Turkish-ish Guilt Eggs

There is nothing (NOTHING) worse, for me, than a post on a blog which starts with ‘sorry it’s been so long since I last updated this blog blah blah blahddy blah’. The fact that I kind of almost considered doing that makes me want to get all the words and stuff them into a little rat hole in my brain, block it up with socks and then get blind drunk to make it all go away.

I’m not having a go at other people here, you understand; it’s just something that annoys me because one of the best (and worst, I suppose) things about having a blog is that one can do what one ruddy well likes. That’s kind of the point, no? I don’t have to file by a certain date, nor does my copy have to be of a certain style or length. Fuck it, I can ramble on about any old shit and swear as much as I bloody well like and there’s no-one to say ‘well actually dear it’s best you don’t say that/we’ve just added in a couple of sentences to fill out the space/you can’t say ‘tits’ or ‘twat’ or ‘dog poo’.

So why do I feel bad that I haven’t written anything here for 2 weeks? I genuinely feel a tension, as if you’re all waiting for something, which, of course, you are not. I want to give you the excuses, too. I’ve been busy, yo. I’m writing a PhD, innit! I’m writing a new book! I’m going on holiday tomorrow and I have to get up at 3am argh argh argh argh!

So basically I’m giving you this recipe for some Turkish eggs which I made from the bits hanging about in my fridge because I feel bad, despite my best efforts not to. Just so happens the eggs taste awesome. Cold garlic yoghurt meets hot duck egg meets golden-oiled spicy sausage. Herro.

Oh and there won’t be any leftovers this Sunday either, because I’m doing that getting up at 3am thing and I really ought to go to bed. You can look forward to a bumper edition next week *tumbleweed*. And now I’ve gone and committed the second crime of blog post writing – making promises about what’s coming next.

Fuck it (because I can).

Turkish-ish Guilt Eggs (serves 2)

This dish is pretty garlic-y as the cloves are crushed into the yoghurt without cooking as per various recipes. Personally I’m down with that but you may want to avoid eating this before, say, an important meeting, interview or any romantic situation where you don’t really know the other person. The combination of garlic and sausage is pretty poky.

2 duck eggs (or regular eggs, obviously)
Greek style natural yoghurt
2 spring onions, white and green parts finely sliced
2 cloves garlic, peeled
Squeeze of lemon juice
2 sausages with a high fat content (I used Pastirma), meat squeezed from the casing
Sprig of flat leaf parsley or chives, finely chopped
Turkish chilli flakes to taste
Warm bread, to serve

Put the garlic cloves in a small pan and cover with water. Bring to the boil and boil for 1 minute. Drain.

In a pestle and mortar, mush up the blanched garlic with the chilli flakes and salt to taste. Add this to a bowl along with the yoghurt and a squeeze of lemon juice and give it a really good mixing so you sort of whip it lightly. Divide between two serving bowls.

Get a pan of water on ready for the poached eggs. In a small, separate frying pan, gently cook the sausage meat, breaking it up, until it starts to release its fat and then add the white parts of the spring onions (if you’re not using sausage then just soften the onions a little in some olive oil).

Put your eggs on to poach. By the time they are done, the sausage meat should be crisp in parts and the pan filled with lovely golden oil. Plonk a poached egg into each bowl of yoghurt and top each with some of the sausage and onion mixture, the green spring onion parts and the herbs. More salt and pepper, perhaps. Eat immediately with good bread and a feeling of guilt.

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29 thoughts on “Turkish-ish Guilt Eggs

  1. I agree. I can’t bear the “got THREE posts in the pipeline, sooooo little time to write them!” etc etc. Do what you like and enjoy it. Have a great holiday!

    (Had Turkish eggs at Kopapa last week. They SO buttery. Yours look ace)

  2. “Bits hanging about in my fridge” – duck eggs. I remember when D told me there was some leftover venison in your fridge. Basically, can I live in your house?

    Also stop apols. Truly it is the worst thing in any dear blog and also often the start of the blog slow death and if that happens there will be troubs

  3. Enjoy the holiday and I’m looking forward to your next post.

    Btw just in the interest of correction the meat in the photo doesn’t look like past?rma (which kind of resembles bacon since it is usually pre sliced) but sucuk (which is just as great with eggs or grilled sandwiches or in anything from beans to meatballs)


    1. Hi Eliza, we were actually looking for sucuk but it wasn’t available so we bought this instead and it was labelled pastirma on the packet. So there we go! I shall pass your correction on to Cruson deli in Camberwell, where it was sold. We did buy it as a subsitute for sucuk, because it looked exactly the same…

  4. I never such the fuck up long enough for anyone who reads my blog to wonder where I’ve gone; probably to the extent my readers might quite like me to take a break now and again..

    But I’m with you on those awful apologies. And my immediate mental response is always just as you’ve said — it’s your blog, there’s no obligation to post to a schedule or explain when you don’t!

    Enjoy the holiday.

  5. I have no expectations of when your posts should arrive. They lift my spirits whenever they come. Please eliminate all hint of guilt (easier to say than do, I know) and take some of your psychological medicine (by which I mean, talk to yourself in a cheerful way knowing that your posts make we recipients cheerful). And have a lovely post-free, guilt-free holiday. And there is no expectation about when you will post again when you are back; whenever, it will be (based on your previous posts) very well received.

  6. So funny- I feel that pressure too – and I make excuses to myself like ‘I have a life other than blogging you know’. But in your case I can assure you that your blog is always a delight when it does arrive!

  7. Ooooh – I’m new to your blog, so completely oblivious to the recent infrequent posting. Love Turkish eggs, though. Love the -ish because pretty much everything that I make is -ish. And very excited to hear that you are doing a PhD, because SNAP! What’s your PhD on????

  8. Oh but I AM waiting for your next post – always. Here’s hoping your holiday is food-a-licious and results in lots of swearingly good posts :)


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