Bourbon & Rye at The Rye, Peckham

Git yerselves down to my local, The Rye pub in Peckham this Sunday for a humdinger of an opening party. The Meatwagon in association with Carnal Chef presents ‘Bourbon and Rye': live music, meatwagon burgers, drinks from Soulshakers plus some serious American ‘que. Bourbon! BBQ! Cornhole! My liver quivers at the memory of Meateasy but my mind and heart say TAKE ME BACK AND HIT ME ONE MORE TIME. Let the fun begin…

The Rye
31 Peckham Rye
SE15 3NX

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3 Responses to “Bourbon & Rye at The Rye, Peckham”

  1. Nancy

    I think I have a friend doing some music at this! Sounds great, I love the Rye (even though I’ve only been the once, North London makes you laaazy…)

  2. Paul

    Tom’s photography is excellent, well worth checking out! This sounds like a wicked way to spend sunday!

  3. Belinda Y. Hughes

    Love live music and art exhibits to wash down great food.

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