What should politicians do to improve our food?

I took part in the Observer Conversation again this month. Goodness knows why they invited me back. Anyway the format is much improved this time, with a group of us sat around having a chat. A lot less intimidating than the first time around; I even managed to remember what I think about a few things. The video has paused itself in rather an unfortunate place for Lizzie, who looks like she’s having a moment in the still below, but is in fact completely normal. The other bloggers in the vid are Tom and Dan.

There is a piece in this month’s OFM about the Brown’s vegetable patch at No. 10.  But are they genuinely interested in food? Does anyone care? Should politicians be trying to influence the way we eat?

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14 Responses to “What should politicians do to improve our food?”

  1. Chris

    You all did really well – again! Disappointed by the lack of samphire chat, but I suppose you can’t have everything.

  2. Greedy Diva

    Well done – you were all terrific! And perfect hair. (Most importantly)

  3. Mathilde's Cuisine

    A very interesting video and such a long term project for the politics. Well done guys!

  4. Tom

    Argh – so organised. I haven’t even learnt how to embed a video into the horror that is blogger yet.

    I’ll put up my 1/4 of this on Saturday! I am also curious as to exactly what Sarah Brown’s article says as we are all slightly in the dark still on that.

    PS if you could, your link our blog goes to a review of Pizza East not hte main page. If you point it to the main page it will go to where I’ll put up something on the Observer Conversation…

  5. Essex Eating

    Oh wow – who knew my accent was so strong? (Whaddya mean everyone?!!) and they cut out all my intelligent discourse as well.
    Good work Helen, Liz and Tom.

    Here’s my take on it, for what it’s worth:-


  6. Joshua

    Great stuff. There’s nothing you can sort out by putting a tax on it.

  7. Joshua

    or ‘Nothing you can’t sort out by putting a tax on it’ even.

  8. Helen

    Chris – Next week they’re doing special feature with just me talking about samphire and stargazy pie. Right up your street.

    Greedy Diva and Mathilde – Thanks ladies.

    Tom – oops! Link fixed – apologies.

    Dan – Awful hearing yourself isn’t it? I sound posh. No idea why because I’m really not, as you know.

    Josh – Ha ha! Brilliant.

  9. Jonathan

    Very impressed by all of you. But especially by Dan’s beard.

    My policy would be pizza ovens for all. The problem would be fixed in weeks.

  10. The London Foodie

    Helen, you look great, composed and eerily calm! Very impressed and well done!!

  11. Lizzie

    Fucking HELL. I look like I am about to have a nervous breakdown. (it was nerve-wracking…)

  12. shayma

    congratulations- you were all really *fab*.

  13. Tim

    Hi there Helen,
    My name is Tim, I’m working on an interesting project at the moment called The Big Lunch. Your point at the end of the video about community is so pertinent to what the Big Lunch is all about, I thought it would be remiss of me not to get in touch and see how we could potentially work together. Would you mind getting in touch on info@thebiglunch.com ? Look forward to hearing from you.

  14. Food Urchin

    Totally agree with you, start ‘em young. It begins with the kids. Mine aren’t going to grow up not knowing where lamb, beetroot or caviar comes from.

    You really are posh aren’t you though.

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