The Collective at The Thames Festival

Not sure what to do this weekend, Londoners? Get yourselves down to The Mayor’s Thames Festival, because the food is going to be special. The Collective will be there, hawking their wares all along the banks. In fact, I’d suggest skipping breakfast because there’s a ridiculous amount of amazing street food to be had, all in one stretch. So, the details from founder Petra Barran:

“The collective will be occupying two areas – one by Tate Modern and a smaller ‘splinter group’ by the Lord Mayor’s Office (More London). has been recognised by the Festival organisers for its wide array of amazing food, as well as its dedication to the collective spirit of street food trading in the city. We aim to help transform the outside dining experience of London by promoting more interesting and personality-driven food on its streets.

Traders representing for will be:

Tate Modern
Luardos – Mexican burritos
Jamon Jamon – Spanish paella
Anna Mae’s – Deep South pulled pork and pimped up mac ‘n cheese
Churros Bros – churros
Buen Provecho – Mexican street food
Big Apple Hot Dogs – gourmet hot dogs
Bean and Gone Coffee – Monmouth coffee
Hardcore Prawn – new kid on the block doing amazing crab bisque, tom yum, char-grilled skewers

More London
Bhangra Burger – Indian spiced burgers with homemade pickles
Creperie Nicholas – Breton gallettes
Tongue ‘n Cheek – Italian street food using ‘under-rated’ cuts of meat (with salsa verde/mostarda in Wild Caper sourdough rolls)
YumBun – soft, pillowy steamed Chinese buns with Blythburgh pork”

The festival takes place on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September, 11am-11pm. Map of locations HERE.

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5 Responses to “The Collective at The Thames Festival”

  1. Paul

    I’ll be dragging my hung over ass down there later,

  2. CupcakeCrazyGem

    This is the worst news ever! just walked in the door from spending all morning at the festival! I walked as far as the bridge before the Tate Modern and then turned around again. I have been wanting to try the Eat St stalls for forever but I can’t do Sundays…and here I find had I just walked a few more feet I could have had the chance!! soooo annoying!

  3. Meatball Micky

    Despite feeling fluey I dragged myself up to City Hall yesterday to have a look; I had eaten a rather splendid mushroom omelette for brunch, so wasn’t actually that hungry. I was tantalised by the Tongue and Cheek offering of ox cheek and polenta, but opted for the lighter option of two pork belly YumBuns. They were totally f*cking amazing; beautiful sweet succulent pork in the softest springiest buns. How do they make those buns?

    I was kept awake last night by the thought of that ox cheek, as I am partial to a bit of cheek… so I decided to forgo Sunday brunch and strolled back up to City Hall this morning. Can’t say I was blown away by the cheek… portions were a bit stingy and the cheek didn’t have the depth of flavour it can have. But, heyho, it was worth a try.

    Now back home to slow roast a few lamb shanks.

  4. Helen

    Meatball Micky – Sounds like you’re having a good weekend! They steam those buns which is what gives them that light texture.

    Gem – sorry to hear you missed out

    Paul – hope your hungover ass made it!

  5. Ziu

    Thanks for the tip! Despite feeling super hungry, we managed to hold on until the Tate and feasted on amazing indian spiced burgers. Well worth the wait and the huge queue! :)

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