Baked Egg with Anchovy Soldiers

My favourite snack for approximately the last ten years has been a soft boiled egg with anchovy soldiers. Fact. That’s a long time in service; I feel I’ve earned my stripes and the right to experiment with something that is nigh-on perfect already. It’s time to take things to the next level.

A baked egg has the added indulgence of butter and cream and of course, increased size on its side. The spinach in this one was almost a bridge too far but I got away with it, no doubt due to my lengthy service to the cause. The anchovy soldiers need no introduction – just don’t be shy with the butter.

Baked Eggs with Anchovy Soldiers

Personally, I won’t bother putting the spinach in next time but if you do fancy it, just wilt it down in a pan first, then squeeze out as much moisture as you can before adding to the ramekin, otherwise it will be watery.

Single cream
One large egg
Salt and pepper

Add your spinach to the ramekin if using and then carefully break in the egg. Add a splash of cream plus a little dab of butter on top and season well with pepper. You may want to add a little salt but remember those anchovies. Bake in the centre of a 180C oven until the egg is just cooked. Serve with toasty dippers slathered generously in butter and topped with as much anchovy fillet as you dare. Sometimes I use white pepper instead of black. Rock ‘n roll.

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16 thoughts on “Baked Egg with Anchovy Soldiers

  1. I love soft boiled eggs – I just eat them with white pepper and a dash of soy sauce, and I’m in heaven. Now you’ve given me the idea of eating it with anchovy soldiers…. oh my.

  2. Shayma – It is the ultimate comfort snack and my mistake! There is something about a runny egg isn’t there? Nursery food.

    Lizzie – The world is indeed a strange and freakish place. I know you feel the love for the anchovy soldiers.

    Gastrogeek – You MUST try an oeuf en cocotte! It is a basic human right and pleasure. I didn’t get around to making that dhal yet by the way but I expect that is similar in terms of addictive quality.

    Kerri – Eh?! Don’t like eggs? Well I never! I don’t have an egg coddler no, but I am going to google it right now because I want one for the name if nothing else.

    The Curious Cat – It’s hard to stop isn’t it? Once you start eating them from the tin I mean. There’s no way back for you now.

    Carla – Oh yes! Glad to spread the anchovy soldier love.

    Jenn – Thanks!

    Greedy Diva – Indeed. It is a comfort snack of the highest order and no mistake.

    Sophie – Ooh that does sound interesting! Do let me know if you try it.

    Kavey – Oh no, not an anchovy hater! Well I would suggest eating his portion too in that case. I may well have twitpicced this or if not some other anchovy soldier accompanied dish!

    James – Wise words dude, wise words.

    Nora – The breakfast of champions!

  3. Mmm, did you tweetpic this on twitter? It looks sooo fantastic. If I can just persuade Pete to overcome hatred of anchovies this would make SUCH a fine brunch… though I guess he could have it without the little fishies!

  4. Ooooh, sounds nice! I saw the picture of this on flickr and hoped you’d post the recipe.

    I was flicking through a book-club book at work today and they had an interesting variation on baked eggs which was to cook them (ramekin and all) in a slow cooker.

  5. Guess who’s going to have what for breakfast in the morning now.
    Or maybe even a pre-dinner snack tonight.
    Looks lush and the anchovies just make it that little bit better!

  6. I’m not an egg fan (I know, I am trying) but Stephen is and I think he’d love this. Have you got an egg coddler? They are a bit smaller than the dish you’ve used here so you wouldn’t get as much egg but they’re very pretty, in a quaint sort of way.

  7. How strange – my next blog post was going to be baked eggs too! Yours looks great, especially with the anchovy soldiers accompaniment. In fact, anything with an anchovy accompaniment is pretty darn good.


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