My New Column for AoL Lifestyle

AoL have just launched a new website called ‘Lifestyle’ and on it you will find a shiny twinkly sparkly little recipe column by yours truly. The theme is ‘simple speedy suppers’ and I kicked it off with a bangin’ spring fattoush then slipped effortlessly into the realm of pig (as ever) with a roasted chicken and chorizo number.

There will also be cake, cake and more cake from Jassy Davis, plus some tackling of food topics from Andrew Webb and Louisa Carter. Do check it out, or I’ll throw my toys right out of the pram. All of them.

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10 Responses to “My New Column for AoL Lifestyle”

  1. Clare

    Looking forward to reading your column.

  2. polly

    congratulations on the column! i am going to make that chicken and chorizo thing asap it looks gorgeous.

  3. Niamh

    Congrats Helen! Great news. Speedy suppers are the way forward. There is a whole section on them in my book too :)

  4. Jacqueline

    Fabulous. Well done Helen!

  5. Becs

    Wow, congratulations! So excited to read more of your recipes, perhaps the Peckham Pizza will make it on there!

  6. mandrill

    Well done. Read your recipe for Fatoush. I have made Taddiq (Dig) for many years now using potato at the base of the rice, however I recently used stale pitta bread instead and it worked a treat. Perhaps not quite as tasty as the potato but definitely a passable substitute.

  7. James

    Ooh – get you! Nice work.

  8. Lizzie

    Yay! Congratulations x

  9. gastrogeek

    What brilliant news – today AOL, tomorrow the world. Hugest congrats!

  10. shayma

    many congrats, H. x shayma

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