Meat Liquor

Meat. Liquor. I think that’s fairly self-explanatory. I am simultaneously sad and excited about the opening of The Meatwagon’s new bar and meat-fest, for it has now opened – early. For the past few months I have enjoyed living opposite The Rye pub in Peckham, where The Meatwagon has been in residency and where it still parks itself. Having those burgers a mere 2 minutes walk away has been joyous, although the effects on my waistline = savage. Now The Rye has closed for refurbishment and the meat has moved on, to 72 Welbeck Street, just North of Bond Street; I will have to travel for my fix.

The Meat Liquor venue is a space filled with a mix of gothic-cross-fairytale arches and graffiti. Basement-chic, Spuntino-style light bulbs bear butcher’s hooks. Red neon lights scream ‘LIQUOR!’ like Dan Flavin got to party. There’s plenty of room for drinking, partying, drinking, eating, more drinking and er, dancing on tables (that’s already happened). My memories of The Meateasy make my liver quiver; I suspect Meatliquor will bestow similar ravages.

I’ve not tried all the food yet, just some (proper) buffalo wings made with Frank’s-style hot sauce and butter, devilled eggs (at the preview) and the chilli fries, ever-outstanding burgers and a wondrous thing called ‘crack pie’ (on the opening night). It tastes like a pimped treacle tart and was addictive as…as…ummm…well, you know. “It’s all sugar” I’m told.

It’s dark inside, just like the Meateasy was, so I don’t have many photos for you but let me just refresh your memory of the burgers, albeit with an iphone photo (I’ve eaten about a hundred this summer and not taken a proper picture?!)

I do have a ‘photo’ of the ‘crack pie’ – it’s the pie shaped blob on the far left. I think most famous food photographers will be fearing for their jobs after seeing this, quite frankly:

The new venue is the biggest yet for The Meaty Gang, but in case you’re worried the new kitchen won’t be able to cope, don’t be – I’ve seen it in all its vast, expansive glory. The walk in fridge is bigger than my bedroom. That’s not true but it’s big and filled to the brim with London’s finest Americana. The drinks mean business too; frosted beers and kick ass cocktails from Soul Shakers. I would give you more details but you know, they got me drunk. There are so many reasons to go back – deep fried pickles and ‘dirty chicken’ being very high up on the list.

Meat Liquor was due to open on 11th November but opened last night and will remain so for the next 3 years. Things have certainly come a long way since the day I first bit into a bobcat burger on an industrial estate in Peckham.

There are some much better pictures of the food here.

Meat Liquor
72 Welbeck Street

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37 Responses to “Meat Liquor”

  1. Anne

    I have made my OH promise to take me for lunch here on Monday – I MUST try the deep fried pickles and the crack pie. I feel your pain at them moving – was the same when they left New Cross!

  2. Helen

    Yes it was! Not far from me either, obviously. You’re going to love it.

  3. Paul

    I miss having to listen out for your number being shouted and the battle for a table. Though I imagine when it gets busier that battle will be back on!

  4. Helen

    I really, really hope so.

  5. Becca Rothwell

    They opened early?! Oh I was planning on taking my sister on Friday but she was worried she wouldn’t make it, we can go tomorrow now instead. Fantastic!

  6. Helen


  7. Arnold lane

    MEATLIquor …not open for lunch…… or at all next Monday .So don’t GO then …OPEN tues to saturday dinner Til next thurs …..from then lunch and dinner tues to sat .,while they pick up speed …….they said

  8. Helen

    Thanks Arnold!!

  9. Food Urchin

    After reading this I am really going to make the effort to visit, especially since they’ve now moved north of the river ; )

  10. Helen

    I have been spoiled for too long! Still, pretty handy innit.

  11. Jamie P

    I had no idea the Meatwagon had moved out of Peckham. Gutting. Isn’t Crack Pie a Momofoku Milk Bar invention? More food should be named after Class A drugs.

  12. Helen

    Sorry to break the bad news! I think it might be Momofuku invention yeah, people keep telling me so anyway.

  13. Chris

    Looks rubbish – I recommend everyone stay well away. Nothing to see here, keep moving, jog on.

    *Wants Meatliquor for himself*

  14. Helen

    “looks a bit shit”

  15. Leila

    Went with the boyfriend last night – it had been a long wait since the days of #meateasy in New Cross. So, so good – we scarfed down a jar of grog, a st thomas cocktail, deep fried pickles, wings & two burgers and a couple of beers between us and it was £20 each. Quite odd getting swift table service rather than jostling for a raffle ticket and waiting – kinda miss that!

    As a SW Londoner I’m loving the location actually – great to have places like this up your sleeve to be able to duck into next time I’m near stressful Oxford St etc…

    Thanks for the original Bobcat tip-off Helen, I’d know nothing of Yianni’s genius were it not for you! x

  16. Helen

    Ahh glad to be the spreader of burger love! x

  17. Su-Lin

    Excellent! This negates the need to actually make a crack pie at home to finally try one! (It’s definitely Momofuku Milk Bar – Christina Tosi, I believe)

  18. thelittleloaf

    I CANNOT wait to go to this place…I’ve never even tried the burgers from their van, but now they are settled in a venue I really have no excuse. This post has made me so hungry…I’m off to rummage round the cupboards.

  19. Ben

    Pretty fucking good. Not the best in London. Not as good as honest burger in Brixton.

  20. Helen

    Thanks for the info Su-Lin and yes, your prayers have been answered! Bit dangerous having a whole crack pie around the house anyway…

  21. Helen

    You’ve never tried the burgers! I’m almost jealous you know – you have so much good burger time ahead of you.

  22. Helen

    I think we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one Ben!

  23. Lizzie

    The deep fried pickles are FUCKING AMAZING.

  24. Miguel Leal

    They need a professional doorman or they will scare everyone away!

  25. Yeebot

    Thanks very much for the link to my photos/blog post! :) Can’t wait to go back to try the “dirty fried chicken” and crack pie. I tried the latter at Momofuku Milk Bar when I visited New York earlier this year so looking forward to seeing how it compares.

  26. Helen

    Ooh definitely let me know how the crack pie comparison turns out!

  27. ibzo

    meatliquor crack pie is better than the original from momofuku. just saying.

  28. Helen

    Bloody glad to hear it!

  29. Mrs Lister

    Went to Meatliquor for the first time on Friday night.

    My life is now forever changed.

    All hail the deep fried pickle!

  30. Helen

    There’s just no going back!

  31. Luke

    Went and hit this last night based on your recommendation with my better half and another mate – quality! Had the deep-fried pickles (much thinner than yours, they slices lengthways), the slider and bacon cheeseburgers all round. Bloody great!

  32. Helen

    Great! Really glad you enjoyed. I’m long overdue a visit myself…

  33. Pete

    My colleague and I just got back from lunch at Meat Liquor. Probably the best burger I’ve had (with the possible exception of Mr Bartley’s in Harvard Square).

    Quite pricey for lunch though so it will be a while until I go again.

  34. Helen

    I’ve yet to find a better burger. End of!

  35. Pete

    This is Mr Bartley’s web address. Amazing, but you have to go to the US to sample them

  36. Helen

    Damn the US and their amazing burgers so far away!

  37. Meat Trade

    Congrates dear! I love to eat burgers. Your post is awesome. I am waiting for amazing burgers.

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