Why I Love Peckham

After shops in Peckham were smashed, burned and looted during Monday night’s riots, the people here started sticking post-it notes on the front of a boarded-up Poundland. There are messages about why the people living here love Peckham so much and statements about the strength of our community. I went down to see it this morning and it brought a tear to my eye. This is the reason I love living here: the people. This really sums up our spirit; I’ve never felt more proud. Here are some more pics. I’m really glad someone (other than me) felt moved to mention the food…

Update: The people behind the wall sent a message via Peckham residents association saying, “Poundland replaced their window today but were so touched by the communities work that they paid for a new board to be put over the glass so that the people of Peckham could continue with a new Peace wall. The previous three boards, now all full of amazing post it notes, have been moved to Peckham Library for public display until a more permanent home/exhibition space is found for them.” Check out their website.

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35 thoughts on “Why I Love Peckham

  1. The human spirit is an amazing thing to behold … the local community came together to Right the Wrongs and to stand united. A year down the line, and lives have started to rebuild .. lessons have been learned .. through adversity, people pull together and they help each other pull through!!

  2. How inspiring to read such positive messages after a truly traumatic week. Keep up the fabulous work Peckham and pave the way for the whole of the UK to follow your example.

  3. Fundamental goodness rules!
    All the sticky note writers: thanks for your courage. Helen, thanks for spreading the words! May you all remain safe and be happy.

  4. it is a pity to see all that street action done by our youth! Who will be our next leaders?How will they govern when their time comes?
    Our present leaders should listen to the plight of this young generation and promote harmony love and piece all the time.

  5. I taught in Thomas Calton School Peckham from 1972 til 1984 and have such fond memories of Peckham. Loved it!

  6. Hi Helen. Thank you for sharing your photographs with us. I agree with Leigh that “This ‘notice board’ has become one of the iconic positive images to come out of this week’s events”.

    It’s touching how much warmth a whole group of strangers can deliver with a simple act of kindness such as this.

    I blogged about the riots in Manchester – I live in the city centre but fortunately we stayed safe whilst all the madness was happening around us.

    I hope you don’t mind but I borrowed your photo in response to a comment on my blog. I credited to you and your blog of course.

    Stay safe. x

  7. Wonderful post and photos. I hope you don’t mind but I used one of your photos on my blog – I credited you and your blog of course. (but let me know if you would rather I took the photo off and I will do that ASAP)

  8. It is the same everywhere, community spirit will overcome the minority idiots, who themselves hopefully will learn about living together!

    Stay safe Helen.

  9. We’ve been following the news here in the States. Your post & pics show once again that most people are basically good. All the best…

  10. This ‘notice board’ has become one of the iconic positive images to come out of this week’s events and has been a really great advert for our wonderful neck of the woods. Thanks for posting these lovely images.

  11. Heartwarming stuff from my local community. This blog does an excellent job of highlighting the many many wonderful things about our corner of South London. Now, if the mainstream media could pay that same kind of attention we might be onto something.

  12. Such good sentiment. I live in Dalston and was heartened to see that today things seem to be getting back to normal, and people are planning a sort of ‘thank Turk’ day on Saturday, to say thankyou to the Turkish resteraunt and shop owners who defended Kingsland Road from looters and seemed to have prevented a lot of damage and destruction.


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