The Warwick Wingding

This Saturday I will be doing a food stall with Rosie Birkett at the Warwick Wingding in Peckham. It’s a free music and arts festival and runs from 12-7.30pm.

On the entertainment side of things there will be the likes of the Dulwich Ukelele Club (can’t beat a bit of Uke action); a ‘Beer and Talent Tent’; craft stalls from the huge creative community that resides in Peckham; bands; shows and even Chas Hodges from Chas ‘n Dave. Seriously.

Of course I know it’s the food you’re most interested in and the pick of the local crop will be there – Petra with her Chocstar van, Yianni with his Meatwagon, a man called Simon who I’ve yet to meet who’s selling BBQ ribs and Ganapati restaurant serving their beautiful South Indian vegetarian food. Now I hope you’re sitting down because I’m about to drop a bombshell: our stall will also be veggie. We’ll be serving an Ottolenghi-style salad spread including fennel, pomegranate and feta salad; tabbouleh; baba ganoush; muhammara; harissa marinated halloumi and more. Come over and say hello.

If the prospect of stuffing yourself on that lot isn’t enough, there’s an after-party for you hardcore revellers. The Ivy House pub will host an evening of comedy and performance art.

For a lovely little vid of last year’s Wingding, follow this link:

The Warwick Wingding
Sat 25th September
12-7.30pm (then after-party at The Ivy House)
Warwick Gardens
Lyndhurst Way


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6 thoughts on “The Warwick Wingding

  1. Lovely to meet you on Saturday. Your mezze was great – I was particularly bowled over by your Halloumi – please can you tell me your secret marinade?

  2. Tried your mezze today. Very nice but I guess at £5 you were in for some competition with the burger lot and Ganapati. And BTW I thought you looked quite tasty too.

  3. Sharmila, there used to be a dog show in the past when there was a yearly gathering in Warwick Gardens. That get together was much more low key than this. Not much food or entertainment.

    Sounds like everyone needs to skip breakfast before turning up. Helen, your menu sounds superb.

  4. Aarghh! I can’t make this. I have to go to bloody North London instead…just when South London’s excelling itself!


  5. I shall be there, stuffing my face from yours and the other various stalls.

    For some reason I had got it into my head there was a dog show.

    I think I was just willing there to be a dog show.


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