Strawberry and Orange Blossom Fizz.

Cheers! Just a short post to raise a glass to the ever-patchy British summer. This is a deliciously refreshing way to use up those strawberries that are everywhere now without so much as stepping within ten feet of balsamic or some kind of pastry. It’s minimum effort too – just requiring a bit of gentle squidging and pouring.

You could use champagne of course, but I just used a bottle of good old Cava. This is a case of adjusting quantities to your taste so I suggest just mushing some strawberries into a jug, then adding a splash of orange blossom water and a little icing sugar if you feel it needs more sweetness. Pour a little into the bottom of each glass and top with your plonk of choice. Ice cold of course. Delicious!

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15 Responses to “Strawberry and Orange Blossom Fizz.”

  1. Peter G

    Cheers to you Helen! That looks delish! Love the addition of orange blossom! Enjoy the weather.

  2. Tim

    Even though it’s winter here, I’m still craving one of these :)

  3. Fiona Beckett

    Looks great and Cava is cheap too!

  4. JennDZ_The LeftoverQueen

    Looks great Helen! I love the look and sound of this refreshing drink!

  5. aforkfulofspaghetti

    Orange blossom water. Now, why didn’t I think of that?!

  6. noble pig

    This sounds delicious…especially the orange blossom water.

  7. Jeena

    I am so thirsty now!

  8. cookinpanda

    These are my favorite sort of posts. This is so simple and refreshing. It’s something I can go and make right now. That’s what makes it so perfect. and I think I’m going to…

  9. Kitt

    “Gentle squidging and pouring.”

    I’ll drink to that!

  10. Lizzie

    Lovely! This strawberry fizz jelly caught my eye too:

  11. Nina

    Cheers, my friend!!!

  12. White On Rice Couple

    This would be fantastic for the summer here in the USA too! Thanks for the champagne idea, we’ll definitely give that a try too!

  13. Fearless Kitchen

    This looks great – I love just about anything with orange blossom water in it. And it’s so pretty!

  14. David Hall

    Nice one Helen – just off out into sunny South Shields for a rare night out. I very much doubt they will be serving this down there but I could do with some now just to quench me thirst!


  15. Michelle

    Fabulous and gorgeous!!!

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