Peckham & Camberwell: Food & Drink Guide

I now live on the border (like actually right on the border) of Peckham and Camberwell, meaning I’m enjoying the best of both worlds. I am so lucky to live in this position, pretty much equidistant between all the restaurants and shops I love. So here’s an updated guide to my favourite places. I am aware of the omissions, some deliberate as I don’t rate them, but some because I haven’t been so please do let me know about your favourites.

I’m sad to say I’ve not found any decent jerk in Peckham in recent years; such a shame. You’ll just have to buy my jerk marinade and make your own *cheeky grin*.

Peckham: Restaurants and Cafes

1. Peckham Bazaar

Oh come on, it had to be number one, didn’t it? Peckham Bazaar (or P Baz as we call it in this house) is co-run by my boyfriend and my friend but honestly, it’s pan-Balkan heaven in deepest Peckham. Oh crikey that rhymes. Sod it. So yeah, I’m hugely biased, but it’s not just me who rates it; P Baz was Time Out’s No. 1 restaurant a few weeks back and the positive feedback in general has been overwhelming. The phone rings off the hook. The food just keeps getting better. It’s ridiculously good value. No-one else in London is doing this kind of food, this well. Just go.

Peckham Bazaar, 119 Consort Road, SE15 3RU (see website for opening times and weekly changing menu)

2. Indian Place off Rye Lane (it appears to be called just ‘Asian Takeaway’)

I’ve lived in Peckham for what, 8 years now? This place has apparently been open for 2 and I’d never noticed until recently. As I was waiting for my food on Saturday I helpfully suggested they get a sign, to which the owner responded by pointing at their sign.

They’re doing very simple, cheap and ace food from a little hut with a tandoor in the back. On the counter rest vast silver trays containing richly coloured curries, a couple of kofta ready to be cooked (chicken, lamb), rice, dhal, a yoghurt and coriander sauce. A gent stood in front of the tandoor, calmly knocking out naan after naan. We ate a lamb kofta which came in wrapped in that excellent fresh bread, with salad and sauce. The spicing is simple in the way that means every flavour is distinct. Oh and they also make a mean lamb samosa.

As I stood with my friend, shovelling down the kebab and mopping up the fall out, the owners kept ducking in and out with freshly cooked kebabs and bits to share with surrounding traders. We nicked a bit of the ‘special’ from the end of a long gleaming skewer; it’s that kind of place.


In charge of the tandoor


Indian takeaway, opposite Rye Lane station, just to the side of Ali Baba Fresh Vegetables (opposite Afro Foods). There’s a sign saying ‘Asian Takeaway’ on Rye Lane. It’s approx 133 Rye Lane, according to street view. 

2. The Begging Bowl

Good Thai restaurants in London are few and far between so what are the chances we’d get one in Peckham eh? Eh? EH? Okay so the heat levels at TBB might not be ‘authentic’ but hell, the food is tasty and the dishes are interesting. The betel leaves in particular are spesh. Read Lizzie Mabbott’s review for an idea of what to expect.

The Begging Bowl, 168 Bellenden Rd, London, Peckham, London SE15 4BW

4. Ganapati

Vegetarian street snacks – my favourite starter at Ganapati

Ganapati is a South Indian vegetarian restaurant and definitely the most expensive place in Peckham, but it’s worth the money. The smell of curry leaves and mustard seeds whacks you around the chops as soon as you walk in. They often have curd rice on the menu which I adore; yoghurt is stirred through cooked rice and finished with a sizzling hot oil, mustard seeds and glistening curry leaves.

Update: 7th Feb 2014 Ganapati now has a separate takeaway (delivery) place.

Ganapati, 38 Holly Grove, London SE15 5DF

5. Anderson’s

I’m a regular at Anderson’s, particularly for their award winning sandwiches (surprise). They nail them simply because of the quality of the ingredients; farmhouse style ham pulled off the bone in chunks, well dressed salad leaves, Dijon, Brickhouse bakery bread (some of the best loaves in London, which they also sell to take away). Can’t argue with that. They also open some evenings and occasionally host pop ups with local cooks like Sally Butcher from Persepolis (see ‘shops’).

Anderson’s, 139 Bellenden Rd, London SE15 4DH

6. Il Giardino

Okay so the Italian food at this family owned restaurant isn’t going to win any awards, and it really isn’t the sort of place one would travel across London to visit, but for local people, it has other charms. Eating there is like eating in someone’s living room. The walls are crammed with trinkets, the toilets are to be found up the tiniest windiest wooden staircase; the whole place seems stuffed to bursting with memories and history and warm fuzzy feelings. Young boys who look about 10 get trained on the job while a proud family member listens in; just everything about it is so incredibly old school and charming. The pizzas won’t be giving Pizza Pilgrims, Franco Manca or Bravi Ragazzi a run for their money any time soon, but it’s more about the ‘experience’.

Il Giardino, 7 Blenheim Grove, London SE15 4QS

7. The Gowlett

This is a pub but I’ve put them in the restaurants section as they make an okay pizza. It’s not very nice as a pub. Sorry, die hard Gowlett fans.

The Gowlett, 62 Gowlett Rd, London, Greater London SE15 4HY

8. Peckham Refreshment Rooms

The new kid on the block. This place has been rammed since Rayner went but to be fair, was full from day one anyway. I tend to go for drinks rather than food but charcuterie and other simple dishes are available. The drinks selection is good: they’ve got Kernel beers, Foreign Extra Guinness and Breton cider. I haven’t had a chance to get down with the wine yet. I do have one major gripe with the place though and that is the seating; it’s unbelievably uncomfortable and needs to be changed asap.

Peckham Refreshment Rooms, Unit 4, 12-16 Blenheim Grove, London, Greater London SE15 4QL

9. Manze’s

One of the oldest pie and mash shops in London blah blah etc. etc. If pie, mash and liquor is your thing then you know where to go. You might not know WHEN to go however, as they have very odd opening times which clearly cater to a certain generation (hint: you’re not a member of it).

Manze’s, 105 Peckham High St, London, Greater London SE15 5RS

Peckham: Bars and Pubs

1. The Montpelier

I used to practically live in the Monty when I was further up that end of Rye Lane. When I moved I had to say goodbye but we had an intense and full on relationship while it lasted so I don’t mourn the loss too badly. What I like about the Monty is that it’s very laid back, they don’t cram too many seats inside and it just has a calm atmosphere. They show films in a room at the back and have live music occasionally. The beer isn’t even that good but they do at least have Mean Time and that stealthy bitch, Old Rosie cider. Apart from weekend lunch times it doesn’t get taken over by parents with young children, which is a miracle considering its proximity to East Dulwich.

The Montpelier, 43 Choumert Rd, SE15 4AR

2. Bar Story

Bar Story is pretty scrotty but nevertheless gets away with it, probably due to its location under the railway arches. Frequented by art students, they have a gallery in the back and the whole place has a an air of creativity about it. They also do cool pop ups like the recent Thai grill with Andy Oliver.

Bar Story, 213 Blenheim Grove, SE15 4QL

3. Frank’s Cafe and Campari Bar

The outrageously popular rooftop bar returns every year between the months of July-September. With reasonably priced cocktails, a kick ass view and a great atmosphere, it’s definitely worth climbing an ammonia scented stairwell for. Or you know, take the lift.

Frank’s Campari Bar, 10th Floor, Peckham Multi-Story Car Park, 95a Rye Lane, SE15 4ST

4. The Bussey Building

Man, have I had some nights in The Bussey. I shall say no more. See their website for details of upcoming events.

The Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane, SE15 4ST

Peckham: Food Shops

1. Persepolis

Everyone’s favourite yellow corner shop. Go here for all your Persian ingredient needs. If you can’t find that unusual grain needed for the latest Ottolenghi recipe, don’t worry, Sally will almost certainly have it. The most important purchase you can make at Persepolis however, is obviously MY JERK MARINADE!


Persepolis, 28-30 Peckham High St, SE15 5DT

2. Khan’s

The awesome old Khan’s sign – ‘walk in and see the variety’ – sadly now replaced.

Everyone knows I have a lot of love for the ramshackle temple of random that is Khan’s Bargain Ltd. The veg is usually really cheap and fresh – I say usually because they do have the occasional off day. The beans, pulses and grains section is second to none, they stock the best flat breads EVER and you know where to go if you ever want a plastic animal. Read my full post about Khan’s here.

Khan’s Bargain Ltd, 135 Rye Lane, SE15 4ST

3. General Store

General Store is a relatively new addition to Peckham, in the Bellenden area, which is known as the ‘posh bit’. This shop could not be more Bellenden if it tried; suitably expensive, but also full of high quality stuff including a small cheese selection and some more unusual veg – this is the place to go for your fractal-tastic romanesco cauli or samphire. Like I said, it’s the posh bit.

General Store, 174 Bellenden Road, SE15 

4. Flock and Herd

We are stupendously lucky to have this butcher on Bellenden Rd. Opened by ex-ginger pig manager Charlie, it has gone from strength to strength and now queues out of the door are a familiar sight. Peckham Jerk Marinade may well be stocked there soon. W Bunting is also pretty good, right at the other end of Peckham.

Flock and Herd, 155 Bellenden Rd, SE15 4DH

5. Veg and Meat on Rye Lane and The High Street

If General Store is in ‘new Peckham’ then this place is very much ‘old Peckham’ or ‘proper Peckham’ as I like to call it; this is where the energy lies. Basically the deal with the greengrocers all along Rye Lane and the High Street is that they sell a lot of the same stuff, but you just need to single out your favourite. I will go to different shops for different vegetables. E.g. I always go to the place by the station for spinach and corn, as it’s usually freshest. I will go to Khan’s for herbs. And so on. United Meats is the only place I will buy goat in Peckham. All the other butchers aside from Flock and Herd = avoid. Fish is a total no-go I’m afraid, you’ll have to go to Moxon’s in East Dulwich which I rate over Soper’s in Nunhead.

United Meats, 62 Peckham High St, SE15 5DP

If it’s African ingredients like dried shrimp, fish and every single Maggi product under the sun that you want, then any of the shops will sort you out. The African land snails are available from a place about halfway up Rye Lane every year. No I haven’t yet tried them.

6. Wing Tai

This is the only local Asian supermarket now that the one in Camberwell has shut down (there’s a huge one at Elephant but it’s a bit of a trek down the Walworth Rd). This one isn’t the biggest in the world but boy, do they cram it all in there.

Wing Tai, Wing Tai Supermarket, Unit 11a The Aylesham Centre, Rye Lane, SE15 5EW

Camberwell: Restaurants and Cafes

1. Silk Road

Silk Road is simply one of the best Chinese (Xinjiang) restaurants in London, full stop. I have only met two people who didn’t like the food; everyone else loves it to the point of obsession. I’ve actually had to limit the amount of visits I make there for fear that the worst will happen and I’ll get too familiar. Best dishes: Cold seaweed salad thing; cumin lamb skewers; home style cabbage; home style aubergine; fried dumplings; twice cooked pork; smacked cucumber; their handmade noodles in anything. It’s virtually impossible to spend more than £15, including drinks.

Silk Road, 49 Camberwell Church St, SE5 8TR

2. Zeret Kitchen

This for me is the best Eritrean/Ethiopian restaurant in London. I went to Ethiopia earlier this year and I can tell you that this is absolutely the real deal. It is also run by the nicest lady. I crave injera like no-body’s business since I’ve come back and am currently working on a recipe that is practical. In the meantime, it’s plenty of scran at Zeret Kitchen for me. Read Chris Pople’s review of a meal we had here.

Zeret Kitchen, 216-218 Camberwell Rd, London SE5 0ED

3. F M Mangal

A Turkish grill restaurant that is never less than rammed. F M Mangal are famous for their spice smeared flat bread and pomegranate dip with comes with grilled onions and garlic cloves. Fairly recently I discovered the takeaway section at the front, which is where I am usually to be found ordering a tuvuk sis, a chicken kebab which comes with salad, chilli and garlic yoghurt sauce, all wrapped in a (crucially) thin wrap which makes eating it all too incredibly easy. Always order a double raki while you wait.

F M Mangal, 54 Camberwell Church St, London SE5 8QZ

4. Wuli Wuli

I hesitated to put Wuli Wuli in to be honest; what used to be a really good Sichuan restaurant just suddenly went downhill when they started toning down the amount of chilli and Sichuan peppercorns in the food. It all became a bit tame which was hugely annoying as I used to order from them once every few weeks. Still, it’s worth giving them a go. Also I should say I haven’t been for about a year. Make sure to order from menu B. I have a copy on-line here.

Wuli Wuli, 15 Camberwell Church Street, SE5 8TR

5. Pasha Kyrgyz Kazakh Restaurant

I’d avoid the food in the main but Kazakh Kyrgyz is SUCH a fun place to have a drink just because it’s so ridiculous. There are mannequins in the corridor dressed in Turkish outfits, they have Turkish baths; the restaurant boasts a stream with a bridge over it and, well it’s just so silly it’s brilliant. Also, where else in Camberwell does one get a glass of Georgian wine?! Read my full post about it here.

Kazakh Kyrgyz, 158 Camberwell Rd,SE5 0EE

6. No. 67

I’ve had an utterly exquisite squid ink pasta dish here and I’ve had a god awful dessert. The best thing about No. 67 though is the space itself; all cosiness and twinkly lights and tables that you nestle into and never want to leave.

No. 67, 67 Peckham Rd, SE5 8UH

7. Viet Cafe (formerly Cafe Bay)

Okay so it’s not the most amazing banh mi in the world but come ON, we are in Camberwell, we are not overwhelmed with choices. I actually really enjoy the ‘chicken satay’ – novel in that it doesn’t taste like chicken satay. Review a on my sandwich blog here.

Cafe Viet, 75 Denmark Hill, SE5 8RS

8. Falafel

No prizes for guessing what these guys sell. It’s so sparse inside you’d be forgiven for thinking it was one of those shops you used to buy weed from that would just have a fish tank in the corner and a man behind the counter or something. What? Someone told me that okay, mum? The falafel is actually rather decent and they will wang it into a wrap with really fresh salad, sumac dusted onions, a garlic sauce and a chilli sauce that actually has a bit of heat to it. Not a lot, but a bit.

Falafel, 27 Camberwell Church Street, SE5 8TR

9. The Recreation Transformation

The Recreation pub (closed at the moment) is to be taken over by the people behind the Anchor and Hope, I believe. I’ve heard that the sous chef from the Canton Arms will be doing the cooking. It will take me all of 2 minutes to walk there. ME EXCITE.

Camberwell: Pubs

1. The Crooked Well

This is more of a gastro pub really, but I prefer to just drink there if I’m totally honest. They do a decent martini, or at least they did the last time I had one which was fairly recently. Aside from that it’s just a really pleasant space to sink a few.

The Crooked Well, 16 Grove Lane, SE5 8SY

2. Stormbird

Camberwell’s craft beer pub. It has quite a wide range of beers which change frequently. They had my beloved Jaipur on recently which I still maintain is one of the greatest beers ever produced. It does suffer slightly from Craft Beer Pub-itis which I did a rant about here and the ladies toilets need some attention – HOW LONG CAN IT BE BEFORE YOU REPLACE THE LIGHT BULBS?? – but it’s still a pub I spend time in.

Stormbird, 25 Camberwell Church St, SE5 8TR 

3. The Hermit’s Cave

This place looks like a bit of a shit hole which is why I like it. They have some decent beers on though – I’m told – I went right off ale a while ago, something to do with it being body temperature – like I say I just appreciate the way it’s so bedded in. A proper boozer. It’s got nothing on the Grosvenor in Stockwell but hey, not many pubs do.

Hermit’s Cave, 28 Camberwell Church St, SE5 8QU

4. The Bear 

So many people rate this place highly that I’m putting it in despite not having had the chance to really spend any time there yet. I’ve heard they do a mean roast.

The Bear, 296A Camberwell New Rd, SE5 0RP

Camberwell: Food Shops

1. Turkish Food Centre 

Despite being rather lacking in charm as a space, The TFC is great for buying cheeses like helim, feta, halloumi and the other ones I don’t know the name of, including those that come in a can. I am more than partial. Herb bunches are large and fresh and they sell the mild, pointed, waxy peppers I became fond of in Hungary. Obviously there are staples like pomegranate molasses, tahini, sumac etc. – ingredients you’d be hard pushed to find in Camberwell (nearest other shop for such delights = Persepolis).

Turkish Food Centre, 303-309 Camberwell New Road, SE5 0TF

2. Sophocles

Good for large, flat, sesame seeded loaves at under a quid. They also do a basic white loaf for under a quid although have let themselves down recently by under baking them often or baking them in the same oven as something containing cinnamon. That’s incredibly irritating.

Sophocles, 24 Camberwell Church St, SE5 8QU

3. Cruson

Cruson winds me up in so many ways but it has to be said there is nowhere else in Camberwell to buy a globe artichoke or patty pan squash. The problem with them having so much variety is that a lot of it is always going off. Perhaps that’s why they charge nearly twice as much for a jar of Hellman’s as anyone else has ever done in any shop in the world, ever.

Cruson, 26 Camberwell Church Street, SE5 8QU

You’ll notice that there are omissions from both these sections and I’d like to hear your thoughts. I’m afraid Angels and Gypsies isn’t there as I think it’s too expensive. I once spent £20 on a 3 tiny tacos. Some places I’ve not included however as I haven’t been, which is where you come in. Any thoughts on…

Cafe Viva? (never been able to get in there due to buggies)
Peckham Pelican?
Other pubs in Camberwell?
The African restaurant on Choumert Rd? (I once tried to eat there but they wouldn’t let me in and I still don’t understand why)
Lovely House on Bellenden?

Need we mention either the Peckham or Camberwell farmers’ markets? Oh dear. Will someone put some life into these please?!

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68 thoughts on “Peckham & Camberwell: Food & Drink Guide

  1. Hi All, I’m new to Camberwell and need to rely on your wisdom here: can anyone point me to a good fish and chips? What are your thoughts on the Flying Fish? The BYO sounds good, but the place is always so empty…

  2. I liked artusi, but not as much as The Camberwell Arms, which I visited again last week. Artusi managed to get our starter order wrong three times, which was quite impressive given there were only two of us and the menu is short. And the wine wasn’t great.

  3. Momo’s Moroccan and North African food just opposite and down from Asda on Rye Lane is one of the best falafel wraps you’ll ever eat. There’s also Late Knight’s just opened on Queens Road, not far from the station, a proper chilled little bar and good beers. Also Crossroads on Bellenden Road does a banging fry up etc and it’s cheap! And lastly there’s a blues and soul food night my mates running (maybe monthly?) On thursdays At The Peckham Pelican which is a good venue for a drink regardless.

  4. We went to the Camberwell Arms tonight and were seriously impressed. Not a single fault could I find, other than they put ice in the cognac. Very impressive as the kitchen is roughly the size of mine. Recommended.

    Next on my list is Artusi.

    1. Artusi is also brilliant. I need to update this guide to include both of them! The Camberwell Arms I basically live in as it’s next to my house. The sandwiches aren’t great, but other than that, brilliant.

  5. I keep coming back and back to your guide to help me navigate my eating in the area! Thank you so much. Have you tried Maloko? I hear good things.

    1. I need to update it! Yeah I have…I’m not their biggest fan because they don’t seem to understand that food needs salt, and a salad needs dressing on it. It’s a shame really because the pancakes could be nice and they’re certainly good value.

      1. Tried it. Like it a lot for having a fresh mint tea. Love the simplicity of the place. Can’t get over eating a pancake from a wet (hopefully just washed?) wooden chopping board…

  6. Sunrise Curry Club are a food pop-up crew based in north London, we’ve done a lot of trading in East London so far as well. Having heard great things about Camberwell we are now coming down south for some events. We will be at The Old Dispensary with our backyard tandoor ovens from May 1st-3rd serving a range of meat and veg kebabs, fresh naans, salads and snacks. Please come try and let us know what you think!

  7. portugues cafe deli is a very cosey place to sit and relax to enjoy the traditional custard tarts!! The sandwiches there are clean and delicious , especially the bacon sandwiches. I also love the Brazilian savouries that they make in the kitchen . Defiantly one of my favorites in camberwell

  8. Great little black book.
    Have you been to Sophocles bakery they have great koubes bulgar wheat wrapped lamb mince patties, made locally excellent excellent street food on the fly
    Wui Wui great service have had some fab meals there especially after hours
    Crooked well friendly good food nice manager
    Angels and Gypsies great tapas, best salt cod tortilla I’ve ever had (lunch time amazing pork tacos my little treat to myself)
    Golden grill lamb burger for a late night tipple, old school sloppy
    The bear my favourite pub
    Franklins in East Dulwich like this place a lot simple and tasty
    Peckham Bazaar? hmmmm ok
    Camberwell Arms really wanted to like this place, think they had an off day will try again
    Best Jerk Chicken Queens road Peckham next to police station their rub marinade is ON. Haven’t tried your jerk Helen but this place is amazing Jerk really it is

    1. Hi Gordan,

      Thanks! Glad you like the black book. I am yet to try that jerk place, thanks for the tip! I have to say though, think you might be in the wrong place to make the Peckham Bazaar comment?! Ha ha. Also, John (of Peckham Bazaar) is my favourite cook in the world, so….totally unbiased of course. He is, though.

  9. For good jerk chicken and rice and peas go to Nice and Spice bakery on Coldharbour lane. It’s takeaway, huge portions, very tasty and always busy.

  10. Hi

    I live on the borders too, near what was the Cadeleigh. We must be neighbours.

    Great summary. I’ve eaten in almost all these places over the past decade.

    Just wanted to thank you for the Asian place off Rye Lane. I’d never have noticed that. Had a kofte wrap yesterday and it was great. Will be going back for the curries. I like these tray places and previously would go to Chatkhara near Elephant. This place has a bit less choice is much more convenient. TBH I often struggle for cheap, punchy eats like that in Peckham, especially on the curry front.

    Ganapati, Wuli and maybe Mangal are probs my picks of the area.

    C Well and Angels are pricey but nice for a treat. They’re my go to ‘occasion’ dining options in the area.

    Bear good but hit and miss, too much miss for the £ so I don’t go any more. I thought the Begging Bowl was a rip-off. It was shocking.

    Silk Rd was great back in the day when it was ‘new’ but I’ve gone off it a bit. It’s still good though. Likewise Falafel, which I overdid. We need a few more ready eats options like that in the area.

    Agree on Vineyard. Caravaggio nice for a well-priced pizza. The Tiger is my pick for reasonably priced and good pub food. Burgers at GU OK for a change now and then. Manze’s rocks.

    Gowlett pizzas OK but what’s the fuss about. For some Caribbean, Rice and Peas was good last time I went but then you’re heading into East Dul really.


  11. Great post- this plus many other reviews and recommendations mean that I’m the lucky owner of one table for two tonight at Silk Road (I live in camber well and have done for years but have never been able to get a table just by turning up!)
    I look forward to it!
    My camberwell favourites:
    The tiger really does do a mean roast – best hangover cute in town.
    Crooked well is a nice sensible place. I take my mum when she visits as she’s somewhat scared of camberwell and it soothes her. I like their peppery rimmed margaritas.
    I rate angels and gypsies – had a fantastic rabbit stew recently – but agreed it’s too pricey and therefore only for special occasions.
    FM mangal – I’ve eaten there countless times and love love love it / but had a terrible time last time I went. Rotten service, my meal never showed up and then was told it was sold out and hour after I ordered it. Staff recommended a ‘healthier’ alternative which I found patronising and rude. I will go back but I need a little time!
    Can’t wait to try some of your peckham recommendations!
    Thanks for the tips !

    1. I went to Angels and Gypsies recently but had to complain and ask for something to be taken off the bill. The service was laughable too. That’s such a shame about your experience at F M Mangal. I am sad to hear it.

  12. Buddha Jazz on Grove Lane which is up the hill before the George Canning does a cracking Pho and other less well known Vietnamese dishes. The Dim Sum there is pretty good too. The staff are lovely but as word of warning; they are partial to playing James Blunt.

  13. I have recently had many fantastic breakfasts at Love Walk Cafe. You should definitely give them another chance. Their coffees and their full English brekkie puts me in a very good mood for the weekend. Extremely busy – book in advance if you’re more than two.

    Petitou (63 Choumert Rd) – decor, charming/totally ramshackle. Excellent scrambled eggs. Great coffee – very lo-fi, but keep returning.

    Blue Mountain Cafe (18 North Cross Rd) – East Dulwich territory, but only just. Fab food, great service, charming staff – lovely, arty vibe.

    The Victoria Inn (77 Choumert Rd) – beautiful pub, good food, charming staff, great vibe – food too expensive.

    Caravaggio – kinda romantic. Great for pasta and pizza, stay well clear of all else.
    Vineyard – food so depressing I nearly cried.
    Johansson – good for breakfast (I like the ‘all you can eat, toaster self-service’) but trying to look Swedish definitely doesn’t make Swedish.

    Angels & Gypsies – stylish place, staff ok, decent tapas, ridiculous prices.
    Crooked Well – stylish and expensive. Food was very good. I liked it. Didn’t love it. Found it a bit sterile.

    1. Hi Mette, thank you for your comment. I will give Love Walk Cafe another go, then. I’ll have a full English. Has it changed hands? I remember the scrambled eggs at Petitou being HUGE. I can’t remember why I didn’t like it now, so should make a return visit there. I’m not sure I can go back to Caravaggio though after a really weird incident with one of the staff (!). Agreed on prices at Angels and Gypsies which is a shame. The staff are great there. Their new bar is quite fun – downstairs…expensive though (surprise) and their martini needs work. Agree on crooked well too, although I do think they make a nice cocktail.

  14. There’s a newish (October) Portuguese Cafe/Deli on Church Street with very good custard tarts, and extremely reasonably priced £1 to eat in and 90 pence to take away. Have you been there yet? I also noticed two Italian places on Denmark Hill, same side as the Banh Mi place. They looked newish to me. Went to Turkish Food Centre today and bought one of those cheese pastries you raved about. Are they better warm or cold? Was going to have mine for dinner later.

    1. I’ve never eaten mine warm so I don’t know! I always scoff it cold as I can’t wait. I haven’t tried the Portugese place yet no but I walk past it every day. Yes I’ve noticed the two new places and there’s a really new place on the opposite side which I need to check out – can’t remember the name but it’s a cafe.

  15. I’ve come late to this discussion, but am genuinely surprised these lists never mention Van Hing – Vietnamese with the most incredibly complex pho, amazing fresh salads, abundant with herbs, beautiful banh cuon. I eat there once a week, at least, love the place. Recommend the pork with vermicelli, crispy and melting, just beautiful lemon grass flavours.

    I should probably keep quiet as I would hate for the prices to go up etc (it’s pretty good value), but am incredulous that this place could be dismissed as just a bog standard Chinese takeaway spot.

  16. Yet another vote for The Tiger pub in Camberwell. The head chef there hails from Pitt Cut Co. and the ox heart wraps are AMAZING. Portions are generous, too.

  17. I’d heard there was a deli or food type emporium silimar to the shop on bellenden road. No idea how true that is though. I’ve my fingers crossed!
    Yep I think the pizza place is a chain, will take a lot to divert me from carravaggio for my American hots.
    Johanssons does have a Swedish bent, things that go well with red wine, but remember having good fish there. Haven’t been in a while I have to say.

  18. Carravaggio: too much on the menu, but do great pizza (available for takeaway)
    The Vineyard: frustrating, a specials menu would be great, but it’s not cheap for what it is
    The Grand Union: really wish they would get rid of the neon in there. No need.
    Johanssons: great evening dining, lovely rear garden.

    Moloko: best new addition to camberwell beyond doubt. Great food, great coffee, fantastically friendly.

    Anyone know what is happening at the [everlasting] building site on grove lane past johanssons??

    1. No idea what is happening on Grove Lane! There’s a new pizza place opening too, The Oregano Leaf I think? I never have high hopes for these places sadly. Yes, Moloko! I must add it in. Fantastic rice pancakes I’ve heard.

      The Vineyard ARGH. I can’t reiterate enough what an absolute joke that place is. I’ve never been to Johanssons in the evening and I really must. Their sandwiches are always underwhelming so I’ve never considered it. Is it a Swedish menu?

  19. Worth revisiting Wuli Wuli as the menu has changed, with more of an emphasis on Schezuan food. Love the dumplings and noodles in chilli soup.

    1. I ordered it the other night actually! it was ok, just nowhere near the standard it used to be which is a shame. Still, a lot better than many others in the area.

  20. Thanks for the linky! There’s a new Asian supermarket opened up on Rye Lane – nearer the park end. It’s pretty good for dried stuff, though Wing Tai wins.

    Some friends went recently to Lovely House and told me it was a massive disappointment.

  21. I had no idea there was a TFC in South London! I will have to check it out. Mind you, I live between Brixton and Herne Hill so food shopping a-plenty, including the fabulous Nour Cash and Carry, Brixton’s answer to Khan’s.

  22. @Mael – thanks for the mention! Awww, poor us in Nunhead, we’re just that bit too far up/down the road again!

    @Helen – some great positive reviews, of which I wholeheartedly agree with most, and on the down side – couldn’t agree more re The Vineyard – beyond a joke!
    Just wanted to mention that amongst our 100 odd beers we stock your beloved Jaipur . . it’s ALWAYS in stock, and we are fully licenced for you to drink said beer on the premises for the same price as it is to take home. You can even drink it out of the bottle if you like :)


    1. Hi Huey,

      I will get there eventually! Promise promise. I can’t believe you have Jaipur. I must come down and sink a few. I really adore that beer. I will also drink it out of the bottle because we all know it keeps colder that way…

      The Vineyard. It makes me angry grrrr.

  23. Jay, I’ve got to say – if you ever check the forum (the scion of the now infamous GuardianTalk) I confessed there this morning to having dreamt of you last night. You were taking my bottle of beer away telling me that I had to drink it in a glass. And then you brought the wrong glass. This was the extent of your oneirical appearance.

  24. From the ‘for what it’s worth’ dept: I’ve never eaten at, let alone got a take away from Su Thai. Mine always come from Kaorsarn.

  25. There are bits of this review I could have written myself. I fell in love with TFC this summer. Perhaps I shouldn’t (because I will regret it next summer) but they were selling cherries at £3/kg which turned out to be terrific, most of the summer. I don’t think we’ve ever eaten so many clafoutis.

    I share your opinion in most cases above, Helen (apart from fishmongers. Moxon’s over Soper’s? Come on. But then I’m a Nunheader). And I would only like to point you in the direction of Bambuni in Nunhead for a terrific selection of booze (wines, beers, sherries), cheeses, charcuteries and many other things that give the East Dulwich Deli a run for its money (ah ah bloody ah). Thanks to the dedication of Huey, who runs it. The Nun’s Head pub is becoming a bit of a real ale destination, too (but surely you know, with your Frog on the Green / Peckham Bazaar connections). Nunhead / Peckham / Bellenden / Camberwell. We’re quite lucky aren’t we.

    1. Ha! Yes of course I do know re: Nunhead. It’s hard though you know and I had to make a cut off somewhere, just couldn’t go all up into Nunhead too. The TFC also do really lovely red grapes, very sweet, seedless and with a magnificent pop every time you bite one. I had no idea it was even there for ages.

  26. Hah! Peckham and Camberwell are so last wednesday! I have lived and loved in Camberwell for nigh on 20 years, but now i live in Brockley i have to make the most of what is on my new doorstep.
    The first thing was to find a surrogate silk road (of course there is no substitute and we still go there regularly). Taste inn in lewisham is pretty good for our sichuan pepper fix. Cheap, and they deliver! Their cumin chicken chicken is particularly good and my wife swears by the shredded potato with garlic loaded with sichuan pepper.
    The tiny Sri Lankan enclave of Loampit hill is great. The Everest and vinishas are both great and super cheap. Check out the enormous bowl of freshly cooked biryani with about 50 boiled eggs on top as you walk in to the Everest.
    Lewisham is pretty amazing for shopping too. A couple each of good Chinese, turkish and indian supermarkets, and a neat little italian deli too.
    Deptford is worth a shout too. Bizarrely, when camberwell’s wing tai closed, it left no asian shops in camberwell whereas in Deptford on my last count there were at least 7 oriental shops and quite a few Vietnamese restaurants.
    Talking of vietnamese, the New Saigon (that crazy looking orange and silver pub on Old Kent Road and technically in Peckham) is worth checking out. Their fried prawns and pho are particularly tasty. Also, if you’re lucky you can catch the loudest karaoke system in south london!
    So before the canton arms (and Jay Rayner) comes to camberwell and seals the deal on Peckham and Camberwell’s foody credentials, you can still find decent food adventures in nearby SE london. Sadly, a lack of decent pubs though. Oh well, back to the ‘mits.

  27. Hurrah, I was looking at your Peckham Food & Drink map just today and wondering if you were going to do an update..

    I can’t fill in many of the gaps but I do have a soft spot for the Pelican as my closest bar – they’ve made good use of the space so far for art, music and other events (e.g. body painting before Notting Hill Carnival) and the staff are very friendly. Melange is worth a mention as probably the only place locally that will do a lactose-free hot chocolate…

    I have been meaning to try Tiwa n Tiwa which opened this summer opposite Lidl on Bellenden Rd and Ram Jam the jerk place opposite Persepolis – have you been to either?

    Also, a bit further afield, but I had an absolutely fantastic wrap on Sunday from the Malaysian Deli opposite Crofton Park station, worth checking out if you find yourself in the area.

    PS: Cannot wait to go to ‘Asian Takeaway’ – thanks for the tip.

    1. yeah i thought it was about time I sorted it out! I haven’t been to either of the places you asked about I’m afraid. Sorry! I will make sure to poke my nose in next time I’m passing by.

  28. Thanks for mentioning Zeret Kitchen! Had no idea it was there and have been sorely missing injera and dorowat since moving south of the river, will definitely try it out!

  29. Some more good places in Camberwell for you
    (all worth a visit)

    The Sun (former Sun and Doves)
    The Tiger
    George Canning

    Love Walk Cafe

    Angels and Gypsies – fantastic
    The Vineyard – good for standard Greek, good atmosphere
    Moloko (formerly Olive Shop) – fantastic crepe/galette place
    Vietnamese place next to George Canning on Grove Lane
    New Italian place Gusto looks interesting (opposite Nandos)

    1. I’m sorry but I can’t contain my contempt for The Vineyard. Anywhere that can charge the bones of £30 for a bottle of Martini Asti (listed on the menu as ‘sparkling wine’) should have legal action taken against them. I’ve never had good food there I’m afraid.

      Johanssons I do visit for a sandwich now and then. Not bad and I like the salad they do with it.

      Love Walk cafe I think is terrible. Rude staff and they make the worst bacon sandwich in the entire world (

      Quite like The Sun! I work at King’s so it’s very useful. I would have included it had they not made me sick with a scotch egg that wasn’t cooked once.

      Another vote for The Tiger! Must go back…

      Thanks for the suggestions! Don’t mean to be so dismissive of a couple of them but as I said, some places were deliberately left out. Have you been to Love Walk Cafe recently? I just can’t believe they are capable of making anything edible.

  30. Carravaggio’s – good value local Italian, with great, hearty, fresh specials. Fantastic value wine list too.
    Crooked Well – for food it’s definately the best around. It’s not ‘cheap’ but seldom lets you down. Chateaubriand special is fantastic.
    The Grand Union – ok pub, usually has seats when others are full. Does decent burgers.
    Su Thai (Cold Harbour Lane) is a hidden gem, really good value Thai restaurant not as good as TBB, but good enough for Jay Rayner to get his takeaways from there.

    1. I’ve always wondered about Su Thai so will give it a go, thanks! Caravaggio’s – I have just had terrible food there…and last time we went the waiter tried to wrestle the wine list away from my boyfriend, it was really weird. People seem to love it and I did consider it but just couldn’t put it on there based on the food I’ve had. The Grand Union again had a bad experience when I waited over an hour for a burger then just had to leave. Thinking about giving Su Thai a go tonight now…

  31. Pelican, nice atmosphere and pretty good beers. Cafe Viva, ace banana bread there last week. Also there’s the Cinnamon Tree bakery that I need to poke my nose into..

  32. The lack of good Jerk in Peckham is really infuriating, whenever I get a craving I have to hop on my bike down to Smokey Jerky.

    What about Suya? I know the beef varies in quality but the Chicken is always spot on.

    1. Yes, really annoying! I did consider putting suya in but every time I’ve been recently it’s been rubbish :( It made me sad. I’ll give the chicken a go though and maybe it can go back in!


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