Sushi Hiro (Ealing)

Sushi Hiro is now closed.

I actually visited Sushi Hiro almost two months ago so I’m busting it out from the archives now before my memory lets me down completely. My mate and I had been in West London for the Real Food Festival and thought it would be criminal not to ride the extra few stops out to Ealing to try this place we’d heard so many good things about.

From the outside, Sushi Hiro ain’t much to look at. In fact, you’d be forgiven for wondering if it’s even open but a nervous peek round the door reveals otherwise. The interior is most definitely no frills – white walls, a few basic tables and a typical bar to the left behind which chefs busy themselves with the art of crafting what we would find out is some really decent sushi. The chefs were not the first thing which impressed about Sushi Hiro though (for their total, unwavering concentration and fastidiousness is very impressive), it was the fresh salty smack of sea scent (not fishyness), which hits you in the face as soon as you walk in. An unexpected but very welcome surprise from a teensy joint in Ealing.

We wolfed down the complementary edamame while perusing the menu and deciding upon a generous deluxe sushi plate each, which included amongst others mackerel, salmon, eel, belly tuna and scallop (about £16 I think). The fish was beautifully fresh, generously portioned and positively gleaming with eat-me factor. The sushi rice was slightly warm, which was new to me but seemed right and proper. As my mate and I are total pickle addicts, we had to order some pickled gourd and pickled radish maki. We reveled in their sweetness but I thought they might benefit from a touch more tang. I’m picky about pickles.

All in all, some great sushi, the best I’ve eaten in London so far. Despite the fact I’ve a fair few places yet to try I still feel that London is in need of more excellent examples like this one. Some more in Saaf East would be good too, thanks. People down here need sushi too you know.

1 Station Parade
Uxbridge Road
W5 3LD
0208 896 3175
*Opening Hours Tue-Sun 11:00-13:30 & 16:30-21:00

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17 thoughts on “Sushi Hiro (Ealing)

  1. Wow. Sometimes I miss London.

    Warm sushi rice is nice rice. Most sushi is mass produced and chilled till it’s ordered. Made fresh like that is really how it should be – the rice is so much lighter and flavoursome. That’s what I found with my wild strawberry sushi last week.

  2. oh yummy, Sushi Hiro is my favourite little sushi spot, and yeah, its the best I’ve eaten in London so far too :) the belly tuna is silky smooth and the scallop is as sweet as ever (even though neither are cooked!).

    Like Su-Lin you reminded me to go back soon to satisfy my sushi cravings 😛

    Been doing that alot with your blog, first the lobsters and now sushi!


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