Bravi Ragazzi: Really good pizza in er, Streatham

South Londoners need a heads up about this place. I feel a tension here between wanting to keep the place open and yet still being able to get a table. Still, it’s in Streatham (or as it’s called in our house, St. Reatham), so there is hope.

The Napoli pizza (£6.50), my favourite anchovy, olive caper combo was as good as the the best I’ve had anywhere. Note the lack of cheese. The pizza had the correct qualities of a Neapolitan pizza as far as my knowledge goes (that’s not very far); a spotty bottom to the dough, a silken ‘soupy’ middle and sparse toppings (the real set of guidelines are extremely strict I hear, lots about wood fired ovens, dough pH and yeast). Oh and the tomatoes! Imported from Italy, obviously. I could have drunk the can.

The Salsiccia e friarielli (£9.50), with Italian sausage and broccoli was also excellent, although living in the shadow, as most things do, of the anchovies. I’ll never learn to not bother going sharesies.

I’m not sure which I loved more, the food or the guys who are behind it (obviously it’s the food). Plucked straight from a high street in Naples, they’re all shiny black, denim and bling on tattooed skin.

I can’t see St. Reatham becoming a food destination to be honest, which is just as well. They don’t like strangers in town. Not unless they’re hip Italian boy strangers with a sour dough mother.

Bravi Ragazzi Pizza
2a Sunnyhill Road
SW16 2UH

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24 Responses to “Bravi Ragazzi: Really good pizza in er, Streatham”

  1. Alicia (foodycat)

    Both look like my idea of heaven. The pizzas and the boys.

  2. Helen

    Ha ha!

  3. Miss Whiplash

    Bravi ragazzi means goodfellas, no?
    I like this :)

  4. Helen

    Oh does it? Ace!

  5. John Gionleka

    Bravo ragazzi literally translated means brave boys. In the cultural jargon, it could well mean goodfellas. Obviously, I don’t wish to upset the Coza Nostras of this world but the idea that most Italian Mafiosi would not find the food of, say River Cafe, up their street the same way that the Kray twins were not renown for their gourmand habits. The Italian Mafiosi world is a masculine world where the majority of members were brought up in poor households. Money and respect, not desire for delectable flavours seen as somewhat effeminate informs their character. Their mythical cafes in New York had other priorities and making the food barely edible would ensure they were not frequented by curious middle class folk. We can, therefore, discount any such associations in the case of Bravi Ragazzi as their pizzas do look lovely. Can’t wait to try them

  6. Helen

    John, you really do leave the best comments ever.

  7. John Gionleka

    It’s knee-jerk reaction to your inspiring write-ups Helen

  8. Helen


  9. Ashley Bee (Quarter Life Crisis Cuisine)

    Never knew that about neopolitan pizzas, cool!

  10. Simon Fernandez (@ferdiesfoodlab)

    I walked past this place couple of weeks back, it smelt REALLY good, wreaked of tastyness, and the only reason I didn’t stop right then to try it out was that I was on my way to an interview (for a head chef job – although I didn’t know it at the time) at a really famous place in central London. Next time I’m visiting my buddy in St Reatham I’ll definitely be paying Bravi Ragazzi a visit!

  11. Helen

    See now you have to tell us the restaurant ;)

  12. simon

    Good Italian in Streatham – why the surprise, used to be London’s biggest Italian community back in the day!

  13. Helen

    Fantastic! And this is the beauty of having a blog. I had no idea :)

  14. Chloe

    Love the look of this place, these guys are smooth!

  15. Alex

    Thanks Helen, just had this delivered for dinner – my new favourite pizza place.

    Do you happen to know a good Thai in brixton / streatham which delivers ?



  16. Stephen

    Went to buy me some meat at Moens and felt a bit peckish on my way back… I read your piece this morning and thought I would give these guys a try.

    Now if I follow your suggestion Ms. Graves, I ought to say my Margherita was rubbish, and that it should be avoided…

    But I can’t, it was the best pizza I have had, and my partner and I have just returned from a week in Napoli, land of the pizza and lemon!

    I had quite a talk with the guys there, and brought one of their delicious sourdough loaves home.

    Thanks Helen, those guys are brilliant!

  17. Helen

    My work is done! Excellent. So pleased you enjoyed it.

  18. Helen

    That delivers, no I’m afraid not. There’s only kaosarn in Brixton market really and I don’t think they deliver. Sorry!

  19. MIllsie

    I live in streatham, so this place is an absolute bloody godsend.

    I’ve eaten there pretty much once a week since it opened!

    nice vibes, amazing food, friendly staff, and it now does (fast) delivery.

    p.s. Didnt used to have a booze license, but now it does

  20. Helen

    Ooh brill. They had booze when we went but I didn’t realise that so thanks for posting a comment. I am very jealous!

  21. tessa payne

    commiserations as the brave boys have confirmed no to an SE5 delivery
    ….however this now means that i shall be popping along in le voiture asap, (tonight)!

  22. Helen

    Argh! Ah well…get the full experience and eat in!

  23. nick

    Don’t pass up Addomme at Streatham Hill either, for my money they have possibly even better pizzas and definitely a few more tables. The owners also knock out some good non pizza dishes too. Pricier .

    Bravi is 400 yards from my home though. So that does give them an advantage

  24. Helen

    I shall stick my head in if I ever find myself around that way again. Never heard of it until now. Mind you, I rarely find myself in Streatham.

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