Jambalaya (AoL Lifestyle)

For my AoL Column this week I’ve gone all Creole on yo’ asses with a hearty jambalaya. Chicken, chorizo, prawns, chilli, plus something calling itself a ‘holy trinity'; get on over to AoL Lifestyle for the recipe.

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  1. Meatball Micky

    Looks great – I used to work with a Jamaican chef who used to chuck in a few scotch bonnets to liven up his jambalaya. I might try this at the weekend.

  2. Helen

    Just like I did, then! Although I’m not Jamaican as I’m sure you know; just a bit of Peckham going in there. I said one in the recipe but obviously this can be increased! I sense you’re a chilli kind of guy, Mr. Meatball.

  3. Meatball Micky

    I love chillies :-)

  4. Helen

    Thought so!

  5. Shu Han

    that looks really good! I’m not jamaican, but I did grow up in Singapore, so I may just chuck in those scotch bonnets too ;)

  6. Robert

    You must have been reading my mind as I’m craving a hot spicy carbfest today! And I can knock it up using the cupboard and freezer supplies. Thanks excellent post.

  7. Helen

    Brilliant! Perfect timing.

  8. Helen

    DO IT!

  9. dappled

    I just nominated you for the Belvoir ‘Lovely Awards’ – they have an embeddable widget (link below)

    Anyway, I hope you win!

  10. Helen

    Thanks Dappled! Very um, lovely of you. Geddit?

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