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  • My top 10 dishes of 2010

    December 2010

    I just can’t resist a reflective round-up so here we go – the dishes which have really stuck with me, in memory and on the waistline, in 2010. 2010 was the year I perfected my steak tartare. Using lean sirloin rather than fillet gives more flavour. Thanks once again to Simon Hopkinson for that pearl […]

  • I just can't resist a reflective round-up so here we go - the dishes which have really stu

  • Product review: Morphy Richards Premium Breadmaker

    December 2010

    “It looks like a hammerhead shark” said my friend. She’s right, it does. It certainly has presence that’s for sure – the thing is massive. Before I was sent the breadmaker for review, I’d briefly considered getting one. People had raved, “wake up to freshly baked bread!”  The idea sounds attractive, although the chances of […]

  • Very quick and very easy sausage rolls

    December 2010

    My friends ask me for this recipe more than any other. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to type it out here once and for all to save myself typing it out every single time someone asks. Idiot. Anyway, I make these rolls for most parties and gatherings and they always disappear rapidly. […]

  • Jamaican patties

    December 2010

    We’re two thirds into December and I’m feeling the need to vary my beer snacks. I turned to Peckham for inspiration. Bright yellow patties stack up high in shop windows but most of them have been pre-made and frozen. They always look jaded and sad to me but I could see the potential so I […]

  • Potato cakes

    December 2010

    I had bacon with them, naturally. And a poached egg. Oh and mushrooms. There’s no point messing about when it comes to brunch. Somehow, I did not know about potato cakes. I think I’m in love. Their fluffy texture, almost like that of a thick pancake, sends them rocketing up the comfort food scale only pausing […]

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  • Jhal Muri Express

    December 2010

    Last night The Florence pub in Herne Hill held a little gathering of SE London’s best street food traders. Among them, our sweet-toothed Brixton lass Chocstar, Yianni from The (legendary) Meatwagon* and the amazing Angus Denoon, with his Kolkata street food. Just look at that van. I was like a moth to a neon light. […]

  • Moroccan-style carrot salad

    December 2010

    When I used to order a veg box, I had to cancel carrots because I just couldn’t face ploughing through them every single week. This does mean though, that I’ve prepared carrots in just about every way possible and now that I can enjoy them again, I find I keep returning to this recipe. It […]

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