Bircher Muesli

I never thought I’d find myself writing about muesli. The word brings to mind bowls of dusty old oats that either catch in your throat or have you chewing each mouthful for an eternity; the bland food of Health Freaks and Nutrition Nuts, more punishment than breakfast.

Bircher (let’s not call it ‘muesli’) is different because the oats are soaked overnight in apple juice (use cloudy juice for the best flavour) and by morning they have plumped and sweetened. I then add creamy natural yoghurt (full fat, please), grated apple and mix it all together before topping with whatever I around; this morning it was pomegranate seeds and pistachios. Yesterday it was sliced bananas, toasted coconut, sunflower seeds and a good drizzle of runny honey.

This is the only breakfast that has ever been able to keep me going right through until lunch and that’s saying something because even after a full English I’ll be ready for snacking at 11am.

Bircher Muesli

About 50g rolled oats
Enough apple juice to cover the oats
A couple of tablespoons of thick, natural yoghurt
Half an apple
Whatever toppings you fancy. Banana, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pomegranate seeds, seasonal berries, whatever.
A drizzle of honey.

Combine the oats and apple juice and leave to combine for at least an hour but preferably overnight. Grate in the apple, add the yoghurt and stir to combine.

Add your toppings. Done.

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23 Responses to “Bircher Muesli”

  1. deepa

    I have seen bircher muesli, sorry bircher, mentioned a lot but it is normally in huge rambling posts about wholefood and nutrition so I never got around to finding out how to make it.

    Looks very nice, and something I can prepare the night before which is always better, am in no state for cooking hot porridge in the morning.

  2. msmarmitelover


  3. Miss Cay

    Speaking as a woman who is also afflicted by a massive case of hunger at 11am, this looks amazing. And filling. I might have to try it tomorrow topped with that Pomegranate Molasses which keeps looking at me mournfully from the top of my spice cupboard…

  4. ARBaggs

    Reminds me of something I used to make when I was a gym rat. three scoops oats, two scoops protein powder, apple juice and yogurt to cover. Stir and leave in the fridge.
    In the morning top with nuts and seeds and you have the perfect fudgey breakfast.

  5. Maunika

    Helen even oats look good when you make them! I’m in awe of how delish it looks with the pistachio & pomegranate seeds. Will defo be trying this on a weekend x

  6. Ailbhe

    I’m now a big fan of Bircher M recently. I make a 5-day batch on Sunday night adding grated zest of an orange and some orange juice with the apple juice. Then do the grated apple bit each morning – fab stuff

  7. miss south

    I’ve always wondered what Bircher muesli is and it looks like the perfect answer to my what to have for breakfast now that it’s getting a bit warm for porridge in the mornings question…

    And yes, pomegranate molasses would be amazing with this. I don’t buy fruit juice, so I might try soaking the oats in diluted pom molasses overnight instead then topping with the seeds themselves. I feel virtuous just thinking about it!

  8. Ziu

    Gorgeous picture!

    I’m yet try bircher muesli. I guess I’m extremely boring when it comes to breakfast – I usually get stuck with eating the same thing for months and months – currently, rye bread topped with cream cheese and radish sprouts (delicious!!!) – until I cant look at it any more and move to something else!

  9. Food Urchin

    A lovely looking breakfast but how to pronounce ‘bircher’? Do you know Helen?

  10. Jessica

    I love museli soaked in juice – so much nicer than with milk! A good alternative to apple juice is orange, which gives a nice tangy flavour, plus a few raisins, grated apples, a dollop of yogurt and a drizzle of honey. Mmm mmmm.

  11. Hun

    Incidentally for the time poor (though really it doesn’t take long to make the night before), pret do a version of this which at the moment is indeed topped with pistachios, pomegranate seeds, and also some dried cranberries. Can testify that it’s lovely! And I’m more a toast and eggs girl than a dried museli one!

  12. Knit Nurse

    Yes I’m going to try it as a (much cheaper!) alternative to the Dorset muesli I usually have in the summer. However I’m not sure about grating apple first thing in the morning – bad enough at any time of day! I’ll be topping it will some chilled stewed fruit…

  13. Ruth

    I have a love-hate relationship with bircher muesli. I go through phases where I want it every morning, and then leave it alone for months. I will have to try it with pomegranate and pistachio though – an inspired combination and two of my favourite foods!

    I must also say I’ve been following for a while but never commented – keep the recipes coming – we love them. :-)

  14. KSalty

    Love the Bircher. I’ve just made the switch from porridge to Bircher this wk (sold it to skeptical boyfriend as ‘summer porridge’). Topping with flaked almond, honey and mint at the mo – mainly because, like you, am using what’s in the cupboard/fridge. Will def try your topping suggestions above. Viva la Bircher!

  15. alexthepink

    I love a bit of bircher! I always seem to end up having it for breakfast in hotels when I’m away in Europe on a business trip. Have you tried making it with oat groats (you need to bung them in the blender after soaking them, so it’s a bit more work)?

  16. Catherine

    Food Urchin, Bircher is pron. bee chur if you want to be technical but I don’t think anyone will mind if you pron. it like the tree.

    I always put put fresh lemon juice on my oats as per the original recipe. If you don’t remember to make it the night before it can be done in the morning and left to soak a bit while you do your ablutions. Oats absorb liquid very quickly.

  17. Sharmila

    I love bircher muesli and often make my own, which is saying something coming from a breakfast hater like me.

    I like topping it with chopped toasted almonds, and putting sultanas in with the oats to soak so they get all plump and juicy too. Yum.

  18. Catherine

    Sorry, I left out the R in my pron. guide – beer chur.

  19. Gin and Crumpets

    I love bircher muesli – it’s my summer breakfast. The switch from porridge to bircher is a significant moment in my year. Jumpers off, muesli soaking, summer is here.

  20. shayma

    love bircher museli and love the photo. i can have pomegranate with anything- almost anything. and early in the morning- love it. x shayma

  21. Helen T

    Love Bircher, it’s one of my favourite breakfasts! And yet I never make it home. Really should!

  22. UK Dining

    Will have to give this a go, thanks for the recipe. With the glut of rhubarb coming through on the plot, I think a topping of roast rhubarb might be good too!

  23. Lyndal

    I think the pronunciation is bir-ker, the ch sound is k.

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