My Brown Stew Chicken Recipe, Now a Mural in New Cross

Gourmandizing London is a public art project – a group of people who make murals inspired by the recipes of South East London. A while back they e-mailed asking me if they could use my brown stew chicken recipe and I said yeah, sure, go ahead, without really clicking at the time as to exactly what they were going to do with it.

They then went and produced this freakin’ awesome mural, which has been down by Father’s Barber shop in New Cross for yonks! Apparently though, when Gourmandizing went to the barbers to propose they painted the mural on the side, they found themselves with a situation…

“Just after the hol­i­days we walked into Father’s, showed him our Brown Stew Chicken sketch and asked what he thought. He looked it over and said “Bruv it’s great, your [sic] the artist, but I don’t eat chicken.” For a man who got Muham­mad Ali to sit down for a hair cut, twice, you fig­ure out how to remix a recipe.”

So brown stew chicken became brown stew fish. Pretty darn cool. If you want to know how to cook it, get down and have a look, the recipe is painted on the wall. Or er, you could just make my original brown stew chicken recipe instead.

Check out their website here, where they’ve also done some cool stuff with Persepolis and Brickhouse Bakery.

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15 thoughts on “My Brown Stew Chicken Recipe, Now a Mural in New Cross

  1. Brilliant! Though I haven’t tried your recipe yet, it’s at the top of my ‘recipes I need to cook’ list. I thought i’d take this opportunity to say how excellent your blog is, I’ve become obsessed with food blogs recently and this towers above them all and very well deserved to be ‘immortalized in stew.’ I will have to check it out next time I use the A2 into London, I usually use the A20 as I truck fresh produce from Rungis Market Paris to New Covent Garden Market London. google Rungis Market if you haven’t heard of it, a blog called fxcuisine has done a good piece about it.
    Big Up Helen on all the blogging

  2. That’s so awesome! What a lovely accolade!
    I reckon monkfish is probably your best bet here right?
    But really brown chicken stew should be made with chicken.. :)

  3. Wow that’s an amazing idea! So bright and funky!

    I love your blog, I lived in New X, Brockley for four years and its really nice to see bits of it featured on your blog. It helps to stave off the yearning for those times in London. My only regret is never having the guts to go into Persepolis and try out their ingredients! But at least I managed to try the food at cummin’ up and boy, wish I can have some more of that oxtail right now…

    Thank you!!

  4. Very innovative featuring a recipe and I love the bright sunny yellow background to the mural as New X can be a bit grey ‘n drab.

  5. sounds delicious. I don’t eat chicken either. what kind of fish would you substitute and would there be any alterations to the recipe?

    1. Hi Kathleen, I’ve never made it with fish I’m afraid. I would use a firm white fish. Try googling brown stew fish and see if you can find a recipe. Sorry to not be of more help but as I say I’ve not made it and I don’t want to give you shonky advice.


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