Smoked Fish Pate


As much as I love rich, meaty pates, rillets and the like, sometimes I crave something a bit lighter. This is probably one of only a handful of meals that we eat regularly. Being so obsessed with food and cooking means that we don’t often eat the same thing twice from week to week.

I’ve made two flavours here, a smoked mackerel and a hot smoked salmon. The flaked fish is simply mixed with some natural yoghurt, capers, spring onions, herbs and a squeeze of lemon. If you are in the mood for something a little richer, just use crème fraiche in place of the yoghurt.

We like to eat the pate with some toasted sunflower seed bread – it has a great texture and contains rye flour which stands up well to the mackerel. Perfect with a green side salad and pickles.

Smoked Fish Pate

Smoked mackerel fillets
Hot smoked salmon fillets
Dill, chopped (or tarragon or other herbs)
Lemon juice
Spring onions, finely chopped
Natural yoghurt or crème fraiche
Bread, to serve

Flake the fish in separate bowls and add capers, spring onions, dill, a good grind of pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. Some of the lemon zest is nice too. Mix everything together and then add enough yoghurt to bind it together.

Serve with toast.

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13 thoughts on “Smoked Fish Pate

  1. That’s a wonderful blog entry, thanks for sharing. We just started a blog ourselves and I’m a complete newbie at this so kudos for such a good job on your blog! Good read by the way, thanks again for your efforts, I very much appreciated reading your thoughts. :-)

  2. Hi!
    I found your blog a wee while ago, but this is the first time I’ve had time for a proper look through :) I’ve already found about 10 things I want to make – and this is definitely one of them! :)

  3. Jessica – Yes, this is a light version – I think I mgith even prefer it to the cremier original.
    Kalyn – I could eat this at any time of day to be honest. Well, maybe not for breakfast…..
    Lydia – Thanks for stopping by! You are so lucky to have a herb garden. I’m going to try and set one up on my balcony.
    Peter – I love smoked mackerel too, it’s so versatile and you can get all sorts of smoked fish nowadays.
    Johanna – The pumpernickel bread does go very well. I hope you try it.

  4. ah! looove smoked fish pate and haven’t made this in ages… just the thing for the upcoming weekend! the pumpernickel bread goes very well with it, i bet, definitely something I’ll try!

  5. Your dishes make me want to eat healthier, which of course, is a very good thing. Unfortunately, I love baking too much to let it go. lol

    This looks wonderful and it’s quite an inspiring lunch. I usually just have soup or a sand.

  6. First visit here, and already I am seduced and want to make this dish! I found a source for hot smoked salmon yesterday, and now here is this wonderful recipe. When the herb garden is in season (we’re still a couple of months away), it will be fun to play around with various possibilities. Thanks!


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