168SLA Pizza, Peckham

A new pizza place has opened up on Bellenden Road, the ‘posh bit’ of Peckham. Yes, there is a posh bit. It’s in the spot that housed the once popular Bellenden Brasserie which apparently went downhill and eventually closed as a result. 168SLA Pizza hasn’t been open long and when we approached on a Thursday evening it was mostly empty save for a table of three and a nervous looking owner pacing around inside.

I was relieved to find that they make one thing only: pizza. I defaulted to my favourite toppings of anchovy and capers. I also ordered a green salad, not to make myself feel healthier but because I genuinely enjoy a green salad with my pizza. Apparently this is hard for some people to understand. Anyway. The pizza was actually pretty good. A decent base – not too thin, nor thick. Mine could have done with a bit more char but my companion’s was perfect and come on, they’ve just opened. Toppings were good quality, well judged in quantity and the tomato sauce and cheese melded into a very silky, almost liquid layer like it does on all the best pizzas.

That said, I can’t avoid mentioning the side salad, which was diabolical. A few supermarket leaves, half of them doused in a bottle dressing and half of them completely dry. This upset me. Just wash a lettuce, cut it up, make a decent dressing and coat the leaves with it. Please.

There has also been criticism from the ever eagle-eyed users of the East Dulwich Forum about the interior; mainly they consider it too bare and well, it is. At first our voices echoed – it felt like a hurriedly half-finished refurbishment and I became self-conscious. Later though it started filling up and with it came more atmosphere. I hope that once they’ve found their feet the place develops a little more character – they’ll need to cosy things up for the winter months. Despite those grumbles, I hope they do well. It’s clear they care about the pizza, they just need to care a little more about everything else.

168SLA Pizza
168 Bellenden Road
SE15 4BW

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 6.30pm-11.30pm
Saturday: 12pm-12am (last orders 11pm)
Sunday: 12pm-11pm

At the time I visited they were only able to take payment in cash, so bear this in mind if you’re planning to visit.

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20 Responses to “168SLA Pizza, Peckham”

  1. Lizzie

    It’s rare to find a place that can dress a salad decently, or even to use interesting leaves, but the pizza looks great at least.

    Bit of an odd name, no?

  2. Helen

    It’s at 168 Bellenden Rd. As for the SLA, I dunno. South London….ummmmm

  3. Chris

    168 South London… Amazing pizza? No idea.

  4. Pete

    Walked past it on Saturday to have a nose at the new pub opposite but didn’t realised it had changed too. Haven’t been to the Actress yet, which pizza to sample first do you think?

  5. Helen

    Pete – yeah, the new pub opposite, The Victoria, is run by the same people as The Actress. I have no idea what they have on at The Actress to be honest. When we went is was all experiemental and they hadn’t opened yet. You’ll have to wing it!

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  7. sathlondonshona

    I think the pizza at the Actress is good. This place sounds interesting. I agree odd name. It doesnt roll off the tongue does it.

  8. Vanessa Kimbell

    You are so right about salads. It’s amazing how many restaurants really let themselves down on one of the most simple things ever.

    Great post.

  9. Stu

    After a few random conversations with staff members we’ve got to the bottom of the name game and it relates to a poster on the back wall of the resturant. It’s a poster of Sophia Loren and, in particular, her ass. Therefore it’s the street number followed by SLA – Sophia Loren’s Ass. Mystery solved.

  10. Kelda

    I’m a big fan of good pizza (having decided to move from SE15 to Italy as soon as we have the house built!) so will be interested to see how this matches up to our local in Le Marche ;)

    Not tried the Actress yet either – and have heard again that the pizza’s are good but the interior is a little… erm… overwhelming.

    Thanks for the review Helen!

  11. Sonia

    I think the name is slightly odd and the place is quite bare. Apart from that the pizza’s are good and staff are friendly. My only gripe is the price of the drinks. A coke costs £3.50!! Scandalous.

  12. Apples

    Hey Helen. Went there tonight – two things:

    1) the coke is £2.50. It’s a restaurant, they have to make a living, it’s ok. Peroni is £3.50, no more than a pub.

    2) Salad – I could see Doni the young Italian waiter lovingly dressing it by hand in a big metal bowl. So they may well have read your comments, who knows.

    Otherwise, very good pizza, not very busy (a Tuesday night after all) so can’t really comment on atmosphere but I liked the grungy/designey deco. Some nice touches. Service was quick (6 covers to serve in the whole room, so not necessarily representative) and very friendly. £24 for 2 good pizzas, 2 drinks and a decent espresso. We’ll go back.

  13. Helen

    Hi Apples – Really glad you liked it. The atmosphere problem has totally vanished now that the weather has brightened up a bit too. In the dead of winter it seemed really bare but I went past the other evening and the doors were flung open onto the street, it looked lovely. I’m thinking of going back this weekend. Excellent news about the salad! Hopefully it was just a mistake.

  14. malaki

    you should send a lefleat of what you have to offer to my house …..

  15. Jason

    This is a great pizza place. The SLA stands for Sophia Loren’s Arse (no joke).

  16. Jim bob the 65th

    The name means 168 as the street and SLA means sophia loren’s ass
    My dad owns the place!!!!

  17. Al

    HI – is SLA still trading? I’ve been down twice recently, both times on a Sunday, and found it all chained up – above indicates it should be open….?

  18. Helen

    Hi Al, I’m afraid I don’t know as I haven’t been down myself in a while. Will endeavour to find out.

  19. Helen

    I just asked on Twitter and the Victoria pub (opposite) said they’ve been closed for a couple of weeks now.

  20. jen

    Nooooooo that’s terrible! i’ve been raving about it since I went last year. I thought they were SO good and it’s the only place I could think of recommending on a food blog!

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