Cherry Beer Can Duck

Cherry Beer Can Duck

After the success of the beer can chicken, I was keen to use the method again but this time with a duck and some cherry beer. As far as I know, cherry beer doesn’t come in cans so I bought a bottle and just tipped it into a regular beer can (king size Stella cans so I could get more beer in).

I think I’ve got the BBQ ‘indirect cooking’ method pretty much down now – it basically involves moving the hot coals to the sides of the BBQ and using a roasting tray to catch the fat. The lid needs to be on to get the heat circulating. My two major concerns were ensuring that the drip tray was deep enough (as a duck is so fatty) and also taking steps to get maximum crispiness of skin. Twitter is always useful in these situations and some great advice came from @justcookit who advised scoring and salting heavily an hour or so before, then dusting off and salting again, to draw some moisture out.

As the time came to eat the duck, the lid was lifted to a chorus of oohs and aahs (yes two people can make a chorus) – the skin all over the bird was beautifully crisp. We rejoiced. The bird was removed, covered with foil and left to rest. Ten minutes passed and then, a moment of horrible realisation. I’d set the bird to rest breast down…the crispy skin – noooo! I’m sad to report that yes, a teensy bit of crispness had been lost but…I’m over it. A little bit. The fat overall was just – wow. Duck takes on smoke like a dream. The meat was a bit overcooked but still blushing, incredibly moist and I detected, I think, a slight hint of fruit. Hmm perhaps not.

Must remember not to steam myself in cherry beer as well as the bird next time…

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21 thoughts on “Cherry Beer Can Duck

  1. I was sold at the start, when I read “Cherry Beer”. Never tried the beer that you used, but Kriek is a stunningly good thing!

    I feel a bit sorry for the duck, there is some major stretching going on there.

  2. I missed the original beer can comedy pics so I’m pleased to see a round two was done. As you say, even if the taste hadn’t won you over, the Mr Bean-like quality of the roasting carcas would. I too, would have mourned the loss of the skin though.

  3. Awesome stuff. I wonder if I could ram a cider flask up a pig’s bottom and then follow this technique… could be an interesting evolution of the idea. If a bit weird.

  4. Hi Helen,

    So sorry for not visiting in ages! I changed blog readers and yours among other blogs for some reason were not imported.

    Looking forward to catching up on your delicious posts.

  5. Peter G – Yes, I wonder just how many birds I can stick a beer can into?
    Kavey – You pour half the beer out so then when you slowly tilt it over it just settles in the can rather than pouring out. You can also do it upright to avoid any spillage when you tilt it but my BBQ isn’t tall enough to fit the bird in that way.
    MsMarmiteLover – Er, yeah. I should imagine any meat recipe sounds a bit gross to a vegetarian though. Basically, the idea is that once the beer heats up, it steams the inside of the bird, thus keeping it really moist.

  6. Ha, that’s totally cool!
    Is the can stuck tight up the bird? If not, what stops all the beer pouring out when you put it on it’s side on the grill?
    (Sorry to be Thickie McThick)

  7. I think I will add to this chorus of “oohs and aaahs!”…Lovely Helen! I admire your bum bbq experiments with poultry. Bring on the next one!

  8. Mark – yes I remember our discussion now. Some credit should DEFINITELY go to you for this idea. Credit to Mark, people – hear me. Holler!

  9. You beat me to it! Nice one! Great idea pouring the beer into a stella can too, that’s inspired!

    I’ve made a cherry ber chutney which would work well, it was just a simple onion, vinegar, sugar and beer one. Really good though.

    How many other butts can you stuff with beer? Pigeon with a mini can?! Pheasant, pig?

    I need to plan some bum BBQs!


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