Kofta Curry

I ended up making this curry because I woke myself up the other night shouting “MEATBALLS!” I am just as fixated on food during slumber, it seems. As a child, I’d often wake up clawing at the air above my head, trying to grab whatever cake/sandwich/biscuit/ice cream treat had been accompanying me in my sleep. That’s a cruel moment when you wake up and realise Dream Dessert only existed in your greedy imagination, I can tell you.

Anyway, this is a very nice little lamb meatball, or kofta curry. I based the spicing on a Madhur Jaffrey Curry Bible recipe but added more meatballs, swapped in some fresh green chillies, omitted a few things I couldn’t care less for and garnished with crispy onions. To make the meatballs really light, I took the apparently inauthentic approach of adding bread soaked in water; this is a trick I use with all meatballs you see, because it makes them LIGHTER THAN AIR, put simply. You can happily shovel away a dozen without feeling like you’ve eaten a bag of protein pebbles for your dinner.

If you make this, do try to get hold of the fat, wrinkled, black cardamom pods; they add an unmatchable smoky undertone to the curry. We ate this wrapped in parathas with a Gujarati carrot salad, raita and a fresh mango chutney.

Lamb Kofta Curry

450g minced lamb
3 small slices crappy, ready-sliced white bread, crusts removed
1 small onion, very finely chopped
1 tablespoon ground coriander
2 teaspoons ground cumin
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 green chilli, finely chopped
A small handful coriander leaves, chopped

For the sauce

1 onion, finely chopped
A thumb of ginger, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic
2 green chillies, finely chopped
2 tomatoes, de-seeded and finely chopped
1 teaspoon tomato puree
2 teaspoons ground coriander
Pinch turmeric
1 pint veg stock
1 cinammon stick
2 black cardamom pods
2 green cardamom pods
5 black peppercorns

Put the slices of bread into a small bowl and cover with a couple of tablespoons of water until soaked through. Squeeze out the moisture using your hands until you have a little wet ball of bread. In a large bowl, mix all the meatball ingredients together (including the bread), using your hands. Season with salt and pepper.

Wet your hands and fashion your meatballs; the size is up to you but I like mine fairly small and I got 38 from this mixture. Refrigerate the meatballs for an hour, or as long as you can. The longer they rest, the better they will taste.

Put the garlic, chillies, ginger and 3 tablespoons water in a blender and blend to a paste.

Heat a couple of tablespoons groundnut or other frying oil in a heavy-based pan. When hot, put in the onions. Fry them for about 5 minutes until they are starting to colour. Add the paste from the blender and fry briefly. Add the tomatoes and fry until they are starting to break down a bit and thicken the mixture. Add the tomato purée and cook out briefly. Add the coriander, turmeric and salt. Stir for 30 seconds then add the stock and bring to the boil.

Add the whole spices to the sauce, reduce the heat and gently add the meatballs. Cover and let simmer very gently for 40 minutes, turning the meatballs around every now and then.

Garnish with crispy onions (if you wish) and fresh coriander (essential).

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23 thoughts on “Kofta Curry

  1. Helen – just wanted to say that I regularly make this when I want a gentle while tinkering in my kitchen. Really an amazing recipe and perfect for when people are coming over because all the hard work is done. (Also good for when you just want to scoff a load of delicious meatballs of course).

  2. Oooh yum yum. Love me a meatball curry. Been meaning to recreate a Vietnamese one from ages ago.

    Would you care to share your paratha recipe too? Yours look terrific!

  3. I haven’t made a curry in ages, and this looks delicious and a great subject for a food photographer. I’ll follow your tip about adding bread to the meatballs.

  4. Excellent looking recipe and highly amusing post as ever…
    Is there a Freudian angle to waking up, thinking of meatballs ?

    Regarding the sauce, I’d be inclined to toast a few whole cumin seeds before adding the onions to the pan, but that’s me and not you.

    I’m intrigued with the idea of having it wrapped in Prata rather than with rice. Is it possible to eat it like that or doesn’t it all end up going everywhere….

    Sir A.

    PS: I love this web site.

  5. I talk in my sleep all the time, and if I’m not thinking about food, I guess I’m dreaming about it. Will definitely be dreaming about these – they look like lovely little balls of meaty goodness. I’d never heard of a meatball curry, but it’s going on the list to try…boyfriend will love me forever :-)

  6. Love this entry. I mean excellent recipe aside, I burst out laughing at ‘protein pebbles’. Someone really needs to give you a book deal pronto.

  7. I love the fact that you dream about meatballs. I love them in a tomato and pepper sauce, totally delicious. This recipe looks great, you are brave to mess around with a curry recipe, I am always so nervous of changing the spices as I am so unknowledgeable about curries and never know what needs to be there and what doesn’t. It looks delicious but nutritious, especially with that carrot salad on the side.

  8. I once woke up in the middle of the night DESPERATE for fritto misto. I had to have a cigarette to calm me down.

    38 meatballs! I like ’em small too; this looks ace, I made a kofta curry from Reza Mahammed’s book and it was insanely rich; this looks just the ticket.

  9. I recently dreamt that I was at the world’s biggest pick ‘n’ mix counter… at Disneyland… and it was all FREE. I have never been so disappointed to wake up.

    Totally agree about bread in meatballs – I usually keep a bag of frozen breadcrumbs kicking around and they’re v useful for meatballs etc.


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