Sandwiches and The City #2 (Fuzzy’s Grub).

SATC #2: Fuzzy’s Grub (St. James’s) – turkey Christmas dinner on wholemeal bap.

Where: Fuzzy’s grub – St. James’s Branch.
When: 8th December, lunchtime, I met up with Jonathan for a carb-based lunch in town.
Concept: Fuzzy’s grub is all about the meat, carvery style. The idea here is basically that you can get a whole roast dinner – in a sandwich. I mean, I had to try it.

Bread: A wholemeal bap (I sniggered at the word bap). It was perfectly serviceable.

Flavour: We both opted for a Christmas sandwich with ‘the works’. Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, peas, carrots and gravy. To be honest, nothing in the sandwich really tasted of anything. It was all one big bland amalgamation of nothingness. Perhaps some of the other options, eg. beef, lamb are more interesting?
Quality: Crap, to be perfectly frank! Well, the meat was ok but the rest of it? Blimey.
Quantity: Just see for yourself, that sanger was a monster.
Textures: Just what you would expect really. Well, not quite. The Yorkshire had the texture of rubber – which was a surprise.
Spreads/Dressings/Sauces: They were unbelievably stingy on the cranberry sauce, it may as well not have been in there. I reached for the mustard on the table, both for flavour and moisture.
Assembly: Very good. We giggled watching them tower everything up and then squish the bread on top.

Value for Money: I think it cost around £6 but I’m not entirely sure as Jonathan is such a gent and wouldn’t hear of me paying, which makes me feel bad for slagging it off but I’ve got to be honest otherwise my words are worthless. ‘High margin’ definitely springs to mind. It will certainly fill you up, if you can be bothered to eat it.
Service: Great, I think. No complaints anyway and they were cheery, I remember that.

Overall Score: 4/10

Overall, I was not impressed. I mean, the concept is great but the delivery? Poor. The vegetables were limp and lifeless, the stuffing was basically flavourless mush and the Yorkshire was incredibly dense and rubbery. They were also mean with the cranberry sauce and I found the whole thing bland to be honest. To be fair, I did have the tail end of a cold but then I have been eating other food during my period of sickness and I had no problems picking out flavours thus far. The four points they did accumulate are basically down to the fact that the sandwich was edible, the staff were friendly and the concept is brilliant. I must also say that Chris told me he has noticed a decline in quality since Fuzzy’s first opened, which is a shame as he was basically existing on the lamb version of this for a few months. Apparently, the lamb is now often rubbery. Boo.

I must mention that Jonathan was marvellous company and if you want to know what he thought of the sandwich, read his review here.

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  1. Y

    What a crazy huge sandwich! Looks like the kind of thing I would have in the comfort of my own home, using Christmas leftovers, without having first paid £6 for it ! :)

    Ys last blog post..Caramel Banana & Chocolate Macarons

  2. Christie @ fig&cherry

    Um, that sambo (Aussie for sandwich) looks bigger than your head!

    Christie @ fig&cherrys last blog post..Rosemary & apricot pork fillet pies

  3. Wendy

    Potatoes? Really? Can’t quite imagine a sandwich with potatoes.
    Oh wait! I had a spanish tortilla sandwich in Madrid. Carb overload but pretty good.
    Loving the sandwich posts still. :)

    Wendys last blog post..Lanttulaatikko

  4. Allie

    The presentation is terrible!

    Allies last blog post..Penang Hawker Food | Tom Yam Noodle @ Lip Sin

  5. Allie

    I mean the sandwich presentation…

    Allies last blog post..Penang Hawker Food | Tom Yam Noodle @ Lip Sin

  6. Gourmet Chick

    My boyfriend is obsessed with Fuzzy Grubs but I have always found the whole concept slightly disgusting – just too much food for one sandwich! Maybe this is a male/female divide?

    Gourmet Chicks last blog post..The Bull and Last

  7. urbanfoodie

    I have to say this sandwich sounds awful, well done for ploughing through. Yorkshire puddings in a turkey dinner, honestly, what will they think of next…

    Very entertaining post though :)

    urbanfoodies last blog post..The Perfect Soft Boiled Egg

  8. JennDZ_The LeftoverQueen

    That sandwich is a monster! Sorry it wasn’t all you hoped for!

    JennDZ_The LeftoverQueens last blog post..Finest Foodies Friday – December 12, 2008

  9. Jonathan

    Hi Helen – loved your post. It was so much fun doing a join sandwich expedition. With our powers combined we’ll be able to conquer London’s sandwich empire.

    I agree with everything you say – but all I will add is that it depends what you you are looking for in the sandwich. I was looking for something that captured something close to the essence of Christmas. And to a degree this sandwich did. Albeit not in a particularly gourmet way!!!

    My side of the story (as opposed to Londonist) is here

    Looking forward to more sandwich fun.


    Jonathans last blog post..Sandwichist – Festive Turkey Bap at Fuzzy’s Grub

  10. Niamh

    I have to say, it doesn’t look appetising! :-/

  11. Helen

    Y – Yes, and I bet it would taste a whole lot nicer too!
    Christie – I shall measure my head then go back to Fuzzy’s, measure the sambo then get back to you!
    Wendy, Wow. That tortilla sarnie sounds like a prime candidate for SATC. I wonder if I can get one in London….
    Allie – Yep. Oh and, thanks for clarifying!
    Gourmet Chick – I think you may be right. My boyfriend is the same..
    Urban foodie – i don’t know what they will think of next but you can bet I will be there trying it :)
    jenn – It was very disappointing, monstrous in more ways than one…
    Jonathan – Nothing shall escape our sandiwich obsessed brains! We shall conquer this city one carb fest at a time! Go forth and show no mercy!
    Niamh – No, as you can see, I didn’t finish. The build wa smore impressive than the final sanger I must say….

  12. Run Like Hell

    You could have fooled me – I think it looks delicious!

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