Some Food and Beer Matching: Mixed Results

I am a big beer drinker. I love it as much as I do wine and increasingly, I love it more. Nothing can beat the refreshment of an ice cold burst of hops and bubbles. When I was tempted by the offer of this food and beer matching hamper from the people at Innis and Gunn, I put the feelers out a little and asked my beer blogging pal for his opinion on I & G (I’m not familiar with their beers and tend to stick to what I know – Brew Dog) and he directed me to this post where opinions are pretty much divided. It seems many beer aficionados feel they have ‘moved on’ from I & G but some still enjoy it as much as ever. I had to try it.

I must admit, my little face lit up when I received the hamper. Arbroath smokies, smoked salmon, smoked venison; a delicious looking, if rather smoky, range of foods. We laid the whole lot out in one big spread (complete with tartan tablecloth) and got right down to business.

Our first match was the I & G ‘Blonde’ with Inverawe organic smoked salmon: skilfully smoked fish which surprised us with its cheeky waves of smoke, then salmon, then smoke and oaky depth. A slosh of Blonde in the mix made our tastebuds happy with notes of caramel and vanilla winding down to a slight bitterness to foil the rich, meaty fish. Overall I enjoyed this uncomplicated match, although I probably wouldn’t drink the beer on its own as I prefer a bit more of a challenge and punch to my tipple; this was a little too mainstream for my taste.

The ‘Rum Cask’ was paired with cold smoked venison from Rannoch Smokery: wintry, dark and surprisingly sweet with an irony, gamey tang and a texture like the missing link between raw meat and jerky. Together with a slurp of fruit, spice and rum scented beer it combined into something luxurious and festive. My favourite match by a deer-roamed country mile.

After three successful combinations (some hot, buttered Arbroath smokies were also devoured in minutes), we moved on to the cheese. The first to step up, a Strathdon Blue from Ruaraidh Stone, Ross Shire, was very mellow and creamy; easy-going, not particularly sharp or salty but pleasantly earthy and subtle. This was matched with an IPA, which unfortunately didn’t stand up to the challenge very well. The cheese, although mellow, was a blue nonetheless and all we got was a big hit of cheese and a vague taste of alcohol from the IPA, with the exception of a slightly malty false start.

The second cheese match, a smoked cheddar and I & G ‘Original’ fared slightly better, with Chris rather ‘getting into it’ after a few mouthfuls. The cheese had an incredibly light texture almost like it had been whipped and a rich, subtly smoked flavour. For me though, this cheese was a little bit odd; I found the taste and texture rather alien and artificial (Chris finished the lot). The beer did well to punch through with a hoppy bitter finish, but for me the cheeses came last in the race; a shame as I really like the idea of matching beer with cheese. If anyone has any suggestions then do please share them.

Things rather tailed off here, as the oatcakes-jam-beer combo went straight into the ‘let us never speak of this again’ category and we just concentrated on finishing off the beer, which, incidentally, I rather enjoyed. The Blonde was a touch dizzy and vacuous but the rum cask aged number was more of an exciting lean towards the dark side. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience and a definite kick up the bum to start matching more food and beer. I’m keen to start using more in cooking too, after success with the Punk IPA batter for posh fish fingers and plans in place to use one of the darker beers in a stew.

I think Innis and Gunn have done well to match these beers with foods but have perhaps been slightly distracted by the concept, which is to use products from the surrounding local area; some of the matches seemed to require too much stretching of the imagination. The savoury, smoked foods (cheese excepted) though, worked an absolute treat and I can see myself enjoying a beer and cold collation come Christmas. Then I’ll switch to sherry for dessert.

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  1. Lizzie

    I first read this as “punch to my nipple” and coughed coffee over my keyboard…!

    Unfortunately I find it hard to enjoy beer. I’m a bit of a big girl’s blouse and I prefer light lagers (such as Super Bock…) or cider, though I did go through a phase of drinking stout. Maybe a food and beer matching would help.

    Love the picture of the venison.

  2. Peter

    An interesting way to promote beer (and fun). I love your description of the smoked venison…”the missing link between raw meat & venison”.

  3. markdredge

    Nice one Helen! I’d love to see more food blogs mention beer as more than just something good with a curry or pizza!

    I&G are beers which really divide people. They have such a big and unique flavour (I just think hot, buttered vanilla-flavoured bread for the original) that not everyone likes. It’s also the beer which has turned people on and acted as a catalyst for them to explore more.

    Sounds like some interesting pairings. I think they missed a trick by not pairing the rum cask with a creme brulee or panacotta – that’s a great combination.

    I look forward to more food and beer soon! (and we really should arrange a beer tasting sometime…)

  4. MK

    Nice article!
    I’m a big fan of I&G, and, indeed, many other home-grown beers. If you’re interested in learning more about beer, you could do worse than to visit Sambrook’s Brewery, rather improbably located on an industrial estate in Battersea. It’s run by a friend of mine who gave up accountancy for something a bit more fun!

    Oh, and the Wandle beer tastes pretty good too! (I haven’t tried the new Junction beer yet)

  5. shayma

    the photos are beautiful. like lizzie, i loved the smoked venison one. it’s lovely to read a post about beer- we usually hear about wine pairing.

  6. Travis

    Great article… matching beers to food flavours is the reason we started our brewery. If interested in some of our creations, please check out was made to match seafood, made to match spicy foods and to complement red meats. Love to hear if anyone has sampled our beers and their thoughts.

  7. Lee

    This is fantastic I love home made beers this was a really good read and has given me some ideas for xmas. Come and check out my cake toppers I design my own let me know what you think of them.

  8. Jenn AKA The Leftover Queen

    I think I like the smoked foods even better! This is a great post!

  9. Sarah Newton

    How cool is this! Food and Beer matching!

  10. Greedy Diva

    Love the post! Michel Roux Jr is even matching beer and wine at Le Gavroche: a few months ago we had a Kriek cherry beer paired with the tuna tartare with spicy ginger and sesame dressing. Delicious!

  11. TheWinesleuth

    Wow! Food and beer matching, who’d of thunk it! For me beer fills me up too fast but after reading your post, might just give it a go instead of the red or white wine next time….

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