Saturday Night Takeaway: Wuli Wuli

[Edit: Menu picture below updated March 2012. To see a larger version go to My Flickr]

A while back now I had some mates over and we remembered that Wuli Wuli do takeaway. I’ve been ordering one most Saturday nights since then and it’s so good I thought it might be worth a little reminder for those locals amongst you.

Remember you need to order from the Sichuan ‘B’ side of the menu, the other side is just the usual gloopy rubbish. Last night we feasted on (clockwise from top), mapo tofu; smacked cucumbers with garlic sauce; shredded potato with garlic sauce; the appetisingly named ‘saliva chicken’; monk’s vegetables and fried pork country style. Here’s a picture of the menu (below) in case it’s your first time and you don’t have one. This is the only page you need. If you’re going to order using the numbers make sure to say, “number 126-B” otherwise you’ll end up with number 126 from the A side of the menu and you’ll be faced with sweet and sour chicken balls.

The people are very friendly, the delivery super speedy (I’ve never had to wait more than 30 minutes for my food) and cheap; this lot (with 2 steamed rice) came to £30 and it fed 2 of us twice that evening and for lunch the next day. You get 2 free beers or a large soft drink with orders over £25. For me, nothing cuts through Sichuan food like an ice cold fizzy beer.

Wuli Wuli
15 Camberwell Church Street
Tel: 0207 708 5024
Free delivery on orders over £10
Open Mon-Sat 12-11pm and Sat-Sun 12-11.30pm; delivery time: 5-11pm.

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27 thoughts on “Saturday Night Takeaway: Wuli Wuli

  1. Tried Wuli last night for something different. Had the meals recommended years ago by Helen. It was nice but I don’t think I would order again. Opened my eyes to Sichuan though so might try to find a better Sichuan source. Helen, a take away recommendation update would be much appreciated!

    1. Hi Eve,

      Noone seems to have the confidence to keep the spicing. They all tone it down eventually. There is also Shu castle on the Old Kent Road but they have suffered from the same problem. It’s really frustrating. I would say Wuli Wuli is still better than Shu Castle but I agree with you entirely.

  2. Hi Helen. I love your blog and live in the same neck of the woods. Not convinced by Wuli Wuli but the delivery from Shu Castle is pretty good Sichuan. It’s the same guys as Dragon Castle. It had a dip a few months ago and we nearly stopped ordering but they seem back on track. Camverwell peckham border seems to be the edge of where they deliver. Do you know it?

  3. I’ve always been interested to try Wuli Wuli as I’ve passed it so many times as I live in Camberwell. It always looks so dark and empty in there though! One day I will try it along with Silk Road!

  4. Ganapati do takeaways if the aren’t too busy (bellenden road) – absolutely fantastic south Indian food, best I’ve tasted outside, er, south India.

  5. Not often you look at a picture of a takeaway and think: That’s a good looking takeaway, but damn, that is a good looking takeaway. And good to hear a recommendation for Spices from Anna. It’s round the corner form me and I’ve been wondering if it was worth a punt. Will give it a whirl.

  6. (1st comment on here – love your blog Helen, for both general food drooling & local tips)

    Wuli Wuli’s still on our ‘to try’ list. Thanks for the reminder.

    Indian takeaways locally – Babur restaurant is wonderful, but i think the takeaway (from a different kitchen) is a massive letdown in comparison. Haven’t tried the ‘al a carte’ takeaway from the restaurant kitchen – the prices are a big put-off.
    By far my favourite Indian takeaway locally is from ‘Spices’ in Nunhead. Esp the House & Chef specials. They’re a bit luminous in colour but always fresh & very tasty – not your run of the mill indian takeaway fare. – would love to hear your report on it Helen.

  7. Thanks for the heads up about this; despite living five mins away I didn’t know about it. Our fridge was empty tonight and they brought a bag of goodies round – in 25 mins – and it was brllliant. Especially the fried aubergine with minced pork – mmmm.
    You’re a boon to we Camberwellians who maybe aren’t quite so clued up about what’s under our noses – please keep it coming!

    PS – Had lunch at the the Ledbury on Sunday – food as good as I have ever eaten.

  8. I would make sure it is 126-b..a complicated type of a menu..I for one sometime don’t read menu just go on with it..and its a nice image..thanks for the post…

  9. Mr. Noodles – Have removed offending word. People saying on Twitter they knew what I meant but I don’t want to upset anyone cause I’m too nice.

  10. Heheh, I think I know what Helen meant. Someone just lamented to me the other day that ‘Chinese’ in London seems to refer solely to ‘Cantonese’. I wouldn’t be surprised if one would just walk into any Chinese restaurant fully expecting to see sweet and sour * (fill in the blank) on the menu.

    I’m a sucker for mapo tofu. But would hesitate to order it in a plastic container, which just makes the entire dish seems more oily. Hmm.

  11. Mr. Noodles – you are totally right, I phrased that very badly. I of course meant the horrible shite we generally find from your average takeaway which is not representative of ‘proper’ Cantonese food.

  12. Whoa, steady on now. I know exactly what you mean by the gloopy rubbish, but please can you not refer to it as ‘usual Cantonese-style’? The usual Cantonese-style that you refer to would not be recognised by the Cantonese and is far from the real McCoy.

    Usual Cantonese-style is dim sum, roast meats hanging in a Chinatown window, and steamed whole fish in soy with ginger and spring onion.

    Sorry for the slight touchiness, but I hope you understand that I don’t like to see my native cuisine unfairly dissed.

  13. This all looks so fab! I sometimes wish I lived in London to have access to the wonderful variety of food you seem to have on your doorstep!

  14. Kay – I know! Me lucky lady.

    Jake – locally? I dunno. I’m still trying to find one myself…

    Lot-o-choc – why, thank you.

    Maz – thanks for the tip!

    Su-Lin – It’s just so addictive isn’t it. I could hardly keep away from it, kept dipping into the fridge. Even now I’ve still got the cravings and I’ve been eating Sichuan all weekend.

    Knit nurse – Ha ha. I think the name comes from the fact that it’s so delicious it makes your mouth water. It’s a cold dish of chicken pieces with a chilli sauce made from chilli oil, sichuan pepper, garlic etc. It’s also quite sweet. Delicious!

  15. That’ seriously good to know, we’ll try it out. We’ve tried the Silk Road a few times but Chinese friends don’t rate it at all. The big question is where to get a decent Indian delivery?

  16. me want. now. very jealous about you having such a brilliant restaurant with delivery service close by. serious cravings for sichuan food…


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