Monthly Archives: June 2009

  • Sushi Hiro (Ealing)

    June 2009

    Sushi Hiro is now closed. I actually visited Sushi Hiro almost two months ago so I’m busting it out from the archives now before my memory lets me down completely. My mate and I had been in West London for the Real Food Festival and thought it would be criminal not to ride the extra […]

  • Cherry Beer Can Duck

    June 2009

    After the success of the beer can chicken, I was keen to use the method again but this time with a duck and some cherry beer. As far as I know, cherry beer doesn’t come in cans so I bought a bottle and just tipped it into a regular beer can (king size Stella cans […]

  • Crumpet Fail No.1

    June 2009

    Crumpets are the ultimate comfort food for me – all toasty and spongy and most importantly, outrageously buttery. Tea is an essential accompaniment. Many problems can be solved with a double round of brews and crumpets. Everyone has a favourite way to eat them – eggy crumps, Marmite crumps, jammy crumps, I could go on. […]

  • Galvin at Windows

    June 2009

    My meal at Galvin a couple of weeks ago was a birthday celebration with an old friend who, until a cold and rainy evening early last year, I hadn’t seen for well over 10 years. We re-connected online and I am one of the only people I know who can say that facebook has brought […]

  • My meal at Galvin a couple of weeks ago was a birthday cel

  • Ganapati

    June 2009

    The decision to visit Ganapati on Friday night was a last minute one, largely based on reading this review and finding out it was but a ten minute walk from our flat. The restaurant is a cosy space, situated behind Peckham Rye Station with a tiny garden out back where we waited beneath the shadow […]