In case you didn’t know, I’ve got a whole lot of love for the sandwiches. I’ve never been able to decide on my favourite but in truth, this must be it because I eat this sandwich every single Saturday morning. Yep. Sad, I know. Ladies and gentlemen, behold the BLAT. Bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato atop a healthy dollop of mayo on thick sliced white. Sometimes I’ll vary the bread – crazy, I know. Exciting times.

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17 thoughts on “The BLAT

  1. Amazing…

    Think me and a a friend took it a few steps too far recently by making the BEAST (Bacon, Egg, Avocado, Spinach, Tomato) plus some extra mushrooms. Can’t even think of an anagram to fit, nor bread that can keep it together!! Delicious all the same though!

  2. I am going to try that one!! I have never combined avocado and bacon before although I love both of them. It has been only a year when I stopped being so conservative with what I mix and don’t. My latest mix has been tuna and blue cheese and it has been well good! Great blog!

  3. Lizzie – Yeah, I’ve tried it with granary too – most upsetting indeed. Sometimes I’ll go for a seeded white though or a poppy seed one. Not bad at all.
    eatlivetravelwrite – Will do! Thanks.

  4. Ever since you’ve started talking about the BLAT I’ve also been having them very regularly. They are awesome, but it does need to be on thick white; I had it on seeded granary recently and it upset me.

  5. Insanely jealous! I’m hungry but there’s no bread in the house and BoyWonder won’t go get any even though I’ve offered to cook brunch… will have to go myself after seeing this. Though I will have to wipe the drool off first ;)


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