The Search for London’s Best Sandwich at The Ship

It is common knowledge that I am serious about sandwiches. I am sandwich loving lady. It is with much excitement in my belly then that I announce a forthcoming competition, which aims to discover the very best sandwich to be found in London town.

I will be teaming up with legendary Wandsworth pub, The Ship, and together we’re throwing down the gauntlet to the capital’s pubs, restaurants, cafes and street food stalls, inviting them to submit their best work, the pinnacle of their sandwich-making careers, their bready magnum opi.

The competition will take place on Tuesday 23rd October and will be open to, well, not just anyone actually. See the rules for entry below:

1. The sandwich must be on the current menu of a pub, restaurant, cafe or street food stall in London.

2. The sandwich should be entered exactly as it appears on the menu.

3. Only ‘traditional’ sandwiches will be accepted. That means no burgers, no wraps, no open sandwiches, no stretching the concept. It’s filling between two slices of bread or a roll (we have to limit entries somehow).

4. A maximum of 18 different sandwiches will be selected to take part because, well, that’s a manageable number for a Tuesday evening.

5. Entrants must submit one sandwich to the judges, but 10 additional, identical sandwiches will be required on the night.

5. The final 18 will be judged on the evening according to the following criteria: appearance, taste and price.

6. Entries should be sent to [] Please describe the bread and filling of your sandwich and state the price. Photo = optional.

Them’s the rules! The sandwiches will be judged by a panel of sandwich fanatics including me, Jonathan Brown of the marvellous Sandwichist and a celebrity judge to be confirmed nearer the time.

It’s going to be an amazing evening; there will be drinks, there will be laughs and there will be some of the best damn sandwiches in London on the table. It’s an open invite so come on down and chow on down as we bestow the title of London’s Best Sandwich upon one deserving creation. Let the battle commence!

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15 Responses to “The Search for London’s Best Sandwich at The Ship”

  1. Lizzie


  2. Natasha Card

    Oooo the Fishfinger sandwich from Smiths at smithfield …..if they still do it !!

  3. Alicia (Foodycat)

    That sounds fantastic! But when does a hot sandwich become a burger?

  4. Platter

    Soooooo there. Maybe we could launch a home cooks’ version in parallel.

  5. Heather Grant

    Sounds like a great fun idea and although I have had a huge lunch am now salivating at the idea of proper sandwiches. I have to admit the Brindisa chorizo and rocket roll is hard to beat, but Jeremy Lee’s smoked eel sandwich is so popular that it is now being served at an appetizer at his new billet at Quo Vadis. Here is a recipe for it.

  6. Helen

    Both fantastic sandwiches! I’ve written about both of them on my sandwich blog

  7. KSalty

    Fantastic stuff – can punters come down and sample the wares as with the Scotch egg contest? I hope E5 Bakehouse enters its epic cheese sandwich.

  8. Helen

    Yes! You must come and sample…

  9. becca (playdohandpoo)

    oh i love the Ship! we’ve moved out of Wandsworth recently and i miss places like this.

  10. Favourite Table

    Waking up in the morning & reading this post first thing has set me up for a very good day. Thanks!!

  11. Pickle & Rye (@PickleandRye)

    Have to say, we are very excited to enter some of our sandwiches!! What is the deadline for entry? Many thanks for organising a competition of such epic sandwich loving proportions!

  12. Helen

    Hi! Really pleased that you’re entering as you’re one of my favourite sandwich shops. Basically there’s not really a deadline…it’s not happening until september so you’re pretty much good until then!

  13. Donald Edwards

    I’ve only just noticed quite how obscenely like a sex toy that enormous pickled gherkin looks. I now can’t look at the photo. It’s disturbing me.

  14. Helen

    Avert your sensitive eyes Donald. This is no place for a delicate little soul like you. I’ve seen a blog which documents the existence of phallic looking vegetables. I suggest you avoid it.

  15. Nellie Nichols

    I have been working in the sandwich industry for over 20 years.
    I would love to help judge if you need any further help.

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