Menu for Peckham Bazaar: 6th/7th July

Za’atar grilled lamb chops with imam bayaldi spread, broad beans and labneh, on flatbread 

Well Peckham Bazaar got off to an incredible start last weekend; the grill smoking and sizzling in the sunshine, the beer flowing (down my throat) and the food completely sold out by the end of the weekend. This week’s menu looks even better I have to say, and the weather looks set to be SCORCHIO! Check out the menu below. I can’t wait. Hopefully see some of you there!

Peckham Bazaar: Menu Sat 6th/Sun 7th July

Pork souvlaki wrap with tsatsiki and pickled carrots £5

Grilled lamb chop on Greek flat bread with imam bayaldi and labneh £6.50

Grilled lamb sweetbreads with farkah and aytar £6.50

Grilled sea bream with tarama and fennel salad £6.50

Herb marinated feta with courgette, broad bean and preserved lemon salad £6.50

Grilled apricot and fig skewers with cardamon and honey sponge and caramelised hazelnut yoghurt £4.50

Franklin’s brewery beer. Citra IPA and English Garden £4 a pint

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9 thoughts on “Menu for Peckham Bazaar: 6th/7th July

  1. Nice photo, the last ones from another site, did not look amazing, The reviewer said the food was good. Only read two reviews, both good ones so it is on my radar, November is our next trip to London.
    Again, that is a great photo.

    1. SO good! The food is even better this week I have to say. The za’atar sea bream and tarama wrap is stunning. Also the baked feta.


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