A Food and Drink Map of Peckham

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A reader e-mailed me recently to suggest I make a Google map showing the best food shops and restaurants around Peckham (thanks Alex). I thought it would be a nice way to follow on from this post and extend it to cafes, restaurants and boozers. I may branch it out further when I have time, into Nunhead and East Dulwich but for now I expect you locals to tell me about all those places I’ve missed. Don’t let me down now.

There’s a little linky underneath the map above to take you to a fancy big one. Ooooh.

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12 Responses to “A Food and Drink Map of Peckham”

  1. Lizzie

    And then I can extend it to New Cross, Brockley and Deptford! Most excellent idea, Melon.

  2. Gin and Crumpets


  3. Jim

    How about these two in Nunhead?


  4. Helen

    Hi Jim,
    Like I said, I’ll expand into Nunhead soon ;)

  5. Craftilicious

    what a brilliant idea!

  6. Flowers

    and Camberwell for me too please Ms Gravy. I’ve decided it’s to be my new haunt when i’ve moved house…

  7. Helen

    No problemo!

  8. Adie


    If your interested i’ve been making a map myself of places for the last few months, mostly for my own interest. Places that I like to fill my belly with lovely food and drink. There from mostly from places I’ve been to most and a few that I’ve heard about (shamlessly taking from yourself and hollow legs et al), hope there might be something of interest


  9. Helen

    Yay, please do the Deptford thing Lizzie, that’d be awesome :-)
    I walked a five mile round trip last Saturday (with added sunburn) just to visit Persepolis – made amazing Peckham Pizza for dinner guests that evening. I’m a convert!

  10. sara

    I love it that I seem to live exactly at a major junction of awesome food and drink spots!

  11. Robert

    Lovely idea. I enjoy reading about peoples experiences and I could use this to create a gastro tour. Thanks.

  12. Rich

    Spot on as always Helen. Well done and thank you. I love living Se5/Se15 way, it doesn’t matter how hard you try, there’s always somewhere new, exciting or just plain weird to try out!


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