Tayyabs deliver…to Peckham?!

[EDIT: After a brief spell, My Salivation have restricted their delivery area and are no longer delivering to Peckham. It had to happen I guess. I’m pleased I got on in while it lasted]

Oh yes. Legendary Whitechapel grill Tayyabs are now delivering, all the way down to SE15. I didn’t waste any time in taking advantage. I mean seriously, I live 7 miles away and someone is going to bring the food to me? I didn’t care if it would be cold when it got here. Hit. Me. Up. They’re doing it through a site called ‘My Salivation’. Uhuh. We ordered the classics; lamb chops; seekh kebabs; parathas; tinda masala; dry meat. I did have concerns about how nice the grilled stuff would be once it reached us but bravely soldiered on (snigger).

The phone rang. “Um, this is My Salivation. The delivery charge on the website (£6.50) is wrong, it’s going to be £10.” “TEN POUNDS?!” I spluttered. “Er, you live 7 miles away” he replied. “Ah yes.” I knew there was a catch in there somewhere. I wanted Tayyabs badly so I agreed to pay the extra on delivery. Two hours later another, very apologetic phone call telling me I wouldn’t have to pay delivery at all since the food had taken such a long time. “It’s Ramadan and the restaurant is very busy” he told me. I felt bad. He was very lovely. My stomach growled.

When the food arrived it was delicious; I mean, it’s Tayyabs, silly. Even without the theatrical sizzle of the grilled meats, the chops and kebabs were still incredible. The rest was lukewarm too of course (we don’t own a microwave) but we wolfed it in 10 minutes. “The spicing really is incredible” I said for the ten billionth time. How do they make food so highly and yet distinctly spiced? No muddy flavours here.

So it’s a bit ridiculous that Tayyabs will even consider sending their food down to Peckham but in the end, it sums them up really; so lovely, so eager to please. I can’t say I’ll be doing it too often, but having the option there? Magic.

New Tayyabs

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22 thoughts on “Tayyabs deliver…to Peckham?!

  1. I just found this post over the internet and then tried mysalivation.com. We live in N1 and ordered Tayyabs. It arrived in around 45 min and was not extremely hot but it was not cold … definitely warm to hot … like what you would expect delivery to be.

    Overall I would give it 4.5 / 5. Great service. Will be ordering again.

    Thanks Food Stories.


  2. I tried My Salivation Delivers last night and everything went very smoothly. The food was delivered in 45min, a few minutes before their estimated delivery time. I got emails at every step along the way (order confirmed, estimated delivery, food en route etc etc). The food was also great … Lamb Chops … yes please!

    I have no complaints and will be using them again. I mean seriously … its Tayyabs … Delivered! oh yeah!


  3. I’m a bit confused – does this mean they don’t typically deliver to SE15 as standard, or that this is the first time they have this as a set delivery distance across any restaurant they deliver for?

    I thinks I need to find out so I can have my dry meat fix.

  4. Helen Dharling, I hate you, hate hate hate you…
    stuck dahn ere in bally Bodmin, searchin for & not findin a proper curry, and you come with the dogs at whitechapel (my old stomping ground), and the pics to prove it; aaagghhh
    I shall just have to sit here all afternoon and dream in my miserableness
    hate you

  5. My Salivation Delivers is a separate company then Tayyabs. We aim to put online local restaurants and delivery great food to everyone we can get to. We do limit delivery distance based on agreement with the restaurants.

    In the case last night a combination of unfortunate events lead up to this delayed time. This is the first time we have ever delivered food in longer then 60 minutes and the furthest distance we have traveled for an order.

    Both Lizzie and Helen were refunded in full.

    We look forward to continuing to deliver everyone quality food.


  6. Helen, can you believe I actually haven’t even made it to Tayyabs yet, even though I have been meaning to for ages?!! Unbelieveable. This could just be the answer!! Although I think I might get upset with a 2 hour wait. xx

  7. Hmpff! You cruelly raised my hopes there, but it appears that at 7.5miles from Tayyabs I live too far away *sobs*

  8. The prospect of Tayyabs delivering to me in Holloway made me so happy but the mysalvation website won’t offer delivery to me even though it is closer than Peckham at under 5 miles. Aaarrrgghhh!!!!!!

  9. From what I can see the “My Salivation” website kinda looks like it’s a bunch of independent guys on scooters – various restaurants just outsource their delivery to them. So whilst the Tayyabs lot are “so lovely, so eager to please”, the fact that you get delivery in Peckham is probably down to the guys who’re taking the £10 delivery charge.

    Still worth it for those chops though!

    1. Well yeah, but the the comment still stands about the Tayyabs team, such a lovely bunch of people. Presumably Tayyabs can also set a limit on delivery area if they think the food will be crap by the time it gets there.

  10. When I checked last week it looked like Brockley was a schelp too far for them. Shame. OTOH I have discovered that I can jump on the Overground, stuff my face there and be back home inside two hours… so it’s not all bad 😉

  11. I ordered last night too and it also took 2 hours. They were lovely, but I did take the refund in full; I understand it’s Ramadan and all, but if they failed on a service (in delivering in the estimated one hour) then I felt it fair; we had spent a fair whack. That being said, it doesn’t put me off using them again, though I might wait till after Eid!


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