French Onion Soup (AoL Lifestyle)

French onion is probably my favourite of all soups; it doesn’t sound like much, but this boozy allium brew always warms right through to the marrow. I love the process of slowly, slowly caramelising onions; the transformation from gassy tear-jerkers to a sweet, soft and sticky mass is one of those magical kitchen processes that should be undertaken mindfully and with love. For a soup made of onions, it’s surprisingly filling; possibly something to do with the copious amounts of Gruyere on toast I make to go with it. Ahem. Head over to AoL for the recipe.

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  1. northbysudouest

    I am an English chef who moved to the South West of France three years ago to live and cook. Down here they drink french onion soup at about 5 in the morning after a wedding all night party and its supposed to sober you up just enough before you drive home. I’m not convinced and have never been brave enough to try the driving bit. It is jolly nice after a long session tho!

    If you are interested in reading more of my french adventures please feel free to have a gander at my blog…

    Cheers! nbso

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