bread with a little mustard. mmm.

  29. Eve

    It was a ‘ham, egg and chips’ sandwich from a café called Cuppa in Cheltenham; two slices of buttered bread with ham, egg and Chipsticks crisps!

  30. Dan

    Sausage, bacon and coleslaw. Perfect winter sustenance!

  31. James Crawley

    A toasted cheddar cheese and plum tomato sandwich with a bit of pepper.

  32. Jennifer

    Steak sandwich for dinner last night. Homemade. Hob is quite a spattered mess now.

  33. Annie

    Smoked salmon, lemony basil yoghurt and rocket on sourdough – homemade for my lunch!

  34. Nickie C

    M&S Ham with Mustard Mayo, in which I added a layer of Walker’s Ready Salted Crisps. I’m well classy me.

  35. Natalie

    It was a leftover fajita dinner special :) Reheated BBQ chicken, fried onions and peppers, guacamole, extra hot mexicana melted cheese and a few slivers of iceberg all crammed into doorsteps of buttered white bread… Salivating thinking of this again…

  36. Angela L

    My last sandwich was a chicken, bacon, spinach and melted cheese ciabatta with a butt-load of ceasar dressing from the cafe near work. Aw yeh.

  37. fionno

    breakfast sandwich of Bolognese from last night on wholemeal bread, with a smooth peanut butter sandwich for dessert. altogether quite dry.

  38. Sally - My Custard Pie

    The last sandwich I ate was a homemade pita, warmed on a grill, filled with a homemade organic chicken and herb sausage which had a bit of chicken liver in it too so it was really tasty. A ‘broken egg’ so sort of scrambled was put on top and some mango pickle yoghurt and some spicy tomato sauce. But the best bit was when I asked them to add a pickled egg that was from a different sandwich on the menu. Eaten at the farmers market under the palm trees. Bloody gorgeous – Food Stories standard I reckon.

  39. Leila

    I am typing this with one hand and with the other, polishing off an oldskool cheese toastie made with plastic bread, cheddar and butter inside AND out.

    Dunking into soup, naturally.

  40. Esther

    Hummus and lettuce on homemade wholemeal, spelt and oat bread.

  41. Ms Marple

    Crap white bread toasted, left over lentil Dhal, yoghurt with garlic and lemon juice (half arsed raita…didn’t have cucumber) mango chutney from Lidls…which isn’t very nice as mango chutneys go but works in a sandwich, plus greed.
    Just eaten it in fact.
    Main pleasure is..cos ingredients are all a bit slidey and because of aforementioned greed( Greed is good, remember), over ladled on, bits keep dropping out, initially on jumper then on plate…providing lickable pudding course…yum yum up yer bum!

  42. James

    Stilton and kimchi toastie! New fav (nicked) combo for winter

  43. Nic Miller-

    Right now I am eating a sandwich (thick white sourdough from the Friendly Loaf Company) stuffed with last nights leftover roast chicken. The chicken cavity was filled with a cornbread stuffing studded with pomegranate seeds, pecans (crushed) and I have managed to squish some of this into the bread too. Spread with horseradish it is delicious if odd.

  44. Lou

    The last sandwich I ate was a ham, cheese and wholegrain mustard bap, at the top of a very big hill in the Lake District last Friday. One of my favourite sandwich fillings and it was even more marvellous after a long, cold walk!

  45. Nina Simone

    Homemade roast chicken, pesto, sun dried tomato baguette

  46. Anna M

    My last sandwich was fish fingers with tartare sauce on white bloomer. Tasty lunch!

  47. Rebecca Brett

    A bloody lovely peanut butter, bacon and banana toasted sandwich for breakfast. Hungover.

  48. Boryana

    my last sandwich was jamon beurre from pret – i.e. ham, butter and pickles on good bread… anything with pickles, yum yum yum, said the pregnant lady!

  49. David Mills

    Turkey, smoked bacon, brie and cranberry on a toasted ciabatta. Delicious.


  50. Muireann

    I had a cold veg sausage sandwich that had been sitting in the office kitchen for 6 hours. So that was nice.

  51. Jess

    Is a burger a sandwich? I hope so…veggie burger on (and this is going to make me sound like a twat, but I’m used to it so I don’t care) homemade bread with vegan cheese (I’m vegetarian and a half), ketchup and mayonnaise made with my chickens’ eggs. Oh, and tomato. Proper lush it were.

  52. Monty

    Ham and cheese toastie from the work canteen. Very suboptimal! I did have some salt and vinegar crisps with that helped a bit though.

  53. Nick Palmer

    Cumberland sausage bap with lashings of HP from the Kings Cross Kiosk…yum!

  54. Jim

    It was a Crap&Dirty Club made with stuff we have in for the the kids packed lunches:
    3 slices of Kingsmill 50/50 (4 days old)
    Flora Buttery (for spreadability only) which I spread nice and close to the edges and, obviously, on both sides of the middle slice.
    ~1.25 slices of Jarlsberg to evenly cover the bottom deck.
    ~4 slices of Thinly Sliced Ham on the top deck.
    Some quite nice fruity chilli chutney in both layers.
    Sliced in half.
    A green Mexican jalpeneo table sauce for dipping.

    I was on my way out to the pub.

  55. owen whitford

    Pulled pork, mmmmayo and mmmmmustard

  56. Iain

    “The devil” chicken cutlet with cheese, turkey bacon, avocado, tomato, lettuce, hot peppers and hot sauce. it was extremely tasty.

  57. Katelijn

    Croque madam with Gruyère and pineapple… again (my 4 your old keeps asking for more and who am I to resist…)

  58. Joyce

    Fish finger sandwich – Bird’s Eye fish fingers and Tentation de Saint Felicien cheese on a ciabatta spread with apple preserve and mayo. Also a few bits of pea shoots for greenery

  59. Lyndsee

    Bah mi with pork meatballs. It was amazing.

  60. Alicia (foodycat)

    I had a fishfinger bap at the Crooked Billet in Wimbledon today. A bit too posh, the “homemade” fishfingers had an insufficiently sturdy coating and although the bap was nice and toasted I had to disassemble it and add my own tartare sauce.

  61. Frances

    Breaded fried fish fillet, sliced tomato, julienned raw onion, lettuce, tartar sauce. Served on a large, hard roll.

  62. Claire Dewar

    Ham Hock and Mature Cheddar sandwich – huge and delicious!

  63. Eileen

    Hooray for sandwiches! The last one I ate was an open-faced sandwich on seedy bread with pickled hot peppers, cracked black pepper, and mozzarella melted on top. So good! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  64. tim

    My last sandwich was leftover chicken thigh on white loaf w avocado, tomato amd lettuce with plenty of qp mayo.

  65. Hannah Alexandra

    Two pieces of cold cheese and pineapple pizza sandwiched together. Eaten at 4am in bed after a night of enthusiastic drinking.

  66. Philippa Waller

    Brilliant, I just had a sandwich for my tea! From the bottom up : butter, English mustard, cold chicken breast (roast leftover and the driving force for the sandwich in the first place), spring onion, mini plum tomato, watercress and beetroot, salad cream, 2 freshly cooked bacon rashers, vinegar sprinkling (because I can’t eat bacon without it), butter, bread.

  67. Ed

    Crunchy peanut butter (from the back of my desk drawer) & brown sliced bread

  68. Stephen

    My last sandwich was a homemade cheese and cranberry sauce toastie which I made on my new cast iron grill plate.

  69. Sam Staniforth

    I made my own Brie and cranberry sandwiches with doorstops of tiger loaf bread, butter, iceberg lettuce, tesco finest cranberry jelly with whole cranberrys and soft gooey slices of delicious Brie. Was amazing.

  70. Steve

    Ham and salad with lots of hot English mustard. It may be old school but it’s one of my favs and as I made the bread and grew the salad I got the added nutritional benefit of vitamin smugness.

  71. Gillian Dabney

    Bacon and mayo on killer good gluten free bread. The sandwich was to cry over it was so good!

  72. HSG

    I put a fried egg and lots of mushrooms on some buttered toast. Is that an open sandwich? I like to think so.

  73. victoria bankes price

    salted beef with lots of gerkins – yumtastic!x

  74. Nicola

    I made a curried egg and ham pitta bread sandwich to take on the train earlier in the week. It was actually really good!

  75. Nora

    M&S Christmas sandwich, mainly because I’m not going to get turkey at Christmas. But it was quite rubbish, and reading these comments, I think I need to get an excellent sandwich under my belt today …

  76. Leigh Walker

    Yesterday at breakfast I made a sausage sandwich (a waorking from home treat). Nothing fancy but exactly as it should be – plain old butchers pork sausages, white bread, butter and brown sauce. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  77. sarah matthews

    A really horrible bacon and egg concoction with big gritty bits of what I can only assume was pepper in it. Purchased and consumed in a hospital canteen. Up there with worst sandwich experiences of all time.

  78. Teresa

    Bagel with Boursin, fried egg, bacon. Lots of bacon. I sometimes also substitute salmon for parma ham or smoked salmon.

  79. Razzbingo

    The lovely @marispiperbingo puts my jock up every morning. Today’s sanger was ace: pastrami, piccalilli & salted crisps on multi-seed wholemeal. She makes a mean sanger.

  80. Sarah

    I had a smoked bacon, avocado and roasted tomato sandwich with chipotle Tabasco (on crusty white) for breakfast. Now want another one.

  81. Sam Hailstone

    Onion bhajis (cheap sweaty ones from independent supermarkets), cheese and onion crisps, iceberg lettuce and mango chutney/Maggi Hot and Sweet chilli sauce mix (you know, the one you have to open with a bottle opener).


  82. Luchia Bennett

    I had an spinach and brie sandwich for lunch :)

  83. Saskia

    Grated mature cheddar, cos lettuce and one ginormous gherkin sliced lengthways on the ends of a loaf of shitty supermarket granary. Better in theory than in life.

  84. Raya

    The last sandwich I ate was with salmon, spreadable goat cheese, garden cress and little onion cubes. It was delicious! I would love to win this book so I can have a little variation in my (always the same) sandwiches, hihi. :-)

    Good luck to everyone! xoxo

  85. Jin

    Toasted San Fransisco sourdough, generous smear of hummus, a thick slice of sharp cheddar and slices of ripe tomatoes. That was right before reading the post. Since then, the same toast, ripe avocados (sliced and gently pushed down), toasted chopped hazelnuts, dash of olive oil and sprinkle of maldon salt.

  86. Jill Ruane

    Toasted cheese: Wholemeal bread, extra mature cheddar and Ballymaloe relish.

  87. Debbie

    Avery tasty bacon-packed roll from the Cornish Pasty place at Paddington at 7.45 this morning. They do a great deal – coffee and bacon bap for £2.99 and the bacon is serious! Alas no brown sauce. Mmm fancy a sandwich now….maybe hummus and Turkish olive salad on a flat bread….

  88. Norman

    Ham and pease pudding on whole wheat

  89. Roz

    Mozzarella, roasted vegetables and chilli marinated olives on toasted ciabatta from a Portuguese deli in Camden. Acceptable meat-free food for work.

  90. Jack

    Fried egg and hot pepper sauce (your recipe) on white bread. Turned out to be a pretty solid response to a hangover.

  91. Shelley

    Ham salad baguette from Freshcut cafe in the Cut. Really delicious

  92. Ha

    Egg mayo, a slice of honey roast ham with watercress in a french baguette – hit the spot!

  93. loloslittlekitchen

    Just had a braised pork ‘Lion’s head’ meatball sub and blogged about it – what timing!

  94. Pete

    Last night a bit drunk and hungry with very little food in the house I improvised a bit with filling.

    Peanut butter, grated carrot and sweet chili sauce was surprisingly decent.

  95. Jessica

    Bacon. White bread. HP sauce. With a cup of tea. It was amazing.

  96. Jill D

    Chopped chicken and mayo on white bread, in the staffroom at school, provided by parents in grateful appreciation of our efforts!

  97. Ian Goodrick

    M&S Wenslydale and carrot chutney. Bought at M&S simply foods at Chobham services, M25 last night.
    It was that or the usual service station fare.

  98. Liv

    I had a croque madame yesterday morning for brunch! It was divine! :)

  99. Sven Ellis

    Corned beef, pear chutney and leaves on homemade sourdough. I love corned beef.

  100. Alex

    Marmite and chopped Peanut Butter KitKat Chunky on shitty cheap white bread – total pregnancy munch. I regret nothing.

  101. Sarah

    A bit of childhood nostalgia so went for a pita bread filled with peanut butter, grated carrot, chopped cucumber, lettuce, tomato, spring onion and because I wanted a bit of a kick some jalapeno pickled peppers. It was so tasty and just wanted I needed to perk up a dreary Sunday.

  102. Alastair

    Cheddar cheese, brown bread, bit too much butter, friend’s homemade chutney, pepper, mayo. Simple, unoriginal, still totally awesome.

  103. Paul

    The last sandwich I ate was a Croque Bucheron from Cafe Rogue on the Strand. We needed something quickly as we had tickets to an event and I my mam wasn’t up for a Herman Ze German so DON’T JUDGE ME!

  104. Helen

    A pulled brisket bap with blue cheese sauce from Meat In A Bap in Belfast. It was glorious

  105. Felicity

    The last sandwich I ate was a home-made special – a superlative dried peach, date and nut roll which I snuck out from a Michelin 2-star restaurant in Lisbon, accessorised with brie, ham and ricotta from the hotel breakfast buffet, which I ate for lunch on the plane on the way home. Bloody brilliant.

  106. Rosie Swaffer

    An open sandwich of chargrilled sardine fillets, mashed avocado and chilli flakes on sourdough.

  107. The Brussels Cook(er)

    Slices of (Sunday roast) left-over guinea fowl – plus the pickings from the carcass – on baguette from my Turkish bakers with Maille honey mustard and mayo. Most agreeable…

  108. Richard


  109. Mark

    Colliers Cheddar Cheese & Chicken Liver Pate on homemade bread.

  110. Lisa

    Supermarket ham and ready salted crisps in buttered plastic white bread.

  111. Drew

    Plain bread with honey ham, taven ham, mayo, whole grain mustard, lettuce, and potato chip. And I toasted and buttered the bread. Oh, and sweet pickle chips too

  112. lozzared

    I just polished off a homemade Ham, beetroot and spiced apple chutney on granary. The Ham was glazed and leftover from my roast yesterday. The beetroot was raw and grated and the spiced apple chutney made a couple of months ago with apples from my mates garden. Yummy.

  113. thomash

    One of my childhood inventions – buttered brown bread smeared with Branston pickle topped with ready salted crisps. Then a generous coating of plum tomato juice left over from Sunday breakfast and a few dashes of Lea & Perrins. It’s a bit like a bloody mary in sandwich form.

    The key is scoffing the whole thing before the crisps get soggy.

  114. Kirsten Foster

    Best Sandwich Eva

    blue cheese (tried with stilton, stichelton, bath blue – all worked), beetroot – cooked from shop not pickled or owt, sliced thick (possibly dressed with olive oil and vinegar s&p, but poss not) and horseradish sauce/cream (something with good amount of horseradish) on thick slices of a soft but slightly chewy bread, perhaps a campagrain from Spence Bakery N16 or similar full flavoured loaf, not something too chewy/crusty like a sourdough. a floury bap works well too (though really that should be saved for proper cheese and onion bap – good 2 inches of strong cheddar and 2 inches of strong white onion. Nowt else. Eat with toes dipping into icy Lake District tarn.

  115. Rosie

    For dinner last night I had a wrap with coleslaw, marinated girlled artichokes, tomato and a couple of anchovies (these were a late addition because I decided it needed some salt).

    Essentially all the sandwich-able items in my fridge. It tasted completely bonkers, but at the same time actually quite nice.

  116. Bethia

    I had a chorizo and potato grilled cheese sandwich from Melt. It’s a chain that started in Cleveland and just opened a new restaurant in Columbus.

  117. Hannah

    My last sandwich was steak with fried onions, simple but satisfying.

  118. Jasmit M

    I made a leftover open faced christmas dinner sandwich; sourdough bread (griddled with a little olive oil), christmas fruit chutney, turkey breast, emmental, chicken gravy, stuffing and roast garlic and sprouts. In that order from the bottom up. I’m still dreaming about that gravy…

  119. Rachel

    Pigs in blankets with mustard. In white bread. Just festive enough…

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