Amaretti Biscuits


I made these biscuits as a gift for my friend Louise. She has an intolerance to gluten and loves Amaretto, in fact, she is responsible for my current obsession with it. The biscuits are simple to make and delicious although a lot chewier than other Amaretti biscuits. I think next time I will add a touch more liqueur as I do have a real taste for it. Warning – these are so unbelievably moreish! I must admit I did eat a few so called, ‘burnt ones’ before I finally packaged them up…

Amaretti Biscuits

120g ground almonds
120g caster sugar
2 eggs, whites only
20ml Amaretto liqueur
Butter or oil for greasing the baking sheet
Baking parchment

Preheat oven to 170 degrees C/325 F/Gas 3

Use a small amount of butter or oil to grease the baking sheet and lay a sheet of baking parchment on top. Beat the egg whites until quite stiff

Mix in the sugar and almonds, add the Amaretto and mix again until you have a smoothish paste. Use a teaspoon to put small ‘blob’s’ of the mixture onto the baking sheet. Leave a gap of a couple of centimeters between each one as they will expand as they cook.

Bake for around 15 minutes until golden.

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7 thoughts on “Amaretti Biscuits

  1. Hi Ali, hmm, they never lasted long enough to find out but I would say probably not longer than 5 days or so. If I get a chance to make a batch I will let you know.

  2. Helen,
    This is a fantastic recipe! Due to my intolerance i often have to fore go many baked sweets. this an excellent alternative; i love the crispy yet chewy texture and the flavour of the amaretto is divine… more like this please!


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