Baked feta

I’m not going to bang on about this but I just want to encourage you to try baking feta, if you haven’t already. You’ll get some lovely chewy burnished edge bits and the warm centre stays firm, yet acquires an endearing wobble. I’d suggest eating it with some good flatbread and perhaps some olives. And maybe tabbouleh. And perhaps baba ganoush.

Baked feta

Get yourself a block of feta and put it in a small roasting tin. Add some robust herbs of your choice (I used thyme) and drizzle with olive oil. Add some pepper. Stick it in the oven at about 200C for 15 minutes. It should be golden at the edges and wobbly in the middle.

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  1. Kalynskitchen

    I am completely drooling (and also wondering why I have never tried this. Sounds perfect for a simple appetizer!)

  2. UrMomCooks

    Seriously swooning now… Simple and delicious – my kind of snack!

  3. Jonathan

    Excellent meat avoidance. Nice idea. I’ll try it with some fake Scandy Feta.

  4. Su-Lin

    I couldn’t stop staring at your photos on Flickr. That looks just spectacular.

  5. Christie @ Fig & Cherry

    This is so genius! The most simple cooking ideas are truly the best. I think I’d like a slab of this on a fresh bread roll with slow roasted tomato.

  6. heather

    We love a good baked feta or baked ricotta. You’re right — the mix of still creamy center + the crunchy edge bits is wonderful. Great with toasted pita and some fresh tomato.



  7. Jessica

    Oh dear, not a good idea to look at this first thing – now I’m hungry for baked cheese and it’s not even half past 10! Nightmare. Looks absolutely delish though – will have to give it a try!

  8. Peter Mabbott

    At last, a use for feta other than bunging it in a salad. Splendid.

  9. gastrogeek

    What a droolsome photo…cheese + heat= yes pleases!!! I often stick mine under a grill then smear over toast, extra nice with a few fat pickled chillies on the side.

  10. Food Urchin

    THIS. LOOKS. SO. GOOD………….*dribble*

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  12. Hong-Anh

    This looks AMAZING. Echoing the other comments, why have I never thought of baking feta before? This may knock the Camembert off the hot cheese pedestal for me…

  13. alp

    When I was little my mother was making crispy feta & egg breads, it is not an outsanding recipy or a culinary climax, rather a very simple & fast comfort food which reminds me the tranquillity of my childhood in sunny but cold winter days. You need:
    1 egg
    100/150gr of feta cheese
    bread of your choice

    Preheat your oven to 180 C
    Put your feta cheese in a small bowl and crush it with a fork, until you get a pellety paste like consistency, add the egg and mix them well, it shouldn’t be too runny but more paste like, you can adjust the feta amount if necessary. Chop some parsley and add it to the mixture along with some ground pepper, dont add salt, feta cheese is very salty.
    Put your bread slices on the upper rack of your oven, toast only one side, when golden and crisp, take the bread out of the oven, flip them and spread your mixture on the non-toasted side, put them back in the oven, you can take them out when the color starts to change and there are small brown spots on the cheese, think of it like a pizza, that should help you to understand if they are done or not.

    Ps: Place some tinfoil on the lower rack of your oven as the excess mixture might drip.

  14. Ino

    Baked feta is great! I normally throw some sliced tomatoes and chopped chillis on the top, but you should also try it drizzled with honey and sesame seeds.

  15. Anh

    I’m in!! Baked feta! What a fab idea!

  16. Green Onions

    My god that looks amazing – may have to try this weekend with some of the recipes from Ottolenghi’s Plenty.

  17. Hanna @ Swedish Meatball Eats London

    Yey – I was just thinking about what to do with my leftover feta from cooking lots of Plenty this week – now I know! I really like Ino’s suggestion of honey and sesame with it, too.

  18. Catherine

    What a great idea! I love feta any which way. I also like it in croquettes and in a dip with mint.

  19. KSalty

    auggh – I can take or leave Feta in its usual state, but baked it looks transformed to something entirely more enticing x

  20. LexEat!

    So simple! but looks so delicious. Had never occurred to me to bake feta. I shall get right onto it.

  21. Jenwright

    Love this-how to do it on the barbie?
    Usually I interleave slices of feta with slices of squash, pepper, dot with butter and bake, the feta goes marshmallowy-delish!

  22. will

    Lush lush lush. Works quite well if you marinade the feta first too, like for a day in olive oil with garlic (natch) and the same herbs you’ve used. Also ricotta – but the flavour is obvs a bit weedy. Another cracker x

  23. Maunika

    Utterly droolsome Helen! Love feta but baked is even better. I tend to top it with chilli flakes & coarsely ground cumin. Sometimes even topped on naan is gorgeous! Fab photos as always x

  24. Lou Ella

    How simple and delicious. Add a spicy red wine a crusty baguette and the grey over London melts with the cheese.

  25. shayma

    am huge fan of baked feta. loads of crusty bread. add wine to the mix. bliss. love the photo- makes me want to grab it from the screen. x shayma

  26. Tori @ eat-tori

    It’s the description of its ‘endearing wobble’ that got me. Gracious I love the way you write.

  27. The Grubworm

    Crispy round the outside and wobbly in the middle! Oh man. Oh yes. That sounds positively sexy. I love frying/bbqing/grilling halloumi, but had never thought of baking feta. And good feta is one of my favourite cheeses to play with. And with baba ganoush… *drifts off into food filled reverie*

  28. Paul

    God how I loved baked feta it is pretty fantastic deep fried as well! Such a versatile cheese that Feta!

  29. Anna

    I love baked feta with dried italian herbs on it – that with crusty bread and a nice greek salad is heaven on earth.

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