Ham Hock and White Bean Soup (AoL Lifestyle)

I’m very much into cooking with ham hocks (or knuckles) again after the pibil, so I’ve made a porky white bean broth for AoL Lifestyle, super-charged with a salsa verde-like green sauce. Find the recipe over on AoL.

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  1. Pete Cashmore

    Hi Helen! Love the blog. I was naughty and swiped one of your Gowlett pizza pics for my pizza blog 12inchpetetreat.wordpress.com – I hope you don’t mind. There’s a link back to this blog in there…

  2. Helen

    Hi Pete, nah, I’ll let you off ;)

  3. Robert

    If you buy yours from Morrisons. It’s a bargain at £1.73 each with a enough meat to feed 2 to three people. Thanks for the recipe as I was getting bored with the standard hock with parsley sauce with potatoes, carrots and cabbage.

  4. Helen

    That is SUCH a bargain!

  5. Luke Honey

    Hi Helen

    This looks terrific, and I’ve included a recommendation and links on The Greasy Spoon. Sorry, about my less than enthusiastic remarks about aol as an organisation, but that has nothing to do with your recipe or blog- which are both great.

    Kind regards


    (aka The Greasy Spoon)

  6. Helen

    Ha ha no worries; I’m really glad you like the look of the recipe. It should include a stick of celery with the stock, btw. Anyway you seem a confident cook so I”m sure you’ll manage! Hope you and The Girl enjoy it.

  7. Luke Honey

    Hi Helen

    In fact, about to start making it right now. We’re based in Vauxhall by the way- just up the road from you- have you tried the newish Brunswick House Cafe at Lassco?


  8. Helen

    No I haven’t – should I? Is it good?

  9. Luke Honey

    Yes, up to a point Lady Copper…

    Similar scene to the excellent Canton Arms in the South Lambeth Road. Hearty new mod. British with a Tuscan twist, is probably how I would describe it. Quirky setting, antique heaven if you like that sort of thing, which I do, ‘cos I’m in the business. Run by Jackson Boxer, grandson of “Marc” (the Cartoonist) and Lady Arabella of Swinging London First Slice Your CookBook fame. About to write a review of the place…

  10. Helen

    Ah, Jackson Boxer also of Frank’s Campari Bar. Well, I shall stick it on the list! Ta!

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