Barbecued Pineapple Salsa with Mackerel


I always come back to this pineapple salsa. If you haven’t tried cooking the fruit in this way, then do – it’s super sweet and summery.

Barbecued Pineapple Salsa

1 ripe pineapple, sliced fairly thick
2-3 ripe tomatoes, diced
1 red chilli (de-seed or not, up to you), chopped finely
1 small bunch coriander, chopped, leaves picked
1 small bunch mint, leaves picked and roughly chopped
Juice of 1 lime
1 small red onion, chopped
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon oil (I used groundnut as it is flavourless and takes high temperatures)
Salt and pepper

– Mix the oil and honey together with a good seasoning of salt and pepper and brush over the pineapple slices. Grill on the barbecue until caramelised and charred.
– Mix all the other ingredients except the herbs in a bowl. When the pineapple is ready, cut the flesh into chunks, discarding the core and mix through the salsa. Season with salt and pepper, stir through the herbs and serve.

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16 thoughts on “Barbecued Pineapple Salsa with Mackerel

  1. Lovely description of the taste of oysters in that last comment, and spot on, too! Your photo of them looks so delish, who needs seaweed? We make pineapple salsas often, but I’ve never had them with mackerel — will have to try that. Your enthusiasm for the warm weather is very infectious, even to us who only have ‘dry’ and ‘less-dry’ for seasons! Happy Spring!

  2. Thank you for your nice comments everyone and Nicisme, thanks for the complement on the photos, yours are great so I am flattered.

    Wendy – Firstly I would say that oysters taste like the sea – not in a really salty and watery way, in a really refreshing, cleansing way. They are creamy (some more so than others), fresh, slightly salty, very slightly sweet and just downright brilliant for curing a hangover, honestly. The more oysters you eat, the more you love them – for me anyway!

  3. This looks totally awesome Helen! I am so mad, I have never been in a place where I could get fresh sardines – but makerel I might be able to find! I would so be making this – I love the pineapple salsa, the bright colors and the oysters! Everything looks amazing!

  4. We thought summer had arrived to my corner of the earth, but this weekend was cold and rainy again, just my perfect weather :-p

    That meal looks so good that I wish I had a grill and some fish to have it right now. Grilled pineapple is the best!

  5. I love the look of that salsa – currently I can’t get enough of pineapple and its a winning combination with chilli. We also had a barbeque at the weekend but due to the mad rush for barbeques there was none left and we had to fashion one out of a shopping trolley. Still, it worked…!

  6. Your excitement at the weather is very obvious Helen. The salsa looks summery, the pineapple perfect and the oysters oblivious (to their fate!). Great post and a great read…can’t wait to see that mini garden of yours. Cheers


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