Fennel and Orange Salad with Raspberry Vinegar and Poppy Seed Dressing.

I haven’t cooked much since we’ve been back from Iceland, mostly due to the humidity. As the plane was landing we listened to the usual pleasantries from the pilot, ” welcome to London Stansted, local time is approximately 19.30, temperature 27C.” 27! At 7.30? Has the summer happened while we’ve been away? Of course, I’m not complaining or anything, us Brits should celebrate whatever we can get. It was a stark contrast though, leaving the cool, clear, crispness of Iceland and plunging into the sticky city. Straight off the express train and a run for the bus, which was packed, by the way. Squeeze our way on only for the driver to promptly get off and start an argument with a cabbie in the next lane. Welcome home.

So we are mostly eating raw foods at the moment, salads filled with refreshing ingredients and the odd piece of fish. Poppy seeds are my ‘new thing’ and they work really well in this perky little dressing. I love their little flecks against the orange and fennel. I threw in some purple radish shoots which added a nice peppery element but you could easily do without. A nice little twist on a classic Sicilian salad. We ate it with a piece of pan fried haddock, which I managed to coax Chris into cooking, such is my summer oven fear.

This dressing is my entry for this month’s ‘No Croutons Required‘ hosted by Lisa at Lisa’s Vegetarian Kitchen. The theme this month is, you’ve guessed it – dressings.

Fennel and Orange Salad with Raspberry Vinegar and Poppy Seed Dressing

4 small oranges
2 small fennel bulbs
Small handful purple radish shoots (optional)
1 tablespoon raspberry vinegar
1 tablespoon lemon juice
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons poppy seeds
Salt and pepper

– Finely slice the fennel and segment the oranges. Combine in a bowl with half the radish shoots.
– To make the dressing, whisk together the raspberry vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil in a bowl. Add salt, pepper and the poppy seeds and mix again. Add to the salad to taste. Sprinkle the remaining radish shoots on top.

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26 Responses to “Fennel and Orange Salad with Raspberry Vinegar and Poppy Seed Dressing.”

  1. Lizzie

    It looks lovely. Where did you get the purple shoots from?

    I returned to Gatwick on Sunday from a very sunny Nice to be greeted by driving rain. Ah, London, how I missed thee.

    Lizzies last blog post..Baozi Inn

  2. Helen

    Hi Lizzie – Ahh, nothing like a good British summer to welcome you home…. I picked up the shoots in nowhere more glam than my local Sainsbury’s. As much as I hate it. I use the East Dulwich store – it’s a big one so I’m guessing larger stores may have them. they always seem to be there. maybe I am the only taker??!

  3. Jeanne

    LOL – loved your description of arriving home with a bump. Welcome to London, now s0d off! ;-)

    Love the look of this salad though – and you are right, those poppy seeds work a treat. Yum.

    Jeannes last blog post..Roasted strawberries – c’mon, everybody’s doing it!

  4. manju

    Gorgeous, gorgeous… purple radish shoots — you get the best ingredients to play with! ; )

    manjus last blog post..On the road again…

  5. Ari (Baking and Books)

    Humidity is the worst! As a California gal I can take the heat, but mention humid weather and I shudder in my shoes. Of course, being in CT now it’s all about HOT and HUMID summers. Alas.

    This salad looks fantastic, I especially love the intense colors and use of poppy seeds.

    Ari (Baking and Books)s last blog post..Bruschetta & Strawberry Melonade

  6. Helen

    Jeanne – Ha ha! Exactly.
    Manju – I know, lucky me!
    Ari – I bet you are a hardened sun bather! Thanks for your comments, I love the look of those poppy seeds too.

    Helens last blog post..Fennel and Orange Salad with Raspberry Vinegar and Poppy Seed Dressing.

  7. Kitt

    Delicious! I might add some thin slices of tart apple to this, too. Love fennel. Hate humidity.

    Kitts last blog post..Silly kitchen gadget No. 15

  8. Helen

    Kitt – Oh my goodness I am loving that idea! Why did’t I think of that at the time? I love tart apple in salads.

  9. Lisa

    Just gorgeous! Thanks for this fantastic entry. I wouldn’t be surprised if you won with this one.

    Lisas last blog post..Kidney Bean Salad

  10. cookinpanda

    This sounds so good!

    cookinpandas last blog post..A semi-homemade lunch (or “meal-snack”)

  11. We Are Never Full

    the combo of those radish shoots and the poppy seeds look absolutely stunning.

  12. Christie @ fig&cherry

    Oooh, the purple radish shoots are so dinky! Nice one Helen. I’d enjoy this with a nice glass of champagne (any excuse!) :)

    Christie @ fig&cherrys last blog post..Wake up and smell the bacon?

  13. Helen

    Lisa – You are so lovely. I can’t wait to see the other entries. It’s one of my favourite events. I can’t believe I managed to organise myself to enter this month!
    Cookinpanda – You!
    We are never full – Hi guys, Thank you – they are rather cute aren’t they?
    Christie – You live such a decadent lifestyle! Any excuse indeed…

  14. Mike

    That’s a beautiful looking salad with what sounds like a wonderful mix of flavors (I’m a sucker for fennel). Also, welcome back!

    Mikes last blog post..Dragon Fruit & Coconut Sherbet

  15. Peter G

    Humidity and Sydney go hand in hand in summer…but I kind of like it in an unusual way. Another winning salad Helen and I love the addition of poppy seeds in this.

    Peter Gs last blog post..Time For A Coffee…

  16. Helen

    Mike – Thanks for the welcome! I love fennel too, so refreshing with fruit in this humidity.
    Peter – You are a hardened Ozzie that is why! Us Brits are a bit feeble you know, we wilt in the heat!

  17. David Hall

    Helen, you make the best salads, another belter this one. Raspberry vinegar is ace isn’t it?


    David Halls last blog post..I Smell a Rat

  18. DocChuck

    Where does one buy purple radish shoots?

    I will dispatch my young wife to obtain tham, as your salad looks SPECTACULAR and must be made very soon!

  19. Kate

    The purple radish flowers make it Gourmet standard food. Veruy classy.

    Kates last blog post..White Sands and a Raspberry Charlotte

  20. Helen

    David – You are lovely! I do like to make a nice salad, especially during the heatwave ;)

    DocChuck – I bought them in Sainsbury’s! I hope your wife may be despatched there asap.

  21. noble pig

    Wow, it’s beautiful, I love the poppy seed addition too. I never experienced the stckiness of a London Summer…but time spent in Iceland…that sounds exotic to me!

    noble pigs last blog post..Red, White and Drunk All Over

  22. Daziano

    Wow!!! Really nice twist on an Italian classic!

    Dazianos last blog post..Blueberry picking

  23. MPG

    That looks yummy and the specks of poppy seeds are just awesome!

    MPGs last blog post..Basil Berry Ice Pops

  24. matt wright

    This looks awesome. I love raw fennel in salads. Have you tried Dama Bianca? Its an Italian raw fennel and celery salad which is awesome with buffalo mozzarella.

    matt wrights last blog post..Zucchini Trifolati with cherry tomatoes and basil

  25. Lucy

    Beautiful. Perfect with fish.

    Lucys last blog post..Persian. Sort of.

  26. Angela

    This looks wonderfully refreshing! I’ll save it for next summer, assuming we actually get a summer next year!

    Angelas last blog post..Orecchiette with broccoli and chilli

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