The London Review of Sandwiches

I have started a second blog. This is because I don’t have enough to do already with a job, a PhD, this blog, other bits and bobs of recipe writing and you know, a life on the go. BUT, the temptation was just too great; I’ve wanted to read a London sandwich blog for so long and in the end I decided to bite the bullet and write one myself because the chances are if I want it, other people will too. It also means I can justify the vast quantities of sandwiches I eat and I get to go back and visit all the great ‘wiches I’ve discovered over the five or so years I’ve lived in London.

I understand this is a pretty niche area but I take the sandwich very seriously, see. Creating a perfect sandwich is like creating a work of art. I won’t hear otherwise. Readers, I bring you, The London Review of Sandwiches.

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38 Responses to “The London Review of Sandwiches”

  1. thelittleloaf

    This is SUCH a good idea. I’ve been drooling over the various creations on your site for well over a year now and love any excuse to read about food, especially if it involves sandwiching it in lovely bread. Yum. Good luck!

  2. Helen

    Aww thanks so much! It means a lot because I was strangely nervous about sharing it.

  3. KSalty

    Brilliant – I’m going to skip over there now and have a look! And the Tsuru katsu: good place to start. Going there tonight for dinner x

  4. Helen

    Thanks Katy! And I am jealous. Love Tsuru x

  5. Jessica

    Brilliant idea! Sandwiches surely are the food of gods.

  6. Helen

    I’m so glad you agree!

  7. Russ

    RE-FRICKING-SULT! You should be first in line if ever expand to the UK. Now I can spend less time drooling over this and more time at LRS!

  8. Helen

    Ha ha! Brilliant. And thanks for reminding me to put ASAD on my blogroll :)

  9. Rachel K

    Excellent idea. And while there are some adequate chain sandwich shops (Eat and Pret aren’t that bad in an emergency) there are some really exciting places with fabulous combinations. Bring it on!

  10. Helen

    So many sandwiches, so little time. *sigh of happiness*

  11. Platter

    John Montagu would be proud! Looking forward to seeing what’s up.

    (Though I myself am persevering with the open sandwich uber alles.)

  12. Lizzie

    I was also going to say this reminds me of Serious Eats. Hurrah! Looking forward to your posts.

  13. Helen

    Open sandwich! Radical ;)

  14. Helen

    Cheers Mabbers! It’s always serious when I eat.

  15. Mark

    Very inspirational. The much neglected/taken-for-granted sarney needs its own stage.

    Will this new blog be available via email updates?

  16. Helen

    Thanks! Yeah, I need to sort that out. Will do asap.

  17. Kavey

    Hoorah! I don’t know where you find the time but good on you!
    I don’t eat enough sandwiches really, which is odd as I do enjoy a good one…

  18. Helen

    Kavey, I really don’t know where I find the time! I guess when you want to do things, you just find it. I hope to inspire you to eat more sandwiches!

  19. Sasha

    Such a good idea! I tried to so this with chain Christmas sandwiches but got really bored, I’m glad someone else is taking this important matter seriously. What a role model :)

  20. Helen

    Good effort! You should have seen my leftover Christmas sandwich this year. SICK.

  21. Mr Noodles

    What a fantastic idea! If you’re doing sarnie requests (in a DJ-style) then allow me to suggest John Charlick Foods on Gray’s Inn Road. My fave sarnie in London, and the main thing I miss about moving office!

  22. Helen

    Oh yeah, I’m always doing requests! Thanks for the suggestion.

  23. Bron

    A great sandwich is truly one of the joys in life – great theme for a(nother) blog. Look forward to reading it.

    Can I suggest the bacon one at St John Spitalfields they serve up for breakfast?

  24. Jacqueline

    I keep doing that too! I have Tinned Tomatoes, Little Tums & The Food Blog Diary as well as two monthly events. Jeez, someone stop us!

    I am off to have a keek!

  25. Helen

    Oh yes! That sandwich was my hangover salvation when I worked in Farringdon. I miss it!

  26. Helen

    Oh I’m stopping at two!

  27. MattB

    Amazing news; I’m going to save these up for next time I’m home.

    Two sandwiches outside London that you need to try (and which I can firmly say are my two favourites in the world) are:

    1. The Katz Deli “Pastrami Reuben” (New York).

    2. “Bake and Shark” (at Maracas Bay, Trinidad). I get to eat one of these most Saturdays and can firmly say that it is absolutely incredible.

  28. Helen

    Oh man! You tease…

  29. Shu Han

    wow, excellent, bring it on! you’re amazing i must say, I already find it hard to juggle school and blogging as it is ><

  30. Helen

    Ha ha! Well, I can’t say I always manage things that well myself to be perfectly honest…guilty of taking way to much on.

  31. jen

    this excites me.

  32. Helen

    Glad to hear it, Jen!

  33. The Grubworm

    Great plan – this is a necessary blog, and you know what they say – if you want it done well… So I’m really happy you’ve started it up. If you are looking for reccos, then Ca Phe on Clerkenwell Rd does some decent Bahn Mi. Right, I’m off to check it out.

  34. Helen

    Ace, thanks! I’m going to check that banh mi right out and you see if I don’t

  35. Catfordandy

    Are you sure you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew? :)

  36. Helen

    No! Is the short answer ;) I always do…

  37. Becs@Lay the table

    Agree with everyone else, such a great idea. Mr LTT and his colleague used to have “Sandwich Club” at work where they bought all their sandwich fillings together and bought fresh bread from the local artisan bakery. I told them they should’ve started a blog but they never got time. Now Mr LTT is self employed he doesn’t have so much time to make great sarnies!

  38. Helen

    Sandwich Club! Sounds like a great place to work.

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