Brunch a la Peckham

A weekend brunch is about chilling in the homestead; for me this is the most important time to be ducking in and out of  local shops and showing some love for the hood. Anyway let’s face it, if your Friday nights are anything like mine you probably can’t move your sorry ass too far from the sofa anyway come Saturday morning. It’s a case of a Supermarket Sweep* style dash – gather the goods – in and out – back home to rustle up something warming, protein-heavy and importantly, filling.

So, it’s a Peckham twist on yer classic egg, sausage and tomato combination and it goes like this: in a decent, heavy frying pan brown some sausage slices (I used some beefy ones from Persepolis but you could use chorizo or similar, whatever you can find), then set them aside and soften some good old onion, garlic and chilli (I used fruity and fierce scotch bonnet). Add a tin of good quality tinned toms and 2 generous handfuls of spinach. Finally, crack a couple of eggs on top and let simmer until they’re cooked. A sprinkle of citric sumac, a warmed wedge of onion seed-speckled bread and a dollop of coriander flecked labneh (strained yoghurt) complete the Peckham theme. If it’s the season and you can get your hands on it, Must-e-Moussir (yoghurt with spring garlic) works a treat too.

This still tastes delicious even if you’ve dodged the hangover, but it’s a damn fine cure if you didn’t.

*For a truly disturbing ‘dance’ remix of the Supermarket Sweep theme tune featuring host Dale Winton, various shoppers and a guy in high-waisted bleached denim, click here.

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  1. miss south

    I have got to drag myself from Brixton to Peckham and visit Persepolis. Anytime you mention it, I get very very hungry…

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  3. Dangerous Variable

    Bus 37 stop right outside my home and sadly I have to admit that I have not yet been to Peckham since coming to London 2 years ago.

    I will make a point to go there this weekend to see it for myself.

  4. Su-Lin

    Oh yeah – I bet this hits the spot on a weekend morning (or uh… afternoon).

  5. Jenn AKA The Leftover Queen

    This looks so good Helen, and really resembles my usual breakfast fare – but I love the idea of added chilies to spice things up a bit!

  6. Dave

    Fantastic brunch dish ….

    Not sure what is worse, a hangover or supermarket sweep. Both together would be hell …

  7. Craftilicious

    Food bloggers are just ace – I’m coming to London in July and Peckham has just shot right to the top of my must see list thanks to your post about Persepolis. I’m bringing an empty suitcase……….

  8. aforkfulofspaghetti

    Just my kind of brunch/late lunch. But you’re made of sterner stuff than me if you use Scotch bonnets. Respect!

  9. Tv Food and Drink

    Looks great and I love using scotch bonnet. I’m not exactly sure what citcit sumac is or where I can find it in Los Angeles.

  10. Tv Food and Drink

    Might help to locate it if I referred to it as citric sumac, and not citcit sumac, wouldn’t you say?

  11. Helen

    TV Food and Drink – Sumac is a spice, or rather a fruit I think, which is ground up. Citric was just my description of it as it tastes rather lemony. Here’s a description

  12. Bradley Thomson

    i love to eat and drink exotic foods and delicacies from all over the world.'”`

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