Wild Mushroom Risotto Recipe for AoL Lifestyle

Nothing says “hello autumn!” like a big bowl of carbs with some mushrooms in it. I’ve made a comforting wild mushroom risotto laced with lots of garlic and white wine for AoL Lifestyle. Head to the site to find the recipe.

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5 Responses to “Wild Mushroom Risotto Recipe for AoL Lifestyle”

  1. angela@spinachtiger

    It’s breakfast time here, but I would eat it now. I’m Italian and don’t know why I don’t cook more risotto. Nice picture.

  2. Helen

    Thanks! Get cooking!

  3. Toby Downton

    Helen, that looks like an incredible dish – as a lover of both risotto and mushrooms, I’m heading over to find the recipe right now…

  4. Helen

    Great, I hope you like it!

  5. Q


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