Hickory smoked corn with chilli and lime

I was privy to an e-mail recently that said all I ever talk about is pork. Well, Mr. Anti-Swine, stick this in your judgement pipe and smoke it.* Corn! A vegetable! Serious!

Defensive? Moi?

The golden cobs were 5 for a pound in Peckham last week, which is obviously an offer only a stupid woman would refuse. I decided to smoke them using hickory chips, considering I’d had such success with the hot wings (that’s chicken, right? Pigs don’t have wings, silly!) The Gods of Confidence were there to teach me a lesson however and the first time I was way too enthusiastic with the chips. It is definitely possible to over-smoke things, which seems really obvious now that I’ve done it.

My default topping for corn is usually butter mixed with chipotle and lime but I didn’t want to confuse things with smoky chipotle and smoky corn so I just gave them a thorough butter-bath followed by a scattering of my best (unsmoked) paprika, the zest of a lime and a good squeeze of its juice.

I can see myself using these in some sort of relish, or maybe serving them frittered with bacon. Oh no wait…

*Okay FINE, so it has been a little pork heavy around here lately. Ahem.

Hickory smoked corn

Paprika, cayenne or fresh chilli (whatever takes your fancy)
Lime juice and zest
Salt and pepper

Hickory wood chips for smoking (1 handful. Do not be tempted to add any more for 4 cobs).

Light your BBQ for indirect cooking (with the coals to one side). The corn doesn’t necessarily need indirect cooking but you’re using wood chips and (apparently) should never cook food directly over the smoke. Soak a handful of chips in cold water while the BBQ is lighting.

When it is hot, put your corns on the side that is without coals, throw your chips into the coals then put the lid on your BBQ. Cook until the corn cobs are tender and juicy – about 20 minutes. Adorn with butter, lime, chilli, salt and pepper.

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17 Responses to “Hickory smoked corn with chilli and lime”

  1. Jessica

    These look delicious! And not a rasher in sight… :)

  2. Lizzie

    Mmm delicious. But wouldn’t they be GREAT bathed in bacon butter? And topped with candied bacon? Served with pulled pork? On a bed of sossidges?

  3. Gary @ The Greedy Fork

    In the words of Dr Who (sort of, no, not really): “Pork is cool”

  4. Robert

    Where’s the pork? :-)

    Seriously I’m a porcineaphile. The corn looks good. So cheap and plentiful now.

  5. Rose Cottage

    Hot damn, these look smokin’! I am a huge fan of corn on the cob and have some right here so will get chuffing. Puff puff.


  6. SuzieF

    the Anti-Swine doesn’t like corn… apparently he hides it in the pot plants when he’s fed it.

  7. William

    Have you tried the S American thing of rolling the corn in mayo and then cheese? DUTTY.

  8. Richard Westwell

    Veggies are fine for those who love them!
    More MEAT please! With veg on the side!
    Thank you

  9. Colleen

    That looks wonderful! I have never smoked corn only grilled it and will definetly have to give this one a try! The leftovers are great in Blackbean and Grilled Corn Salsa!

  10. The Undercover Cook

    Love corn on the grill. Will have to try smoking it next time.

  11. Becs@Lay the table

    I love pork. But seriously wow. These looking amazing. Maybe I’ll have them with pork..

  12. joey

    My goodness! That sounds amazing! Although I would never complain about too much pork :)

  13. adam and theresa

    I have to say that one thing I miss about returning form North America is that they do have better corn than us. I bought some recently and we just ate it plain with butter, but it didn’t deliver. I’ll try this for some more flavour. have you used Liquid Smoke by the way? Pretty useful when you can’t BBQ. Perhaps you could use it with your pork ; )

  14. Helen

    Ha ha ha ha yes I bet it would work VERY well with PORK! Lots of it!!! I’ve never tried liquid smoke, no. I was tempted once when I wanted to use it in chilli to get a smoky flavour; I then realised I just needed the right chillies. I might give it a go one day but what is it made of?

  15. adam and theresa

    Yes, it’s good in chilli and baked beans and other stuff like that. We use it quite a lot actually, but don’t ask what’s in it. I read the back the other day and the ingredients are a bit synthetic. On the other hand, it’s such potent stuff you only need a tsp of it which I guess won’t kill you – or hasn’t killed us yet anyway.

  16. Lisa

    This looks delicious. I love corn! Yummy!

  17. Anonymouse

    Cor Blimey! That looks like the trip.
    I am new to this sight, but I am loving what I see and read.
    You convinced me Peckham is cool,well done.

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